Top Ten Stand Up Comedians of the 2000s

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The Top Ten

Louis C.K.
Come on! Louis is one of the best stand up comedians ever! He should at least be number one on THIS list! Better than all these guys by a long shot. Kevin Hart is second.
Comedian of the soul. (I my own words). He's not ashamed to look at his own faults and finds the homur in real life experiences.
And why the hell isn't Eddie izzard up here, the man is one of the most intelligent comedians I know of.
My d##k just died. Guess where I wanna burrie it.P. S your a hole P. Ss I can't spell and don't care

2Kevin Hart
I love Kevin Hart you gonna learn today
Funniest guy I have ever watched.. Can't wait for let me explain july 2013
Hilarious! When I watch his act I laugh so hard, no noise comes out
[Newest]I have never seen a funnier comedian than Kevin Hart

3Dave Chappelle
Best show of all time also best standup with killing them softly. He made the stand up scene what it is today
Best delivery. Knows how to work a crowd

4Chris Tucker

5Martin Lawrence

6Jamie Foxx

7Katt Williams
Greatest pimp I've seen yet laugh out loud
Nothing funnier than pimp chronicals

8Eddie Griffin
Funmy since been funny since been funny.

9Dane Cook
Watch vicious circle so funny
Watch Retaliation and you will see

10Jimmy Carr
He is hilarious, loves heckles and uses his crowd and their opinions to spark up huge laughs
He always pulls a joke from where you weren't expecting. Golden!
Better than several on this list, laugh out loud funny.

The Contenders

11Joan Rivers
I love this women every time I feel low I just watch her on youtube we don't get much of her in Australia she is very very funny

12Cedric the Entertainer
Funny puch lines from a funny man.

13Michael McIntyre
Michael McIntyre is the best comedian of the 00's because you cannot help but laugh at him. HE IS HILARIOUS!
Definitely deserves that title

14Lee Evans
Clearly one of the funniest comedians of all time! Never disappoints makes ever show memorable and leaves us with more stitches than a character off of Saw! Incredible!
he is absaloutaly hilarious, the way he talks about everyday life

michael mclintyre ent even that funny tbh
Loved Nationwide with some of the biggest venues under his belt.

15Russell Howard
A brilliant combination of youth, energy and laughs. The perfect comedian.
Funniest guy I have ever watched

16Daniel Tosh
How is he not number 1

17Russell Peters

18Steve Harvey

19Frankie Boyle
His offensive jokes gets him a load of laughs and a load of criticism, making him the most controversial comedian.
the king of mock the week

20Dara O'Brian
The funniest irish comedian in the world today. No-one can deny him that title.

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