Best Songs On Suicide Silence's The Black Crown


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1You Only Live Once

Everything about this song is awesome. The breakdown is the best bit in my opinion. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

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The most catchy song on the album in my opinion. So Nu Metal inspired. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

3The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart

The guitars in this are the best on the album. Fluent and fantastic. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

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4Cross-Eyed Catastrophe

Featuring Alexis Rodriguez from Eyes Set To Kill. I really like the guitars on this track. The chorus is cool. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

5F*** Everything

Lyrically my fave song on the album. - SOULFLY-SAM0101


Featuring Frank Mullen from Suffocation. This song is really good. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

7Slaves to Substance

Great song. The guitars are great in this song. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

8Witness the Addiction

Includes Jonathon Davis from one of my all time fave bands KoRn. I wish they do a song with Max Cavalera in the upcoming album. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

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9Cancerous Skies

Got into this one recently. Pretty good song. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

10Human Violence

Decent song. The guitars are great in this track. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

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