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461Live Forever - Oasis

Better than hey Jude and any nirvana song

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462The Scientist - Coldplay

This is such a great song. Sometimes I cry at the end.

463Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band

Never get sick of listening to this... Takes you many places! It is hard to ever pick the best song, maybe impossible, but there are songs that just gel with you and this is definitely one of them.

good choice with this songs beautifully made lyrics with its magical tune! Go DMB!!!

Dave Matthews is a genius!!!!!!

makes me think about... life

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464Life Is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
465Yellow - Coldplay

I cannot even believe Coldplay isn't even on the list. Chris Martin is a lyrical genius, the stuff he writes is so powerful. This songs is only the beginning to so many.

How come there are hardly any Coldplay songs in the list... Should be easily in top 50. One of the best songs of Coldplay... Beautifully sung, beautiful lyrics, awesomely sung...
What is with you guys...?

Brilliant, Coldplay is the greatest band of these times!

Amazing song!

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466The Joker - Steve Miller Band

Every stoners theme song. Steve miller is an under rated guitarts

467Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits

this song is simply the greatest song of all time..just listen to it..

I agree. And that's nothing to do with Dire Straits being my top band.

You got to be kidding me,what the ekk is this song doing way down here? Seriously so many people don't get real music so much crap in top of this masterpiece, unbelievable!

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468Mr. Jones - Counting Crows

I can't believe the first counting crows song is in the 400s! thats ridiculous! they are a great band and this is a great song, but there are soooo many others that rock too!

469Kurenai - X Japan

Should. Be. Higher! At least Art of life is in the Top 100 and that makes me happy.

At first it feels like it's sad. But if you listen to it again, it ROCKS!

470Wind of Change - Scorpions

I think wind of change deserves to be in the top 100 songs of all-time. In 1991 it became the 4th on the charts in singles and 2nd in United Kingdom. It's the 10th best selling song all-time in Germany. It has sold 14 million copies and it puts it in the top 20 all-time. This song was written to Russia as in the end of the cold war. It's an inspirational song for Russia and all the word. It is the wind of change.

one of the best song of Sorpions. The song of peace and freedom. Must be in top 10

one of the best song of Scorpions. The song of peace and freedom. Must be in top 10

Best song ever

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471Surrender - Cheap Trick

One of the best rock songs ever. Hey, everyone thinks their parents are weird.

The kind of song you can't keep singin again and again!

This song is a classic. Top 100 material.

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472Unchained - Van Halen

very underrated van halen song... - richie4life

473For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - AC/DC

Cannon Fire
Crazy Solo
Awesome Drums
This Song Should Be Much Much higher
- rocker1796

There's no describing the feeling you get from 3:30mins onwards... it's just mind blowing...

A real rock anthem from the best rock band there was.

Why the hell is this song way down here. Why has it been ranked after all of Adele's crappy music?

474Moonage Daydream - David Bowie

My favorite song from my favorite singer.

From the the album "Ziggy Stardust",this song is one of the best on the album...David Bowie wrote this,just so millennials know.Ho..Hum...

475Savior - Rise Against

This may not be the best Rise Against song, but they deserve to have a song in the list, I really love the chorus, gets me really pumped up! - TommyGonzalez

This is a beautiful song. Tim's vocals are perfect, and the entire song flows so well. Maybe not the best song of all time, but it belongs on the list.

Truly amazing song. Amazing lyrics, amazing guitar, amazing everything!

476Another One Bites the Dust - QueenV1 Comment
477Smokestack Lightning - Howlin' Wolf

Lists like this prove that people don't know what constitutes quality or talent. This is raw, powerful, route one genius. Utter genius. To think that the pretentious Queen are rated above this is moronic.

478Janie Jones - The Clash
479Traces - Classics IV
480Aces High - Iron Maiden

I'm starting to think that this part of the list isn't ranked... 5 straight Maiden from 1486-1490... Words cannot describe how upsetting this is. This song is enjoyably heavy, and ACTUALLY DISPLAYS MUSICAL TALENT. Which is where nine tenths of these songs should fall off the list. Up. Irons. Now.

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