Best Songs by Our Lady Peace


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First song I heard by them, so it kind of carries down like that. Amazing song either way, I'd recommend it to anyone in this genre.
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2Superman's Dead
I think a top 10 list of songs is pointless. Like picking a favorite song out of there 90(ish? ) Songs us pointless and kinda stupid. Like a list of albums would make much more sense which I can't find on here. Supermans dead is a good song but so are all there other songs. I just don't understand how not enough even made the list. It's a great song but come on. There's tons of songs much better. And with innocent being number one it is a great song as well but definitely doesn't deserve number 1. Olp displays much more musical talent and skill in many other songs.
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3Clumsy Listen to sample

4Somewhere Out There
Gravity is NOT crap. It was excellent. Sure, it was different, but that was no exception. It still sounded good.

Now for the main one-sentence point: This song moves me.

I rest my case.
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5All You Did Was Save My Life Listen to sample

OLP's Rock/Pop epitome before they started diving into crap like Gravity.
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7Is Anybody Home?
Fantastic song... Enough said
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8One Man Army Listen to sample

9Starseed Listen to sample

10Not Enough
Truly class.. Song.. <3 it
Brilliant song! Could listen to it all day.


First song I heard by Our Lady Peace. Love it! :D
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The Contenders

Definitely in he Top 10
My favourite :D
"I've loved you all along, just like the sunny days that we ignore because we're all dumb & jaded and I hope to God I figure out what's wrong"
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This was the theme song for the WWE wrestler Chris Benoit I loved the music that he came out 2 and he was one of my favorite wrestlers now I'm a CM Punk fan
The theme song of Chris Benoit in WWE.
One of the most amazing songs, and always Rocks!
This should be the #1 song. Its my favorite song. But wow Whatever laugh out loud.
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13In Repair
This song put Our Lady Peace above flavour of the month and allowed them to become something that fans will remember well after the band reaches the end.
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14Heavyweight Listen to sample

15Paper Moon
Splendid is the word
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16Automatic Flowers Listen to sample

Best song-no doubt! Beautiful lyrics and melody and vocals are... Simply amazing
One of my favorite all time songs. Why this isn't higher boggles me.
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18White Flags Listen to sample

19The Birdman Listen to sample

20All for You
What. How is this not on the list yet?
How is this not number one?
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21Naveed Listen to sample

22Angels / Losing / Sleep Listen to sample

23The Wonderful Future
So called "OLP" fans must know of this song... Their most haunting song... Amazing!
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24As Fast As You Can Listen to sample

25Made to Heal Listen to sample

26If You Believe Listen to sample

27Will the Future Blame Us
For all the "healthy in paranoid times" haters..
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I just love this song! Lyrically, it's extremely unique! LISTEN TO THIS
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29If This Is It
I really needed to put this up.
This song is different from all their previous
Works. It puts the band forward as a much
More mature bunch. Its simply outstanding
Deserves a listen.
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30A Story About a Girl
Why is not even in the list again?
Never mind I'll add it..
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31Stealing Babies Listen to sample

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