Best Songs from Regional at Best by Twenty One Pilots

Ranked top ten songs from twenty one pilots' second album, "Regional at Best".

The Top Ten

1 Guns for Hands
2 Forest V 1 Comment
3 Holding On To You
4 Slowtown

One of their best and most underrated songs I wish they would release RAB on iTunes and Spotify

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5 Ode To Sleep
6 Car Radio V 1 Comment
7 Kitchen Sink V 1 Comment
8 Glowing Eyes

It's a beautiful song. My favorite on the album probably.

9 Anathema
10 Lovely

WHAT IS THIS DOING SO FAR DOWN HERE It's A LOVELY SONG (no pun intended, its just the only fitting word) and I don't know what it is about this song but itll forever be a favourite of mine. Although it was never clarified who this was written about (regardless its beautiful) and the 2013 japanese remastered version is a little less pretty on the instrumentation side, the RAB version is gorgeous.

"Won't you stay alive? Ill take you on a ride...i will make you believe you are lovely,"

The Contenders

11 Ruby

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard on one of the best albums I've ever heard (only self-titled is better) by the best band I've ever heard. After all, nobody tops TØP.

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12 Clear V 1 Comment
13 Be Concerned

Whoa damn this song is underrated. Its just about struggling with your beliefs, and its (i believe) twenty one pilots' only song with a feature in it. Still one of my favourites.

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14 House of Gold V 1 Comment
15 Trees
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