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No doubt one of THE best villains in Spyro games of all time, the story, the power, the personality of this Dark Master. He is extremely powerful mastering all the Elements, extremely popular that people can't get enough of this guy and one day he will be more legendary then day. Cross your fingers that The Dark Master will be playable or be the main boss in Skylanders soon. Malefor The Dark Master FOR LIFE! - Malefor12


Probably one of the greatest Spyro villains of all time he was best at Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage I will never forget this legendary villain for years to come. - Malefor12


Before you say she isn't a villain she was a villain in TLOS A New Beginning, anyway her fight wasn't that hard but the story in the game was priceless enough you will fall in love with this character. - Malefor12


He was a very interesting villain in TLOS Series also the fight was great along with the storyline. - Malefor12


This one took a while but was very interesting. - Malefor12

7Ice King

This boss was hard for a big reason cause of the hit lag but it's easy once you get used to it. - Malefor12

8Electric King

He was pretty cool a hard the first time I played. - Malefor12

9SkabbV1 Comment
10Gnasty Gnorc

Very First main villains may not be great but he wasn't so bad. - Malefor12

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