Best Songs On Michael Jackson's Dangerous Album

Which songs are the coolest on MJ's Dangerous album?

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Here is my top ten
1: Give into me
2: Who is it?
3: Why you want to trip on me
4: Black or White
5: Remember the Time
6: She drives me wild
7: In the closet
8: Jam
9: Dangerous
10: Can't let her get away - lizard302

Ham is not listen to the King Jam

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2Give In to Me

What can I say? My top 10 are
1: Give into me
2: Who is it?
3: Why you want to trip on me
4: Jam
5: Black or White
6: Remember the Time
7: Keep the Faith
8: Heal the World
9: She drives me wild
10: In the closet
My worst are
1: Will you be there?
2: Can't let her get away
3: Dangerous
4: Gone too soon
5: Black or White
7: Jam
8: She drives me wild
9: Remember the Time
10: Who is it?
This album should be called Remember the Time - lizard302

What can I say more? Love, passion, sex. All Michael. That is all why I love him.

It is so powerful, amazing song. Quench my desire - wow. I love this song

Oh my god what a song! What a song! What a song! I don't know what to say... Oh my god again!

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3Black or White

I love this song! Michael gives us a fundamental message with this song IT DONT MATTER IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE!
and it's amazing dancing on this song.

Great song, very catchy, IT DON'T MATTER IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE! This song is good because it is also my second or third best Michael jackson song ever.

4Who Is It

Black or White is great but this one is my favorite song from MJ - Alexandr

One of my favourite songs, better as Billie Jean

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5Keep the Faith

Love this song. A great message within it. Listen to it if you havnt already.

I love this song, especially the end with the chorus, incredible! Unfortunetely, he never sang it live :(

6Remember the Time

This song is one of the BEST! - lizard302

7Heal the World

Heal the world is the best song ever

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This song has a great beat, strong lyrics, unique dance moves and really helped me when I was having personal problems.. :x - SmellFX

Actually all are the best. But this one's dangerous and if I don't vote it, it might kill me.

9Why You Wanna Trip On Me
10Will You Be There

The Contenders

11Gone Too Soon
12In the Closet

Cause there is something about you baby ok this is the king
1 jam
2 black or white
3 in the closet
4 give in to me

13She Drives Me Wild
14Can't Let Her Get Away
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Top Remixes

1. Black or White
2. Jam
3. In the Closet
1. Dangerous
2. Black or White
3. Jam
1. Give In to Me
2. Jam
3. Who Is It



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