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Crawling - Linkin Park

Linkin Park
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Linkin park is the best rock band of our generation, but come on there r many other songs for them better than this one and should be put onto the list, like : faint and papercut and new divide. Crawling is a good song, but not the best they made, but it's a cool song any way!
Great song...
Listen and vote...
Every Linkin Park song is just made with awesome art style and feel that you can't stop loving this band... Many more of Linkin Park should be on the lists... Where is what I've done?...
The lyrics are so deep and vivid. When Chester Bennington screams, he shows the angst of a young woman going through child abuse, and is somewhat based on his own life. One of the most underrated songs of all time.
Sweet Child O'Mine by Gn'R or Crawling by Linkin Park? What should I choose, but finally I choose Crawling by Linkin Park. Why? Because I'm LPU. Take it easy, dude...
This is such an amazing song! It deserves to be in the top ten at least, but even more surprising is that the far better songs of Linkin Park, In the End and Numb, are not in the list. That just sucks.
What is this doing a no.23? /
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Linkin Park's the best. Only not Crawlin'. They have more legendary songs like Numb, Waitn' for the end, Hands held high, The catalyst etc. They simply the best. May ALLAH bless them.
This is an amazing song, Linkin Park is a great band and I love them and their lyrics are such an inspiration. I already want to have their next album in my hands. LINKIN SOLDIER FOREVER!
All songs of Linkin Park are awesome. But Crawling is an incredible song that touches my soul. I'm a big fan of Linkin Park and Crawling. You guys should vote for Crawling.
Crawling in my skin... These wounds they will not heal... Fear is how I fall... Confusing what is real...
The amazing chorus to the amazing song!
Linkin park Forever!
LINKIN PARK has created a variety of imortal songs... Crawling is only one of them... Its a very good song with a bit of scream and rap by Chester and Mike respectively...
The song that got me hooked on them along with "one step closer", very good played and sung, my fourth all time favourite
where the hell are in the end and numb in the list. if crawling is at 29 than they definitely deserve to be in the top 5. linkin park fans what are you doing?
in top 10 it should be 9 of linkin park, there is only two kind of music is available in this world, number 1 linkin park number 2 rest of linkin park
Awesome songs... There are many songs of Linkin park which should be on top of the list.
Linkin park is best... No one can beat linkin park...
A amazing song that shows off chesters voice but has brilliant lyrics and is something everyone can enjoy
keep rocking Linkin Park Lp forever
chester benningtons voice is very powerful,he,the band and their songs are very,very underrated.
Simply awesome.
Chester is is amazing as we all LP fans keep on saying.
He has got the most unique voice.
Even his scream looks so good.
Great lyrics, beats, music I love it. I wish I could vote 10 time more for this song. Has a great meaning. Love it. Long liv Linkin Par
Superb song.
Superb lyrics.
Superb band.
All in one makes it the best of all. No other band is good enough to compete linkp
This Is The song that made Hybrid Theory the best selling album of the 21st century
This is bloody damn amazing song man! Linkin Park is the best band ever! Chester Bennington is the best singer ever. Mike Shinoda is the best rapper ever! Brad Delson is the best guitarist ever!
Best song I've ever heard and the loudest in my collection, its my favorite. I will advise every one to hear it.
Man how is this Possible that it is on 21st position. It deserves the infinity cause Linkin Park Just Rocks! 11
This song is awesome, Crawling, Numb, In the End, New Divide, What I've Done are one of the worlds best songs

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