Best Stone Temple Pilot Songs


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The Top Ten

A great rhythm-driven 90's rock song. Surely gets my pick for favorite.
My favorite that or Big Empty
One of the best grunge songs period!

2Interstate Love Song
Whenever I hear this song, I instantly want to hop in my car and drive on the highway!
My favorite STP song ever!

Easily their best song. Not just my favorite song by them, but my favorite out of all bands.
Vocals are just amazing.
Favorite song by a mile

4Big Empty
Known this song for a long time, and still love it. How isn't it in the top 3?

5Sex Type Thing
The drumming alone is fantastic and those lyrics are so perfect flat out my favorite

This is the best stp song and two reasons why Chester morontin isn't singing it and its awesome

7Dead & Bloated
The first time I heard this I was praying that scott say dead and bloated which is my favorite part of the song
This is my favorite STP song for sure.
This song has a grove that a lot of STP songs have, but this one does it better than all of their other songs.

8Trippin' On a Hole In a Paper Heart
Absolutely needs to be higher! Top 5 at least! Clearly one of their best
Completely different from any other STP song, gotta give it some respect

The song jumps right into it. Love it

10Wicked Garden

The Contenders

11Out of Time
Their brand new song (2013) featuring Chester Bennington!
The first and the best for me for the STP songs U. you

12Silvergun Superman

13All In the Suit You Wear
Actually this song should be number one! It's their best by far!
The vocal range is amazing, this song should have more votes

14Still Remains
This is such a beautiful song! It should be in the top 10 for sure.
Where is this song you imbecile

15Piece of Pie

16Lounge Fly
How is this not in the top 10? More like top 5.

17Lady Picture Show
Do me a personal favor and just keep listening to Nirvana instead
Do me a favor and shut up

18Sour Girl
Great chorus ~What would you do if I followed you~

19Between the Lines
This is one of the best, to me

20I Got You

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