Top Ten Best Songs On Slayer's Seasons In the Abyss

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1 Seasons In the Abyss Seasons In the Abyss

Hell yeah that riff after the beginning kick ass

"Razors edge outlines the dead,
Incisions in my head,
Anticipation, the stimulation
To kill the exhilaration
Close your eyes
Look deep in your soul
Step outside yourself
And let your mind go
Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die."

How would you feel if they were singing about YOU?!

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2 War Ensemble War Ensemble

Best intro ever... also great title

3 Dead Skin Mask Dead Skin Mask

One of my favorite Slayer songs, but it's my #3 behind War Ensemble and Seasons in the Abyss. The lyrics are amazing. "Dance with the dead in my dreams, listen to their hallowed screams, the dead have taken my soul, temptations lost all control" - ryanrimmel

4 Skeletons of Society Skeletons of Society

Really dudes? this song is killer

5 Spirit In Black Spirit In Black
6 Blood Red Blood Red
7 Expendable Youth Expendable Youth
8 Hallowed Point Hallowed Point
9 Temptation Temptation

The breakdown in the middle is awesome, then comes the lyrics "have you ever danced with the devil..." With awesome double bass behind it. Easily in my top three on the album.

10 Born of Fire Born of Fire
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1. Dead Skin Mask
2. Expendable Youth
3. Seasons In the Abyss
1. Seasons In the Abyss
2. Dead Skin Mask
3. War Ensemble

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