Strongest AJ Samih Songs Lyrics

AJ Samih as he sang a nice song, sad song, dancing songs he also sang some songs with the best lyrics

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1Dad Told Me ''don't Speaks With Strangers''

This song probably hold a very nice message funny some how but a very good message, He start doing this against fake people because he hates them - AJSAMIH

2Ray of Change

This song mean lot for all the people because it speaks about reality and things happening everyday in our life it show solve for all the problems that the life had and it show the struggle and the fight of real people fighting for their faith I think it the best song - AJSAMIH

3Water or Land

This song is a self honor I liked it no one can't taste it its so amazing song and the lyrcis are too slow easly to entre the heart as a bullet - AJSAMIH


This song had the most powerful lyrcis that singed by AJ it's new and I liked the all album because of song like this the song shows the relity of humen how weak is he in life - AJSAMIH

5The Grey Deserts Becomes Green Paradies

I love the way he grab this song different from all the other in the album it desreve more rank - AJSAMIH

7Why Me Why Earth
8Number One

This song speak about the famous life it's cool how to climb the tower to be number one this song must be number one cause it's #1 - AJSAMIH

9Another Life
10Unable to Die

What an amazing song to be in the first potition it'so deeply what beatuiful soundtrack it always makes me said it you are unable to die - AJSAMIH

The Contenders

12That Criminal
13Show Me
16Nineteen Ninety Nine
17Real People Real Places
19The Script of Life
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1. Seven
2. That Criminal
3. Show Me
1. Dad Told Me ''don't Speaks With Strangers''
2. Ray of Change
3. Water or Land



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