Top Ten Strangest Five Nights at Freddy's Theories

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1Bonnie Caused the Bite of 87 Because His Mouth Is Big

BOY! Bonnie, while my favorite, couldn't cause the bite and he was shut down at that time of the bite

This is a crazy theory by my little sister and she thought that every other animatronics' mouth was too big, or they were evidence-defended. She came up with no other conclusion than Bonnie.

That is not true it was golden freddy known as fredbear did the bier 87 also biter 87 not bite of 87 why its fredbear because he bite the child that got bulied by the teens that was a mini game of fnaf 3 I believe that was a clue that scott gave us the bite of the child.

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2When Foxy Jump Scares You In Five Nights at Freddy's 2... He Hugs You!

Seriously who in the world comes up with these theories but seriously who comes up with these theories. Anyone

Yeah this is a really, really, really, dumb theory. -_-

Seriously, who comes up with these theories? HE IS NOT A GOOD GUY! DO YOU HEAR ME! Or... Just see the text?

What the actual heck?

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3The Endoskeleton Belongs to the "Purple Guy".

Purple guy is a human. I could be wrong though.

Ok, so Smike once said that the purple guy might be an animatronic, which means he had an endoskeleton skeleton inside of him... What do you think? And the purple guy inside of Springtrap is not what I'm talking about. There's two different purple guys. I'm talking about the one with the white pupils and the phone... Or was it his animatronic hand?

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4There Was Actually a Whole Band of Golden Animatronics at Fredbear's Family Diner

My friend told me his theory that the endoskeleton belonged to... A Golden Foxy. Or maybe, it could be A... I actually have no idea.

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5The Purple Guy Isn't Purple

Maybe he could be purple because he's always in a dark room.

Eh. Humans aren't purple so this makes sense

He isn't, it's called a shadow. Just like how in the fnaf minigames, shadow freddy is purple.

6BB Has a Girl Friend

I honestly don't know... But it's weird.

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7Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Will Take Place at the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Site

It took place in the child's house.

Actually I came up with this theory because it's the only possible place to have the game set. Will Scott Cawthon surprise us with the scene? (We ALL love surprises)

8There's a Reason Behind Night 8

I am very ashamed to admit this, but I thought this theory was true and everyone thought that I was crazy.

9The Mark On Freddie's Face Is His Hand Mark

Freddy tried to bite the child but the child pushed him away (she/he must have pushed him hard) leaving the hand print

What I am trying to say is the the hand print has four fingers and this could have been the time where Freddy is ripping off his own head in the poster... Hmmm

10Fnaf Was Based On a Real Life Incident

It happened in 1980 at Chucky Cheeses

Everyone knows that!?! Why don't you people Game Theory?

Your right, but not in the 80s. it was in 1993 with the nathan dunlap murder

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?Funtime Foxy is Mangle
?Chica was a cheerleader

Her arms are stretched out because she is broken.

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11Carl Has 2 Counterparts.

What this means is that people have believed that the parrot on Mangle was a cupcake, and the eyes in BB's mouth were also a cupcake. Maybe it could I don't know.

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12Homer Simpson is Fredbear

This has to be the weirdest FNAF theory ever. Paws down. I mean, what?! They're yellow and that's it. No more similarities

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13Freddy is Gay

Sure, he does hide in the girls bathroom and I heard his chilling gir laugh, but still FREDDY IS A MALE!

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14Foxy is phone guyV1 Comment
15The Phone Guy is the Purple Guy

Why do you people not Game Theory?

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16Foxy Can Be Warning You of Freddy

Yes. mabe the pirate song is foxy telling you in song... to check the cameras. I KNEW FOXYS A GOOD GUY!

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17Endoskeleton is Dead

He isn't alive but he's not dead he's a robot

18Fredbear is Nightmare

I will admit, I thought this one up(not really more rather I thought of it, not come up with it) I mean it looks like nightmare fredbear is just nightmare with golden paint on:l I haz a new theory, nightmare likes fredbear dun (please kill me)

19Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is Just a Nightmare

This one actually makes sense because or game theory

I heard that the animatronics are exiled to the freddy fazbears diner, but this would make no sense, because game #4 takes place in your house. I back this up because all the animatronics names start with "nightmare".

20Toy Bonnie is a Girl

It's hard to tell because his face looks like a girl but his body doesn't

Well I think Toy Bonnie is a girl whether Scott says so or not.

I'm sorry, but obviously Toy Bonnie is a guy. When does having makeup on and looking feminine mean that he's a girl? Stereotyping much? Also, in the OFFICIAL wiki, it states "he." None of the toy animatronics switched genders with the originals (except for Mangke, but she's not really a 'toy' animatronic.)

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