Top Ten Sonic Characters That Deserves a Spin-off


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1Silver the Hedgehog

Silver deserves to be the protagonist of the game, because he is great - Yona_db

2Big the Cat

The return of Big the Cat has already been confirmed, but it would be great than he not fish or look him stupid frog. - Yona_db

3Rouge the Bat

If Shadow is the protagonist of a game, why Rouge not? - Yona_db

4Storm the Albatross

Storm deserves some appearances, because he only appears in 3 games. - Yona_db

5Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat is great, but Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land & Rosalina (from Mario, not The Naked Brothers Band) will both be better than Blaze the Cat!

And in a video game called "Blaze the Cat", Waluigi could be the main rival of Blaze the Cat due to being purple.

It'll be awesome to explore Blaze's world and the threats she has to face.

6Espio the Chameleon
7Vector the Crocodile
8Fang the Sniper
9Ray the Flying Squirrel

Wait, this is a Sonic character? Wow, the Sonic lore is more large than I expected it to be. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10Mighty the Armadillo

The Contenders

11Amy Rose
12Cream the Rabbit

Cream truly deserves a spin off and that would be super fantastic

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