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21Sigh of Dog

It may be unused, but it's amazing listen to it - Peculiar

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22Fallen Down
23Bring It In, Guys!

I love how this song both showcases all of the best themes from the Undertale soundtrack and also acts as a perfect ending to the game. This is easily the most underrated song from Undertale.

So underrated, it reuses music you've heard in the game

24So Cold
26Another Medium
27Here We Are

This song is incredibly underrated. It has a fittingly unnerving tone, but also manages to be very catchy. And that ambience is amazing. In fact, it's actually a remix of Alphys, which is very fitting, as this part of the game reveals her dark side.

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28Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans

It's hard not to laugh hearing this.

This song really shows a more vilent side of sans, along with megolovania.

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29Megalo Strikes BackV2 Comments
30Meat Factory

I can see why this one didn't make it to the final game - Handmaster

This is possibly the most uplifting and inspirational work of musical art on the entire soundtrack! Why is this lower than Megalovania?! 999/10

31Quiet Water

It's so peaceful. It helps me fall asleep

32Long Elevator

I'm curious. How is this not last? It's a elevator noise.

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33Tem Shop

I can imagine this in the 30's with the Charleston


Possibly the most emotional song in undertale!

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36Enemy Approaching
37Metal CrusherV1 Comment
40Fade Away
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