Top Ten Step Up Three Characters

Its about the best and most loved characters of the Step Up movie series

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1Moose(Robert Alexandra The 3rd)

Moose is potrayed by Adam Sevani. He is kind and his dance move wins people hearts

2Camille Gage

Camille Gage is potrayed by Alyson Stoner. She is kind hearted and she was Moose's Best Friend but later in the film she was his girlfriend.

3The Santiago Twins

The Santiago Twins are potrayed by Martín Lombard and Focundo Lombard are the funniest Step Up Characters.

4Jenny Kiddo
5Luke Katcher

Natalie potrayed by Sharnie Vinson. She first joins the pirates so she could manipulates Luke but later falls inlove with him.


Anala is potrayed by Kendra Andrews. She is the red headed gal in step up. She is best known for her very smooth moves


Julien is potrayed by Joe Slaughter. He forces his sister to use Luke. He is a very bad guy but he dances really great


Jacob is potrayed by Keith Stallworth. He is from Kenya and he moved to New York he is Luke's Best Friend

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