Top Ten Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 Episodes


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Pizza Delivery
This is the most epic SpongeBob episode to ever set foot on the planet. It probably has the most memorable moments out of any of the SpongeBob episodes. One of my favorite parts was when Squidward said he didn't care about the costumer and the hurricane stopped and SpongeBob was like "HUGGH SQUIDWARD" best line ever. And it had the Krusty Krab Pizza song, which will be a song that will live as a legend forever.
The Krusty Krab Pizza for you and... ME! That was the best part! I also loved the part when Spongebob was trying to get Squidward to eat the coral instead of the pizza. :) It was also really sweet when you kinda got to see a different side of Squidward when defended/comforted Spongebob after the angry customer hurt his feelings. Favorite episode!
This has got to be the best Spongebob episode from the first season. I have never met anyone who does not put this as there favorite episode from the first season. It sometimes ends up their favorite of all seasons. Every time I carry a pizza box I sing the krusty krab pizza song. Spongebob and squidward at their best describes this episode!
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This episode really has an interesting plot. It kept me drawn in the entire episode and there is a couple parts where I laughed so this episode is probably one of the best along with the top 2 (Help Wanted and Pizza Delivery)
Love this episode so much! FUTURE!
This episode is so awesome "squidward is going to the future, past, and unknown universe". Who would think of this, Derek Drymon thought of it, and it is humorous.
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3Help Wanted
One episode to start them all...
Look Gary, I'm NAKED!
It is the very first episode of spongebob and it is awseome
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The F.U. N Song, Do I have to say anymore?
F is for Fire that burns down the whole town.
U is for Uranium... Bombs!
N is for No Survivors when you...


My favorite SpongeBob Epsiode.

The episode I grew up with loving the most.


I love the beginning of this episode (When they are running) This episode is great.
"Firmly grasp it in your hand"!


6Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Squidward likes Patrick more than Spongebob.


Hey patrick, I heard there was a job opening at the pet shop, as some NEWSPAPER!
Whys this so low?

7The Paper
On my top 10 most underrated spongebob episodes, THIS IS NUMBER 1! This also one of my favorite episodes but is only shown once being the most every single year!
They don't air this often, I honestly don't know why. It's a good episode with good moments.
This should be in the top 3

How is this one not in the top 3?
It is so funny.

9Valentine's Day
A lot of memorable lines. My personal favorite line in this episode is "Heart on stick must die. "

10Ripped Pants
This should be higher on the polls!
My favorite thing about this episode is the song


See, I got ripped pants!


The Contenders

11Sleepy Time
Hilarity at its best.

12Opposite Day
This episode should be a lot higher! It's a classic!
Good episode bad ending

The part when SpongeBob suds gets worse by Patrick and Patrick gets his painful treatment in the end
Don't touch me I'm sterl

14Tea at the Treedome
It was so funny


Funniest episode ever. Spongebob and Patrick say bad things about Texas to get Sandy to follow them to her suprise party. Epic Episode!
"So we can't say anything bad about... Te-e-e-e-e-xas! "

16Neptune's Spatula

Great episode, plus first appearance of Plankton. One of my favourites and favourite from season 1!

18Karate Choppers

19Home Sweet Pineapple

20Jellyfish Jam

21Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
Come on guys! This one's amazing! "One watermelon fresh from the manure field your spookiness" Maybe not a memorable one it terms of moments but all thrown together easily makes it the best of the season!

22Rock Bottom
Most underrated spongebob episode ever. Also one of the best.
This is my favorite episode

23Hall Monitor
This is an iconic episode it had me laughing throughout the entire episode

24Employee of the Month

25Culture Shock

26Sandy's Rocket
Spongebob: "Patrick do you know what this is? "
Patrick: "Stinky? "
Spongebob: "No it's an egg sack! Let's look at the embryo. "
Both: "Twins. "
Excuse me but this is a great episode, should be at least in the top 10. What's wrong with it? It's hilarious and so cool. I'm really mad right now.
This is the first episode I've seen. I was about six. I am now 18 and I remember watching it.

27Scaredy Pants

28I Was a Teenage Gary
This episode is awesome and creepy!


30Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Hooky is hilarious how is it not in the top 10



32The Chaperone

33MuscleBob BuffPants

34Reef Blower
Not my favorite, but I like it.


Their are my car keys.


36Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

Awesome episode, but underrated. Best MM&BB episode. Love spongebob's line "I found it and it's the special dance mix" hilarious

37Boating School
I remember this episode from when I was 6 years old
I added this because it is a great episode

38Walking Small

39Squeaky Boots

40Nature Pants

41Fools in April

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