Top Ten Songs to Get High to


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101I Do My Thing - Kid Cudi

102Gospel Weed Song - Bizarre

103Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions

104Green Light - John Legend
The beat is somehow perfect for when your high

105Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue

106Driver's High - L'Arc~en~Ciel

107I Feel Like Dying - Lil Wayne

108Blunt Blowing - Lil Wayne

109Steamroller - Domo Genesis feat. Hodgy Beats

110Still - JJ
Definitv the best song to get high to :D

111On the Road Again - Canned Heat

112Used to Get High - John Butler Trio

113Bad Habit - The Offspring

114Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd

115Cypress Hill - Dr. Greenthumb

116Cream - Sunshine of Your Love

11725 to Life - Eminem

118No Love - Eminem (Ft. Lil Wayne)
Great song for broken hearted people, I always listen to it when I was it stoned as hell

119Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane

120No Ordinary Love - Sade

121La la La - Chris Webby

122Glory Box - Portishead

123About You - Xxyyxx
Just the best when high. Listen on youtube now!

124Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles

125Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

126Orgi 69 - Smoke Weed

127Cocaine - J.J. Cale

128Advanced - Marcel Woods
Live version of it pretty crazy


129Colombian Soul (Gabriel and Dresden Tuscan Soul Reconstruction) - D. Ramirez
long song but very chill and has a trippyness to it


130Just to Get High - Nickelback

131David Bowie - Heroes

132Wind of Change - Scorpions

133American Dream - Jakatta

134Burn Bitch Burn - KISS

135Anjulie - Boom
The perfect song to get high to.

136Kiss - Heaven's On Fire

137Strange Clouds - B.o.B

138Strong Will Continue - Nas and Damian Marley

139No One Believes Me - Kid Cudi

140The Weed Iz Mine - Snoop Dogg

141How to Hate (feat. T-Pain) - Lil Wayne

142Echo - Bad Meets Evil

143President Carter - Lil Wayne

144Deja Vu - Eminem

145Drug Ballad - Eminem

146Take On Me - A-Ha
Something awesome that's more upbeat


147Food Clothes Medicine - Aesop Rock

148Novacane - Frank Ocean

149Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

150By Your Side - Sade

151Smooth Operator - Sade

152Wonderful Life - Black

153Movin' On - Novecento

154Cherish the Day - Sade

155Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon - Neil Diamond

156Steal My Body Home - Beck

157Didn't Cha Know - Erykah Badu

158Voodoo Chile - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

159Desert Song - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

160Gimme Love - The Vines

161Master of Puppets - Metallica

162Hyyerr - Kid Cudi

163Have a Cigar - Pink Floyd

164N***** - The Notorious B.I.G.

165The Race - Wiz Khalifa

166Kaya - Bob Marley

167What If God Smoked Cannabis? - Bob Rivers

168Pentagramma - Tony Igy

169Nightcall - Kavinsky

170In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins

171The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - Traffic

172Time to Pretend - MGMT
This song is literally THE BEST SONG to listen to when high

173Moist Vagina - Nirvana

174Number 1 - Tinchy Stryder

175Bigger - Justin Bieber

176Africa - Toto

177Sail - Awolnation

178Killin' It - Krewella
The beat messes with your head so bad. Listen to the whole song with headphones for the full effect.

179Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High - Arctic Monkeys

180Where Is My Mind? - Pixies
I was just waiting for this to come up as I read through Eminem and Bon Jovi

181Love Me Again - John Newman
Completely solid, reliable anchor.
"it's like the music is firing me up out of a cannon."

Choice of music is paramount... Otherwise you're just impersonating a salmon.

182Stress Free - Young Cash
This is a chill song to get blazed to. Its just a really fun song it seems to fit almost every atmosphere. I hope you guys try it some time. Happy Baking

183Stoner Girl - Mod Sun

184Stay High - Tove Lo
I don't know. I wouldn't get high to ANY of the songs listed here so. Here's some diversity.

185Marijuana - Chrome Sparks

186The Next Episode - Dr. Dre

187Show Me Your Genitals - Jon Lajoie

188Birthday Song - 2 Chainz

189Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys

190Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

191It Was a Good Day - Ice Cube
It just has that "get high" kinda tone and beat

192Touch Me I'm Going to Scream - My Morning Jacket
Oh, saw this on American Dad! & good god how perfect does it sound? Ranks up there with Pink Floyd. It's eargasmic.

193Up (Kush and Orange Juice) - Wiz Khalifa
The should be number on people please just download and listen

194Astronomia - Tony Igy

195Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band

196Space Lord - Monster Magnet

197Itchycoo Park - Small Faces

198Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd

199Fly - Four Year Strong
Mad song, so chill!

200Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees
Love this song when I'm high! Got to listen to!

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