Top 10 Strangest Actors Ever

This list took a good amount of time so I hope you enjoy it.

The Top TenXW

1Bart the Bear

Acted in more than 10 movies yet is a Bear. - booklover1

2Sandra Elaine Allen

One of the tallest actresses ever. - booklover1


Acted in 5 different movies and was named the worlds ugliest dog. - booklover1

4Verne Troyer

I don't think animal actors are all that strange. but Verne Troyer is... and thats why I like him. - VADERtheIMPALER

One of the smallest men in the world. You may remember him from Austin Powers as Mini-Me. - booklover1


Acted in 3 movies and is also a dog. - booklover1


Acted in 2 movies and is a cat. - booklover1


Acted in one movie and is a dog. - booklover1

8Charlie ChaplinSir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin, KBE was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the silent era.

Abandoned 3 years ago and later played as Cody the dog in Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency. - booklover1


Played as he dog in Cheney's Tomorrow Never Comes? - booklover1

The Contenders

11Christopher Walken
12Olga Nardone

Died in 2010 and was one of the Lullabye League dancers in The wizard of Oz. - booklover1

13Bruce Spence

He is a freaky looking guy who gets some great rolls for being a freaky looking guy. His characters in LOTR Return of the King and SW Revenge of the Sith say it all. - VADERtheIMPALER

14Tommy WiseauTommy Wiseau is a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor based in the United States. He is best known for The Room, which has been described by many critics as "one of the worst movies ever made" and has gained cult film status.
15Gary Busey
16Nicolas CageNicolas Kim Coppola, known professionally as Nicolas Cage, is an American actor and producer. He is well known for his roles in Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Vampire's Kiss, Wild at Heart, Honeymoon in Vegas, Red Rock West, Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, City of Angels, 8MM, Bringing more.
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