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221Commander GreeV1 Comment
222Quinlan Vos

If you read the comics you know he's the best. Hate how they made him in TCW. But at least he's canon since he appeared.

223Rahm Kota
224The Inquisitor

This guy is just plain awesome, his Lightsaber is also cool, sadly, he had to die in a pretty dumb way.

225Arvel Crynyd

This guy made one of the most heroic sacrifices, suicidally crashing his damaged A-wing into the bridge of the SSD Executor, which ultimately caused the Executor's destruction by crashing into the second Death Star. I wish more fans knew about this guy. - NuMetalManiak

226Zayne Carrick

Maybe the truest jedi of all.

227Marn Hierogryph
228Captain Panaka

Captain Pancakes. New Zealand style

V1 Comment
229Darth Krayt

Is the only with who ever came back after death and if that isn't awesome he started the one sith and his armour is totally wizard

This is the only with who ever came back from death and his
Armour is totaly wizard

230Sun Fac
231Captain Phasma

She is the best of star wars the force awakens

She's everyone in one character + Arnold Schwarzenegger

232Unkar's Thug
233Gonk Droid

Still a better character than Jar Jar

V2 Comments

He's awesome. Even though he lost his head in Revenge of the Sith, he is still alivel

235Shmi Skywalker
236Maz Kanata
238Lama Su
239Unkar Plutt
240Mon Mothma
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