Best Songs From Paul McCartney & Wings' Band on the Run Album

Released in 1973, Band on the Run is Paul McCartney's, and probably any Beatles', most critically acclaimed solo album. It tells the story of a rock band escaping from jail. I couldn't believe that this list didn't exist yet, so I added it myself. And I haven't added Helen Wheels because it didn't appear on the UK version of the original release.

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Jet is a pop masterpiece! Melody and ENERGY! IF one needs to pick a "best" off of the the Band On The Run album why not Jet? Can't go wrong!... However if one were to throw the other tracks on this album in a hat and pick "the best" randomly... That would work too! Fact is the Band On The Run album is, perhaps, the ONLY post Beatles album to stand up BOLDLY to The Beatles' discography... PAUL nails a full blown, real deal MASTERPIECE with the Band On The Run album!

2Band On the Run

... my brother's favourite... - PetSounds

3No Words
4Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
5Let Me Roll It

Great rock and roll riff, and homage (if you can call it that) to his former best buddy and band mate John Lennon.

6Mrs. Vandebilt
7Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)

... and my favourite! - PetSounds


... my mother's favourite... - PetSounds


Beautiful song. Extremely underrated and one of Paul's best

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10Helen Wheels

This is not the worst

Such a great rocker.

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