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341Arrab Kaman - Tamer Hosny

A high-quality voice, a world-class-singing, and a song that easily touches the heart. Simply the best song I've ever heard. It easily brings old memories!

Awesome song. This Arab songs belongs in the top 10. Tamer Hosny is an incredible singer. Almost the same level as Amr Diab.

Nice song and represent our feeling well and it is the perfect song for lovers and it makes me feel happy

Amazing song, this is the best song in the world! #1! - topguy

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342All Right Now - Free

One of the best classic rock songs of all time. Should be on this list.

My favourite song of all time. A real classic

The catchy,best song of all time! Played everyday on classic rock radio for 35 years.

343Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

This has such interesting tunes and it's a classic.

This song fit well with the dazed and confused movie - Ajkloth

This is a sick song with awesome bass at the beginning

It's a classic and is used lots I love it

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344Heroes of Our Time - Dragonforce

This DragonForce hit is not only the sequel to Through the Fire and Flames, but it's also a song that is genius throughout. Whenever you hear the beat and/or lyrics, an epic story of a war or battle pops in your head and it's just a great feeling. I really wish DF was a more popular band and not only known for Through the Fire and Flames and Fury of the Storm. Everything about this song is wonderful; the lyrics, the drums, the guitar rhythm, the solos, EVERYTHING! If you're tired of the average mainstream music and you wanna try something new, this song is a song to listen to. If you decide to listen to this song, trust me, you won't regret it.

Heroes of our time is a very inspirational song.
It may give a hint of death but when listen to it...
It gives you an idea of what he is trying to say. -

This the best song ever I mean right behind through the fire and flames

This would be right next to through the fire and flames

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345Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & the Comets
346Alive - Pearl Jam

If you don't listen to the lyrics its one of the most powerful rock songs of all time. If you listen to them, its heartbreaking. This is the Paint it Black of the 90 and one of the best songs ever. It deserves to be in the top 20

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347Rock Your Baby - George McCrae
348New Kid In Town - Eagles
349All I Want - Susanna Hoffs
350You Bring Me Down - Blood Red Shoes
351Wobble - V.I.C.
352Over the Hills and Far Away - Led ZeppelinV1 Comment
353Citizen Erased - Muse

How can this song not be on this list? It's probably muse's best song! The lyrics are so political and the riff is contagious.

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354Hold Me - Jamie Grace
355Cassis - The Gazette

It's a really pretty song! Such sweet lyrics.

356The World is Yours - Nas
357Vicarious - Tool
358The Package - A Perfect Circle
359Bleed - Angel Dust
360Mama, I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne

Why is not Ozzy higher? He is a legend. - LostDream258

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