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Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

Through the Fire and Flames
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The perfect song, truly epic, extreme solo, great vocals its like an hymn of war!
This song is really amazing.
Incredible. I'm sure, this song must be on top 20! It's so fast, so epic, so cool! Herman Li and Sam Totman doing amazing solos, very fast and perfect. Without doubt, one of the best songs of Dragonforce!
Best guitar solo ever!
Épic, if you listen you will enjoy it!
For m there are better songs of dragonforce, but not in this list!
Dragonforce is the apex of guitar music. It's physically impossible to play faster without simply snapping a guitar, yet they do it with coordination and speed making this song a masterpiece.
112? Why so low? This is probably the best song I've ever heard in my life! This should be in the top 20
The best song in the world is right here. Awesome guitar awesome lyrics, awesome solos, awesome everything!
Obviously one of the greatest songs ever, but much overrated, I could name many songs that are better.


95 what the heck best band fastest singer guitarist drummer and rhythm guitarist ever. at least top ten
This should be higher. End of discussion.
The song is heart-stopping, especially the solo part, WHAT MAGIC IS HERMAN LI USING?!
I can't believe this song isn't at the top! Best song ever!
Dragonforce is the best band ever!
Even all there other songs rock.
Only question is, wheres fury of the storm?
Herman Li is the best guitar player in the world hes so fast he and sam totman make dragonforce awesome.
I blazed it 5 days after listening to this great banter damn son
This dank banter made me grow chest hair on my eyes
This song is unbelievably hard on guitar hero. amazing fast awesome


I like their shirts

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