Top Ten Songs Which Popular TopTenners Are Embarrassed to Like


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41Stay Wide Awake - Eminem (Swagflicks)
42Me Too - Meghan Trainor (Arigatokawaii)V1 Comment
43Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (Frankp)

I love this song. This isn't embarrassing - N64Dude

What's so bad about liking this song? It's an okay song - PatrickStar

This song is great! It's embarrassing NOT to like it. - Ku

Don't feel embarrassed. I love this song. - jack2244

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44New York City Boy - Pet Shop Boys (Britgirl)

I'm pleased this so far down this list. It may be a bit camp, but I'm not embarrassed to say I love it. My dance routine to this is worth seeing! Haha. - Britgirl

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45Burnout - Green Day (Jetticus12)V1 Comment
46Hot Problems - Double Take (SpongeBobgymnast)V1 Comment
47Bangarang - Skrillex (Bobbythebrony)

I love all these songs below they are not at all embarrassing - PatrickStar

48We Made You - Miley Cyrus (Jbradbradley)
49Partition - Beyonce (Jaystop10list)
50Chandelier - Rickyreeves
51Thrift Shop - Macklemore (Bigbrothersucks)

Why? It's got a message. Albeit hidden under the swears and silly video. And a very good message. Considering most rappers talk about "making it rain" and how much "bling" they have. This is about how ridiculous that is. Considering how against the mainstream it is, I'm surprised no one here agrees with the message and likes the song. With the exception of BigBrotherSucks. - keycha1n

This is my 7th favorite song don't be embarrassed it's a great song - TopTenListmaker

Don't be. It's one of the best songs of 2013! - WonkeyDude98

Don't be embarrassed for liking this, it's amazing! - SwagFlicks

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52Illuminati - Madonna (Jaystop10list)
53Pills 'N Potions - Nicki Minaj (Jaystop10list)
54Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy - Tata Young (Bobbythebrony)
55Play It Again - Luke Bryan (Ohiostatebuckeyes)

Do not feel bad. I also love this song and your name go bucks

56Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj (Jaystop10list)
57Fireman - Lil Wayne (Yanrocky)
58With Arms Wide Open - Creed (Numetalmaniak)V2 Comments
59She Knows - Ne-Yo
60Kim - Eminem (Bobbythebrony)
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1. Baby - Justin Bieber (Nintendorock3t)
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1. Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj (Patrickstar)
2. Baby - Justin Bieber (Nintendorock3t)
3. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction (Keyson)

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