Best Songs From Katy Perry's Prism


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1Dark Horse

This song is just the best in this album. Good beats and lyrics.

Highlight song of the album... Roar and unconditionally quite boring to me though

Love this song! Different style than past katy perry songs

I like this song and Katy but Justin bieber is better

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Roar because is the best song ever

I love this song. All of her songs are the best - Hollybrewer

This song is awesomely amazing AA for short Chloe

It's my go-to motivational song!

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Undoubtedly the most. Beautiful song.

Me and katy perry share the favorite song. If you were a real fan you would know.

Iam scott masters I love katy perry she have good music songs of the year.

Iam 29 year old same year like katy perry

Good luck

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4Legendary Lovers

This is the best song I ever hear

This song is just absolute perfection

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11? Oh please! If anyone has good ears this song should at least be in the top 3 in prism! If this is released as a single shell have another 1# hit

I will play this song over and over on my birthday Chloe

This is one of the best songs by katy perry to date! It's a sure shot # 1.. and the most catchy track from prism.. Vote for it guyss!

OH ITS MY BIRTHDAY it's a fab birthday song

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6This Is How We DoV4 Comments
7Walking On Air

I love this song walking on air love ya katy perry

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8By the Grace of God

Really moving and powerful song that deserves to be higher on the list.

This song is a great song like the rest

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9International Smile

This song is my favourite song ever Chloe

I love this song it is my favourite Chloe

Good idea of a song love ya katy perry

Its like a better version of this is how we do

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Definitely this is the best song on Prism. Ghost is so beautiful, so truly, so full of emotion... Great job!

Best song of prism by Katy. I cannot believe that this song is on 11. Please vote. Love you Katy

Trust me this song is truly amazing. Just listen to it and we'll be Katy's Ghosts!

Oh my god it's my favourite katy Perry song

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11Double Rainbow

Clearly the best song in the whole album... Can't believe it isn't even in the TOP 10... People should learn to give more attention to these meaningful songs and not so much to the hits...

Really reminds me of some people I know

I vote for double rainbow becouse it goes slow and then exiting

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12Love Me

This song is so beautiful in my opinion!

This song love me is a great happy song


This song gives me spirit ever time I here it Chloe

14It Takes Two

Katy's Vocals Are Unbelievably Strong! I Get Chills When She Says "But Let Me Be First Baby, To Say I'm Sorry! "

The correct lyrics are 'but let me think first baby to say I'm sorry'

Best song, for sure. If people'd actually listen to the album, this would be way higher than birthday and tihwd, for sure

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15Choose Your Battles

SO AMAZING, LOVE THE BEAT AND VOCALS! Katy brings the beat with this song, totally should be #Number1

What? How's this possible? Choose Your Battles is the best Prism song, how can you just pay attention to her singles? Real fans look for quality, not sucess!

The most underrated song on Prism. MASTERPIECE!

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16This Moment

This is the best song I have ever heard in my life

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17Wide Awake

Wide Awake is from Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and not Prism.

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This song is from teenage dream

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19Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl

Scotty masters I like to hear I kissed a girl songs on magic radio stations
hi katy perry are you make me happy from scotty masters

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1. Double Rainbow
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1. Dark Horse
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1. Birthday
2. Dark Horse
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