Best Songs From Megadeth's Album So Far, So Good... So What!


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In My Darkest Hour
Very Awesome song. Best on the album. The other song don't even compare to this one EPIC SONG!


Better than Fade to Black or Sanitarium.
This album is full of mastepieces. But this album wins. Not only the best on SFSGSW, but the best Megadeth song in my opinion.

2Mary Jane
so amazing... the melodic intro, the thrashy mid section, and finally the breakneck speed ending... a masterpiece.

3Set The World Afire
One of megadeth's heaviest and not to mention quickest songs with great soloing from mustaine

Should be equal 1st with In My Darkest Hour on this album
Such a masterpiece. Heavy riffs, fast blistering solos and evil vocals. This one got it all.
Not my favorite on the album, but I think it needs to be at number 2, NOT 4!

4Hook In Mouth
This song is awesome, for me much better than "in my darkest hour". It starts with good riff, has good vocals and power. I love this song.

5Into the Lungs of Hell
This one of my favorite Megadeth songs. One thing I don't get is why they don't play it live. It's awesome
I already thought in my darkest hour would be number 1. but why? This is way better, just like mary jane and set the world afire

6Anarchy In the U.K.

This song is about chris Poland when they fired him dave is always pissed at someone but he still rocks.

What 502 should be number 2
Far better than anarchy in the U.K. sex pistols is great at that song but horrible cover

9In My Darkest Hour (Paul Lani Mix)

10Mary Jane (Paul Lani Mix)

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