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361 Let Her Go - Passenger Let Her Go - Passenger

Not the best artist on this list - but probably one of the best singer songwriters of our generation. To bring what is fundamentally folk music at its roots, into the charts (not that that really matters) and for his songs... let her go in this case, push past the rest of the mediocre pop that currently exists... Passenger needs to be here purely for his talent not he usual commercial peddling of pop crap and back slapping that exists. At least ten of his songs should be on this list... if you don't believe me, listen to his (formerly their) albums...27 years, I hate song, Holes. More people should listen to his music, take his lyrics to their hearts and laugh at his humor... just like past legends, his songs capture a range of emotions and stir up feelings of love of one another, life with love not hate and the ability to take us to where we aspire to be. Purely my sole opinion, if you don't have a Passenger album, you don't have a collection of great albums and your life is missing ...more

I love this song. It is sung well. It is elegant and awesome and other good stuff. Great. Phenomenal.

My 8 year old grandson played this song for me now I really really like it

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362 You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence

This was my first song from Suicide Silence I ever heard I love it...

363 Run Free - Hans Zimmer Run Free - Hans Zimmer
364 In the End - Black Veil Brides In the End - Black Veil Brides

I can't believe I just went through 37 pages of this crap just to find this song. and now its not on there. Well it is now. I'm very sorry for everyone that went this far down, but join me if you agree!

If anyone is annoyed that the highest Black Veil Brides song is at #446, just be glad that this is higher up than that One Direction s***

This was my 4'th song I heard by black veil brides

365 Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley
366 The Gates of Delirium - Yes The Gates of Delirium - Yes
367 Ni**as In Paris - Kanye West and Jay Z Ni**as In Paris - Kanye West and Jay Z
368 The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) - Fleetwood Mac The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) - Fleetwood Mac
369 With Arms Wide Open - Creed With Arms Wide Open - Creed
370 More Than This - Roxy Music More Than This - Roxy Music
371 Jizz in My Pants - The Lonely Island Jizz in My Pants - The Lonely Island
372 Beautiful Day - U2 Beautiful Day - U2

U2 is genius. This song opened my pores and allowed my imagination and creativity to sore. What a great song!

The best song which gives you a jump start to every day. Never get fed up listening to it.

I mean come on how could you not put this in the list, it's one of the best songs of all time, it makes me want to laugh, cry and dance all at the same time!

When ever you feel bad pop this song in. Lifts you up

373 Arrab Kaman - Tamer Hosny

A high-quality voice, a world-class-singing, and a song that easily touches the heart. Simply the best song I've ever heard. It easily brings old memories!

Awesome song. This Arab songs belongs in the top 10. Tamer Hosny is an incredible singer. Almost the same level as Amr Diab.

Nice song and represent our feeling well and it is the perfect song for lovers and it makes me feel happy

Amazing song, this is the best song in the world! #1! - topguy

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374 Starlight - Muse Starlight - Muse

awesome song! love muse so much, one of their best!

Why is this only number 180?!?!?! What is there not to like!?

My favorite group in this PLANET

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375 Irreplaceable - Beyonce Irreplaceable - Beyonce

In our new generation, this is the best, the greatest, and IRREPLACEABLE! - jonalynthebest

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376 Closer - Nine Inch Nails Closer - Nine Inch Nails

NIN are a force to be reckoned with what a band what a song

Without a doubt the sexiest song of all time.

377 Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

not much people know the name of this song, but they deffinatly recognize the beat

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378 Like a Prayer - Madonna Like a Prayer - Madonna

I just love it. The gospel choir the music style everything perfect best song ever

Definitely my favorite song of all-time. The song was brilliant for its time and a huge risk for a pop star like Madonna. Going back to when it came out, this song sounded like nothing else that was happening back then and nobody ever thought its sound was "mainstream" enough to relate to the public. It has stood the test of time.

Amazing! Should be ranked higher! Song is yearning and passionate in only a way Madonna can deliver!
Madonna and a few other artists I love has unique voice. Her voice and the words of this song fit perfectly.

I've been a Madonna fan for over 30 years and am amazed this song isn't in the Top Ten! The woman is an icon. I've seen her perform this song live twice and she is amazing. Love this song.

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379 Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston

Hello, Whitney's songs are the best of the best and this song rules over all songs.

I don't need to say much, just listen to it and be amazed with this whitney song.

Now this song is the greatest song coming from the greatest singer of all.

Whitney made this song what it is. She is the master of her craft.

380 Always - Bon Jovi Always - Bon Jovi

I'm in love for this song! I've been in their concert and I've seen jon singing this and I almost cried!

Its really the best song ever! BON JOVI I love you always! the best band with the best song ever because they touched generations!

This is one of the greatest love song the world has ever heard

The best love song of all time and the best selling bon jovi single - richie4life

That is the most amazing, beautiful song EVER. For me Always is the only one... Love it with all my heart. Thank you, Bon Jovi!

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