Best Songs On Rainbow's Stranger In Us All

This was the last Rainbow album released in 1995. There are amazing riffs and melodies from Ritchie Blackmore, and impressive vocals from Doogie White.
Every song on this album sounds different and I love that (there are metal and hard rock songs).

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Wonderful riff and really good vocals - Doogie White was considered as Bruce Dickinson's replacement but lost out to Blaze. - Metal_Treasure

2Hall Of The Mountain King

The second half is awesome - this is how metal should be done. Love the intensity towards the end - this is how a song should be finished. - Metal_Treasure


A very pleasant power ballad with a quite heavy yet awesome riff. - Metal_Treasure

4Black Masquerade

A melodic metal song with folk tunes (or baroque, or Renaissance, or medieval tunes? ) in the middle. OK, I'm not sure what it is but it's beautiful (2:50). - Metal_Treasure

5Hunting Humans (Insatiable)

There's something really unique in this song - a musical dialogue between the guitar and the singer. I've never heard such a beautiful thing. - Metal_Treasure

6Cold Hearted Woman
7Wolf To The Moon
8Still I'm Sad
9Too Late For Tears
10Stand and Fight
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