Best Songs from Jet Set Radio Future


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1Fly Like a Butterfly - Hideki NaganumaV1 Comment
2The Concept of Love - Hideki Naganuma

''Understand, understand the concept of love! '' Love is free!, Love is free!, Ready to kick some ass! - htoutlaws2012

3Ill Victory Beat – The Latch BrothersV1 Comment
4That's Enough – Hideki Naganuma

The music just turns me on! - htoutlaws2012

5Aisle 10 – Scapegoat Wax

And I thought I was the only one that knew about this game. But still I love this song aisle 10. - nintendofan126

''Hello, Allison, I wanna hold your hand I haven't been the same man
Since I saw you comin' in Let's have a toast to the girl in aisle ten! '' - htoutlaws2012

6The Scrappy – BS 2000 V1 Comment
7Shape Da Future – Hideki NaganumaV2 Comments
8Statement of Intent – Bis
9Rock it on - Hideki NaganumaV1 Comment
10Funky Dealer - Hideki NaganumaV2 Comments

The Contenders

11Teknopathetic - Hideki NaganumaV1 Comment
12Oldies But Happies - Hideki Naganuma

Come along, children Now we're gonna have a little music
Like old times, like old times Look now I'll start the melody on the organ! - htoutlaws2012

13The Answer - Bran Van 3000V1 Comment
14I Love Love You (Love Love Super Dimension Mix) - Guitar Vader Remixed by Hideki NaganumaV1 Comment
15What About the Future? - Richard JacquesV1 Comment
16Like This, Like That - Hideki Naganuma

Like this-this, like that, Make me feel so good, make me feel so good, take it easy, I like it I like it! - htoutlaws2012

17Humming the Bassline (D.S. Remix) - Hideki Naganuma Remixed by Deavid Soul

Gotta get up to get down, get down! - htoutlaws2012

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Top Remixes

1. Shape Da Future – Hideki Naganuma
2. Teknopathetic - Hideki Naganuma
3. Funky Dealer - Hideki Naganuma
1. Fly Like a Butterfly - Hideki Naganuma
2. The Concept of Love - Hideki Naganuma
3. Ill Victory Beat – The Latch Brothers
1. Aisle 10 – Scapegoat Wax
2. The Concept of Love - Hideki Naganuma
3. Fly Like a Butterfly - Hideki Naganuma



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