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1All Nightmare Long

Amazing song from an amazing album. Really, really rough, and the lyrics just add to the feeling.

this song brings you back to Metallica's good old days

Go's hard for the whole 8 minutes! The corus kind on of reminds me of Enter Sandman. It's heavy plus catchy at the same time!

The chorus sounds like If You Want Blood You've Got It

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2The Day That Never Comes

it should be in the first place. the final solo is amazing and no comments for James vocal.

Slow and melodic at the start, fast and headbanging from the middle. Perfect Metallica!

Love the chorus drums, verse's bass, james' voice and solo's guitar... Metallica ROCKS

Great ballad like Fade to Black and One. - Brobusky

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3That Was Just Your Life

Another masterpiece from Metallica. The Riff and the vocal from James is awesome. Should be at the first place. Like A Siren In My Head That Always Threatens To Repeat.

Some of Metallica's greatest riffs ever are on this song, particularly in the intro. This song proves that Metallica can make good thrash metal.

Even though it's from their newest album, it's main riff is one the best Metallica have ever done!

This needs to be #1. Human words can't describe how amazing this masterpiece is. - NikBrusk

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4The Unforgiven III

All time favorite unforgiven is there life from there starting album to there last album in different parts - Raayy

Are you kidding me? It's the best song in this album... It won Metallica a Grammy too... Okay it may not have such a good riff like All Nightmare Long but still it's the best one in the album...

This is the perfect song for a metal fan... Slow intro great riffs and a melodic interlude. Awesome song on the album. - Metalliac

The best of The Unforgiven trilogy, and the best on Death Magnetic. - IronSabbathPriest

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This song is so epic! A pure live-grenade. A modern Metal hymn! Vote!

The Drums in this song are amazing
this is a real good song to bang your head to
my favorite off the album - OzzyVanHalen

My first one from this album was The Day, but when I heard Cyanide, I knew one of the greatest songs of 2000s! It is absolutely fantastic, more than other songs from this album!

Eye of the Beholder, anyone?

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6Suicide & Redemption

Metallica's instrumental songs are always fantastic this should be # 3 at least. One of their best songs out there

The thing about this album, is that there isn't a massive gap between the best song and the worst, unlike some of their other albums.

How is this at number 10? This is their best instrumental. (though I like Orion better)

This song is almost as good as stream of consciousness by dream theater

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7The Judas Kiss

Only loses to All Nightmare Long.
Great song, with a kickass riff and everything.
I don't really like The Day That Never Comes, its a good ballad, but nothing compared to stuff like Fade to Black and One.

The riff during the chorus is one of Hetfield's best and one of the best Metallica riffs of all time. - scaryness

Unforgiven 3 is the best Metallica song from any album. The feels, the solo, the touching vocals. Should be number 1 on any Metallica related top ten.

Great song should be higher

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8Broken, Beat & Scarred

This song gets me pumped up like nothing else. It literally makes me want to break my body when I'm in the gym doing a high intensity workout. Amazing filling.

Its the story of Metallica this past Decade.
SHOW YOUR SCARS! best line ever. - Schwanie2

It's different of anything you've seem and that's a kind of thing I appreciate

How is this 8th? I'd rank it 2nd behind All Nightmare Long!

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9My Apocalypse

It's really ironical that the song that had earned Metallica a Grammy is down here... Just strange - Metalliac

A true thrasher with guitars at a blazing 200 bpm for 5 minutes of bliss. Gets very tight from the middle to the end. Lars Ulrich sneaks some double bass near the end. Great riffs by Hetfield and Hammett, and a chaotic solo. Even then, this song checks the album title with "Death Magnetic, pulling closer still".

its simply the best song made by metallica

Fast song with AMAZING guitar playing

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10The End of the Line

This is really one of the best songs from this album. It has a really nice riff, catchy lyrics and a sweet solo. - Dblow

HOW THIS IS N10 man that's my second best song only loses to that was just your life listen to the interlude it's so emotional please vote for this song to get it what it deserves

Not bad, lags a little bit, but the solo sounds pretty cool

The best song in this album

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11Hit the Lights

Why is this here? It's a great song, but it's from Kill Em All, not Death Magnetic!

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12Rebel of Babylon

Okay this is from beyond magnetic but its from the remains that they didn't include on death this song is so emotinal please vote for it or any other beyond magnetic song

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