Top Ten Star Wars Planets

In the movies, videogames or others; we have seen many planets, space stations or moons in the Star Wars galaxies.

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Coruscant is the galaxy's New York City or Las Vegas. It even has the huge Senate place and thousands of spaceships flying around all the time.

The Jedi council is epic


This planet is scary. It's the reason Anakin got put in his Darth Vader suit. - RockFashionista

This is where one of the most epic and legendary battles happened. The duel of the fates between Obi Wan and Anakin

This is a place to burn.


The coldest planet in Star Wars. - EpicJake

Also where Luke gut a white camel thing and used it for warmth.


Classic. Timeless. Very sandy & hot though. But the double suns and cool nights make it magical


A really harsh, yet beautiful environment!
Though it seems like a desert Geonosis holds many carverns, and vast landscapes. - Maxxy1000

Very boring. A complete copy of Tatioone.


in star wars battlefront 2 it kicks ass


Kamino is beautiful, ever since I was a young boy the idea of a beautiful stormy ocean plant has fascinated me. I truly love this wonderful planet of one of the coolest creatures best fighters and magnifiscent landscapes.

A giant ocean. Very boring.


Rancors are awesome giant beasts! Jabba the Hut throws people in the for the Rancors to feed on. He did so to Luke Skywalker but unlike the others he defeated it! I might be thinking of the wrong beast though. I'm 90% sure.

Home to Rancors and the most expensive crops in the galaxy that is cool.


An underground city...Cool! A great place to keep yourself out of the sun and into the shades

It Is filled with giant holes. That is lame.


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It is very cool, but it's a moon

That's what I was going to say. Not a planet people. Also why is Bespin not on here?


Greatest Star Wars Planet Ever

Just a giant swamp. Boring.


Even though it was destroyed it was so cool to explore in Kotor and is definitely my favorite planet in Star Wars.


Yes you CAN like a planet that was destroyed! - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

You can not like a planet that was destroyed.


I didn't see this first time through so I'm putting my comment up here instead: The gas planet who has more to offer than it appears. Seriously, the technology used here! To manta in a stable pressure, temperature, altitude, am ON TOP OF making it breathable to sustain life. Call me crazy or unrealistic, but this is amazing even for Star Wars technology.

When I voted for this, I voted for Cloud City, not Bespin itself. But come on, Cloud City is beautiful!

16Rhen Var

Yes, why is this not higher up? This is by far the most like Earth, must realistic probably. Maybe that's why people don't like it.

This planet is cool. With cities and jungles and swamps, it is cool. It is also the place were Malorum died. Malurom stinks.

18Concord Dawn

It has acid lakes. It is a good place to mine. It is beautiful. What is not to like.

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