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I am very sure that basketball is the best sport in the Philippines, nobody in the Philippines don't know this sport, all of the kids, adults and seniors citizens love it too! And basketball should be the greatest sport of all time, oh! Even football players here plays basketball too! Indeed it is the greatest sport in the Philippines

:DD I love this remote country.

It rocks! And we have enough knowledge about this sport so everyone can relate about it.

This is my sport.

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We filipinos need to start playing soccer and when I mean we I mean every kid in the philippines needs a football, it will keep them occupied and you never know, if the kid has talent

Football is for pinoy cause we are too small for basketball and football is a easier sport and football our first played sport but American brings basketball like

Really really fun game and awesome if you have ever played it I play it I play it with my grandma

ONE of the best sport in the Philippines!

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It can develop our speed skills and our agility plus our sportsmanship, it can remove our boredom and it can serve as our family bonding like in our family

Badminton involves speed, agility, power, presence of mind...

Badminton is my daughter's favorite sport, badminton is good for moving your body

I love to play Badminton with my brother. It helps me concentrate more after playing it

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4Sepak Takraw

It Exciting to play and have a lot of thrill in my think this is the good sport but I think this is have little dangerous

Exiting Sport using feet, very unique and fun to watch!

Because this is my favorite sport


It is exiting sport and an entertainment! To the filipino fans few filipino may have played it since it is a dangerous sport but it has produce strong filipino international champions... Such as Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde, Gerry PeƱalosa, Manny Pacquaio, Nonito Donaire and newly etc...

Boxing should be #1. Especially since they put out a ton of big stars. Every kid dreams of being the next Manny Pacquiao. They're dang good at boxing. And plus, boxing is the best sport on this list. By far

Boxing is fresh is the best sport it is tied with football all Filipino should play it helps you defend your self and stay in shape


We must try this awesome sport. Baseball is very fun. We must try other sport.

Yes its true I want this sports will number one

We became a powerhouse team in a last decades and this is a famous sport before basketball comes

Baseball is better than stupid basketball and soccer

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Volleyball is what I love.

Play it almost everyday. It's so much fun! Especially if it's with the right people. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Love it I play volleyball everyday in school me and my friends enjoy it...

Volleyball is number in my heart...

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This is my sport


My sports are taekwondo... we learn discipline and self defense!

If someone is fighting you, you can defend your self. Not getting bullied or hurt.

This is the best self defense

Oh it is my sport too! :) :D

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?Rugby League
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11Kick Boxing

Dumbest game on earth

12Competitive Eating

I love stuffing my self untill I puke! It is so awesome


Worst game in the world
Should stop playing it


It is good laugh out loud


Everyone knows about golf


It is a fun sport, very competitive

I hate this sport


Honestly really fun, but you have to run around a lot

Very competitive, very fun try it you will like it

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