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381Jizz in My Pants - The Lonely Island
382Beautiful Day - U2

U2 is genius. This song opened my pores and allowed my imagination and creativity to sore. What a great song!

The best song which gives you a jump start to every day. Never get fed up listening to it.

I mean come on how could you not put this in the list, it's one of the best songs of all time, it makes me want to laugh, cry and dance all at the same time!

When ever you feel bad pop this song in. Lifts you up

383Irreplaceable - Beyonce

In our new generation, this is the best, the greatest, and IRREPLACEABLE! - jonalynthebest

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384Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

Nothing like this..! Just awesome.. Awesome..!
Somewhere only we know is my partner when I'm alone. It is like a superb piece! - shailikareeves

Somewhere Only We Know should be higher on the list. One of the great things about this song is that it is filled with swelling emotions and an epic melody. Tom Chaplin's voice rings above the piano in pure perfection. When listening to this song, you can't help but feel an aching for this place. You can't deny the magic of this song. It is one of the greatest songs the 2000's has to offer.

Keane was once my favourate band.
But even though I have changed my mind, somewhere only we know always stays in my mind. - owenpoon

Incredibly awesome song

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385Closer - Nine Inch Nails

NIN are a force to be reckoned with what a band what a song

Without a doubt the sexiest song of all time.

386Always - Bon Jovi

I'm in love for this song! I've been in their concert and I've seen jon singing this and I almost cried!

Its really the best song ever! BON JOVI I love you always! the best band with the best song ever because they touched generations!

This is one of the greatest love song the world has ever heard

The best love song of all time and the best selling bon jovi single - richie4life

That is the most amazing, beautiful song EVER. For me Always is the only one... Love it with all my heart. Thank you, Bon Jovi!

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387Starlight - Muse

awesome song! love muse so much, one of their best!

Why is this only number 180?!?!?! What is there not to like!?

My favorite group in this PLANET

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388Art of Life - X Japan

It's not just a song, it's a rock symphony. After X Japan, bands they are often compared to sound hollow and meaningless to me. X Japan's music is filled with emotion and has a classical edge to the composition that leaves me dumbstruck listening to the guitars, drums, orchestra, and piano weaving around each other. And Art of Life is the masterpiece. The fact that it's 30 minutes isn't important, it's that there isn't a thing in those 30 minutes that doesn't work perfectly. It expresses the heaven and hell of living. And the piano solo is like being reborn. Please do NOT listen to this song lightly. It demands your best sound system and all your attention.

AWESOME. Really worth the 30 minutes. Epic song, epic lyric, everything it's just perfect.

All the songs of the list are great songs, each of them has this human feeling a great song must have, but Art of Life isn't only a song, it's a fight from death to life, it gives to listen the way to resist to shadows and to come back to light.

OH. MY. GOD! Should definitely be higher on the list. Worth 30 minutes of your life. That eight-min piano solo by Yoshiki is just pure masterpiece, I dislike long songs but this is an exception. WE ARE X!

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389Runaway - Kanye West

Just too good. The song speaks for itself should be in top 100 or 50

390Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

not much people know the name of this song, but they deffinatly recognize the beat

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391Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston

Hello, Whitney's songs are the best of the best and this song rules over all songs.

I don't need to say much, just listen to it and be amazed with this whitney song.

Now this song is the greatest song coming from the greatest singer of all.

Whitney made this song what it is. She is the master of her craft.

392All the Same - Sick Puppies

I've looked through the first five hundred results, and I did not see this song. Put simply, this is one of, if not the greatest song I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

A Great song, lyrically, musically, just beautiful.

393I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

This is the one of the top 20 songs of all time. This is one that should be in the top 20. There is no way this song should be this low on the list. This is one of the classics that should be on every best song list. It is what got The Beatles started in America. - bre505

This song is quite possibly the greatest song ever written. It is better than anything by Nirvana since kurt cobain would'nt know talent if it shot him in the head (which he eventually did himself.) The Beatles was the greatest Band Ever!! R.I.P. John

I love Kurt Cobain and The Beatles the same but you roasted him right there. - peaceswagtv

Best song ever! He should be at least in the top 20 - Organ

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394Pain - Three Days Grace

I agree a very good song that sure beats a heck of a lot of the music on this list... Just wish people had a good taste in music these days

this is a really good meaningful rock song. its so great to listen to.

This song is so much better than almost all of the songs before it... Sad that nobody knows good music anymore

Really? 481? Why so low? It is so sad that music like this is so under appreciated!

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395Time is Running Out - Muse

come on, guys. who doesn't like this song? Everything about muse is amazing, and they deserve to be at least better than some other bands on here, like frank sinatra, or ARE kelly.
- darkmatterbanana

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396You're Not Alone - Saosin
397Rumors - Lindsay Lohan
398Kids - MGMT

This song has a great beat. Obviously my favorite song ever! - mmtennis07

399Dust in the Wind - Kansas

What the hell! Can somebody please explain to me how this is so low, when this is easily in my top five of best songs of all time?

I'm surprised no one commented on a Kansas song! Kansas rocks!

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400Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

So emotional. Reflects emotion perfectly.

This song is the best around the world

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