Best Songs from of Monsters and Men's My Head Is an Animal


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1 Numb Bears Numb Bears

You gotta admit, this song is really catchy. - Merilille

2 Dirty Paws Dirty Paws

Nobody likes the bees. Or wasps for that matter. - Merilille

3 Mountain Sound Mountain Sound

Through the woods we ran. - Merilille

4 King and Lionheart King and Lionheart

This song should be number one. King and lionheart express a deep meaning that is emotional it is how two people will always stand next to each other no matter how hard things get. It is really catchy, sweet, and basically perfection.

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5 Love Love Love Love Love Love

If you look this song up on Pandora you will see my interpretation of it. (Comment by pinkyjill07 on Pandora) - Merilille

6 Little Talks Little Talks
7 Yellow Light Yellow Light

A great way to spend 5 minutes of your life. - Merilille

8 From Finner From Finner

The lyric video reminds me of that one Doctor Who episode where London is on the space whale. - Merilille

9 Sloom Sloom

I don't think they say "Sloom" once in the song. - Merilille

10 Your Bones Your Bones

Baby lion lost his teeth. That's all I remember. - Merilille

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11 Six Weeks Six Weeks
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