Best Songs On The Killers' Hot Fuss

The best songs on the debut album of the Killers. Best album ever by the Killers.

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1 Mr. Brightside Mr. Brightside

This is their number 1 song of all time- It was the one that started it all. - thebman314

2 All These Things That I've Done All These Things That I've Done

While everyone's lost, the battle is won
With all these things that I've done - thebman314

3 Smile Like You Mean It Smile Like You Mean It

Beautiful song; It brings back memories of when I was young. - thebman314

4 Somebody Told Me Somebody Told Me

It's a little overplayed, but still good. - thebman314

It kinda made me sad when I noticed this song wasn't up there in 1st 2nd or even 3rd! like HELLO?!?!?! least Mr Brightside is in 3rd it would've made really sad if it was in 7th place or something around That area

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5 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

The most appealing killers song, all around. Stands apart from the rest.

6 Believe Me Natalie Believe Me Natalie

Please give this song a chance. This is seriously one of the best that The Killers have ever written! Extremely underrated! - thebman314

7 Change Your Mind Change Your Mind
8 On Top On Top
9 Andy, You're a Star Andy, You're a Star V 2 Comments
10 Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll

This song is ' awesome. Indie rock and roll is what I want. It's indie rock and roll for me. - Merilille

The Contenders

11 Midnight Show Midnight Show
12 Everything Will Be Alright Everything Will Be Alright

Good ending to the album - thebman314

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1. Mr. Brightside
2. All These Things That I've Done
3. Somebody Told Me
1. All These Things That I've Done
2. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
3. Andy, You're a Star
1. Mr. Brightside
2. All These Things That I've Done
3. Smile Like You Mean It

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