Best Songs from Logic's Under Pressure Album (Deluxe)

These are the top ten songs (in my opinion) from logic's first studio album Under pressure.

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1Gang Related

This song is told from the perspective of young bobby (Logic) and his older brother. A truly amazing song. - jjmgray

2Under Pressure

This song is the cover song for the album and deserves that honor. It has two versions one is about 4 minutes long and the other is about 9 minutes. - jjmgray

3Till the End

Logics out to to the great album - Hiimme

4Soul Food

A unique sounding song that reveals a lot about Logic's life and how he's dealing with fame, fans and everything in between. - jjmgray


A song that is only on the deluxe version. The regular album has no features but two of the three songs that were added on the deluxe version contain a feature and this is one of them. - jjmgray


This song introduces the overall sound you'll hear the for the rest of the album. - jjmgray

7I'm Gone

Throughout the whole album Logic mentions "Nikki" and you think "Nikki" is a girl but in this song he reveals "Nikki" is actually Nicotine and he's describing his addiction to cigarettes. - jjmgray


This song reminds me of other Logic tracks such as stain in the game, ballin, I am the greatest and flexicution. It's him kind of pushing his chest out and showing he belongs in the rap game. - jjmgray


The Contenders

11Growing Pains III

This is honestly my top 3 song of the album, it has such a chill vibe and I can listen to it at any time and place.

12Buried Alive
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