Best Soul Sacrifice Delta Archfiends

A list of the best Archfiends/bosses in Soul Sacrifice and Soul Sacrifice Delta.

The Top TenXW


Completely badass. Suitably challenging, epic boss theme, great story, fast and powerful to constantly keep you on your toes and did I mention he has A SPEAR LODGED IN HIS CHEST! Represents everything good about Soul Sacrifice - Erikelelf

2Red Riding Hood

Has one of the best stories, one of the coolest appearences and has 2 different forms. One focused on melee which reflects ranged attacks until you destroy his chains and one focused on ranged attacks, Intense battle sure to test your skills. - Erikelelf


Fast frantic fight that tests more than just power and has a great story. One of the most different Archfiends to me. - Erikelelf

4Snow WhiteSnow White is a fictional character and Disney's first princess. Snow White is the only princess with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Love this fight because of how disturbing it is. Has one of the best Delta stories and a great twisted fairy tale theme. Made me cringe. - Erikelelf

5Jack O Lantern

A very memorable first boss fight. Simple story but has a frantic fight that tests your reaction time and he just looks really really cool. - Erikelelf

6Musicians Of Bremen

Seems to represent all that's weird to me which is why I like it. Very unique fight that can kill you very quickly if you don't know when to run for the hills when it starts jamming. - Erikelelf


Like Wyvern but more focused on direct combat. It can deal a lot of damage so carelessness often gets you killed. - Erikelelf

8Abyssal Fiend

Feels like a lightning Godzilla to me that is very hard hitting. It's tail is very dangerous when it is charging. - Erikelelf


Fast mobile battle that is very fun to take down. - Erikelelf

10Iron Virgin

Has a lot of range with it's attacks so working as a team is often key to take this Archfiend down. - Erikelelf

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