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41Sally Acorn

Way better girl than Amy in my opinion.

Sadly, sally never got a game but she's my fave character. Sally is a dynamic character, love interest, and great leader she just got a bad rap because the comics ruined her (ken and karl made her unlikable and Ian Flynn made her miss perfect) but watch Satam she was bad@$$ and cool. She just never got the attention other characters did and now she stands as a hated character when she doesn't deserve it. So why don't you sonamy fantards look over your hate, think again about sally acorn.

Sally Acorn should switch places with Amy Rose. Seriously, why is Amy Rose so overrated (not to be confused with underrated at the same time)?!

Her Archie counterpart is underrated

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42Black Doom

He may only appeared in Shadow the hedgehog but he's still a awesome villain his personality is very similar to Mephiles

Definitely one of the series more developed and serious villains. While I don't think he should personally make a return, the remaining Black Arms could still make for a good Shadow The Hedgehog 2.

First villan in the sonic franchise that takes his work seriously and actually kills people

43Storm the Albatross

Storm is so underrated on this list. Also, Storm the Albatross could've been in Sonic X & faced Rosalina from the Mario franchise who is always willing to mess with him.

Look at Storm the Albatross. He's so cool! Also, he would have an awesome rivalry with Rosalina from the Mario games.

Has a easily likeable dopey personality

Poor guy. He gets bossed around by everyone and, even though he looks happy, he's waiting for revenge! Yes! *does insane cackle*...What? I've been through it before.

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44Bark the Polarbear

Oh, Bark...Why are you gone from our lives? This guy was just the best and the strongest Sonic character I've ever seen. With Fang and Bean, he's my absolute favorite character from the Sonic franchise. I miss him so much...I would love if SEGA gave Fang Bean and Bark a second chance and made them appear in future Sonic games(like a Sonic Heroes 2) as good guys(because I'm so tired of seeing them as bad guys in the suckish archie comics. The only bad guy that the sonic franchise should have is Dr Eggman). and should even make them team up and have a better team name than in the comics. Anyways, Bark is amazing and I love him and he deserves to be known along with Fang and Bean.

Underrated, chill ass dude if you know what I mean.

Bark the Polar Bear vs. Lubba (from the average SMG2).

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45Burning Blaze

She is gorgeous when she is in her super form (talking about Blaze of course)

Burning Blaze would be even more gorgeous when naked & with her 3D porn pic designs where she has thicker, more feminine & more humanoid legs that did not change much length.

Shadow probably thinks she's "hot"!

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46The Chaotix

These guys are the funniest in the whole series and I hope they make it to sonic boom. All of their personalitys are different, making them argue, and they also have great fighting techniques


Chao can be raised to be very very powerful and with cheese following cream he's gonna pick up some pretty badass moves

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I think Charmy is the CUTTEST little bee I have ever seen! I LOVE it when he acts all crazy and hiper, and I just can't ressist his ADORABLE little eyes! To me, Charmy is the CUTTEST character in all the sonic character's. (EVEN CUTTER THEN TAILS, CREAM, CHEESE, AMY, AND COSMO. ) And they are my other favorite characters BEHIND Charmy. Charmy bee is my number 1 FAVORITE character in sonic, and I'm not tring to be mean here but, if you doesn't think Charmy is cute, funny or even if you don't like him, you got problems. (BIG PROBLEMS! )

Charmy Bee is a hilarious character, and he's really cute too! He is friends with Espio and Vector and the three of them are detectives. He attacks enemies by using his stinger. I remember when I played Sonic Heroes for the first time as a kid, I chose team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy and Vector)and I'll never forget their team blast

Not the best character, but he was enjoyable.

I think character in all of sonic

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49Ray the Flying Squirrel

If there's ever going to be sonic adventure 3 I would like to see him as a playable character. He is great character in archie comics.

He only appears in SegaSonic arcade and comics. I wish there are more games where you can play as him.

Ray the Flying Squirrel is way better than Cream the Rabbit.

Is he secret freedom fighter?

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Chao are a cute species in the Sonic series and deserve higher!

MY FAVORITE IN SA2! (besides tails.)

my first chao was a her flight with pheonix wings named Soul. HE IS ADORABLE!

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51Manic the Hedgehog

Manic is all right but I think shadow and scourge are way better he may be hot but not really he's my 3rd fave sonic character 2nd is scourge and the best is shadow so in my opinion he's all right in the sonic underground episodes and quiet funny

The best character outside the normal sonic canon by a long shot. Hell, he might be the best sonic character all together, his personality is extremely likeable.

Manic is so HOT! I wish he was real. HE's a theif and plays drums and is cooler than Sonic!

Yeah, Amy Rose, Knuckles, Rouge, Tails (as it turned out), Wave and Silver!

He should be the best out of them all

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52Hyper Knuckles

Knuckles is so cute & would have an awesome rivalry with Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land/Pinky (the pink ghost from Pac-Man, not the "Pinky Dinky Doo/Pinky & the Brain" character) & could have the same voice as Ray William Johnson by having the same voice as Ray William Johnson himself for sure. Knuckles will always be beter than the main hedgehog & have epic face-offs with King Bowser.

Hyper Knuckles vs. Giga Bowser.

Hyper Knuckles vs. Hyper Bowser.

Giga Bowser vs. Hyper Knuckles.

Giga Bowser vs. Giga Knuckles (inspired by Knuckles the Echidna's new, hulking design in Sonic Boom first shown as a revealing shadow in 2013).

Hyper knuckles is amazing because knuckles is the best character in the sonic series and this is his super form!

It is so awesome when he transformed because

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53Excalibur Sonic

Best super transformation ever, especially the butt cloak

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54Sticks the Jungle Badger

Why is she on this list she's the worst sonic character EVER
I don't want her to appear in any more games!

She's a coward I could imagine her in Amy's arms Scooby Doo style and she has an I.Q lower than Patrick Stars and I'd oughta whack her with an oar if she comes into my house and eats all my food and attacks my sister like a Gremlin I would call Video Game Animal Control.

She is such a stinky wussy poo poo pants who does nothing all day.

Sticks isn't that bad.

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55Emerl the Gizoid

Shadow the hedgehog is very donkey and dog and toillette and ify and dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG

Shadow can't compare to the awesomeness who Emerl, Emerl can out speed, out strength, and completely destroy Shadow. "Ultimate Life Form"? Get real, Emerl is the true powerhouse.

Emerl is AWESOME in Sonic Battle he is your own character wich you can modify as you want. He appeared only in Sonic Battle and Sonic X and then he COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! In Sonic Chronicles are involved loads of Gizoids (i think, I still didn't played that game) and HE STILL WASN'T THERE! Please SEGA Make him appear in more games! (P. S: forgive me if you spot some errors, I'm Italian after all :))

I agree with you, Emerl was an awesome character, in my opinion, hew wasn't really destroyed, did the thing tikal did and went into the chaos emerald - jay10

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56Julie-su the Echidna

My personal favorite Comic exclusive. The comic will never be the same without her... (Insert sad song here. Good examples are: Chrono Trigger- A Far Off Promise, Fire Emblem- Reminiscense, and Mother 3- It is Finished)

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58Venus the Hedgehog

Venus isn't even a real character. She's just a Mary sue-like fan character.

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59Sonia the Hedgehog

She is such an underrated character, she was awesome in Sonic Underground, she smarter than Sonic and Manic and she is a good thinker. She is awesome and I wish she was in the Sonic games along with Manic

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