Top 10 Best St. Vincent Songs

St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark), is one of the most talented women on the music scene today. Her style of music is pretty rare, but she delivers in all the best ways and puts on a great live performance. This is the list of her best songs.

The Top TenXW

2Digital Witness

Digital Witness is a fun track with a powerful message about how the world is becoming too tech savvy. It's an overall unique track that helped get this album a Grammy.e

3Paris Is Burning
7Strange Mercy

The opening track on St. Vincent, Rattlesnake, was written after Annie had an encounter with a rattlesnake in Texas. It discusses the concept of being alone in the only world and how she's not okay with that.

This was the first song of her's I've ever heard, and maybe the best. - Donut

10The Apocalypse Song

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?Actor Out of Work
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11Just the Same but Brand New
12Laughing with a Mouth of Blood
13Birth In Reverse

This song uses heavy synth and eccentric guitar to captivate listeners as they go through a metaphysical "birth in reverse" while listening to this song.


Originally a song for Madonna, Psychopath was the first song I heard by St. Vincent. I instantly fell in love with it and her style.

15Bad Believer
16Marry Me
17The Antidote
18Teenage Talk
20The Bed
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1. Paris Is Burning
2. Cheerleader
3. Digital Witness



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