Strongest Anime Characters of All Time


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Goku is stronger then superman and all the people in cartoons
Goku is by far the Strongest Character in Anime History. Goku has a thirst for fighting and fights for the justice of his friends and family. Naruto is powerful, but Goku would come out on top. That's why he's Goku. Because Goku always shines through in the end. Even when the odds are stacked against his favor.
Goku by far is the greatest and strongest, his determination and courage to overcome any odds is unparalled, protagonists of other animes are like cute little babies in front of him without disrespecting any of them, he has such incredible transformations! Any damn character cannot last more than ssj3! Unless he is outsmarted and that in the extrafighting sense!
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A powerful character with a strong determination.
Naruto is the strongest one on this list, but there are som many people note here that could easily kill Goku. This is a mainstream list, to you people who really belive Goku is the strongest, try watching some more animes and you will realize he is nothing special.
Sage Mode, Kyuubi or Nine Tails with him especially Wind Style Powers such as Rasengan
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Never not once has Luffy disappointed me with what he is capable of, with either strength, speed, or strategy. Luffy has all of those when it comes to fighting. Have any of you seen how many enemies he's fought. Eventually, he might as well fight everyone on this list, except Goku, Goku can kill every main character with ease. Even if it was everyone vs. Goku
Luffy can do anything he sets his mind to. It also helps that his mind is extremely simple and unchangeable. Any way you look at it, Luffy is remarkable, amazing, stretchy, and all the other awesome words that describe him including awesome.
I think luffy can be the strongest because he is a rubber tats make him not feeling pain by the physical attack. He also can kill the naruto and goku easily by using gear third and second tat upgrade his speed and power a lot.
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Vegeta would destroy Naruto, he is the 2nd strongest anime character just inches away from Goku, so vote properly!
Goku is the strongest anime charecter but vegeta is without a doubt 2nd


Vegeta would kick narutos ass any day
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I'm sorry but really Ichigo could mop the floor with Luffy really even Natsu could burn Luffy and Ichigo could easily beat him in speed and strength. I mean the guy Cut a mountain in half with a swing seriously. Ichigo deserves 3rd he might even deserve 2nd if his new power and swords are strong enough.
Let's see. Amazing speeds, massive power, great strength.. Oh yeah, and strong will. Ichigo could keep up with goku just about, and Naruto could keep up with ichigo a little better than how much it takes ichigo to keep up with goku. As far as luffy goes I haven't seen a major battle with him yet, just a few episodes but I know he is VERY strong too
Think of it like this. Ichigo beat Aizen, even though his shinigami powers were being surpressed. He was still able to cut mountains in half like they were nothing. And if Ichigo was able to beat Aizen, who is obviously stronger than Luffy and Naruto, then there is no way in hell that Ichigo could be below them, especially now that his abilities have been unlocked to 100%.
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Bills is stronger than goku.
There is still someone stronger than Bills. When Bills dies or retires, Goku will guard the Universe. Dragonball world is the 7th reality.

7Kami Tenchi
He is omnipotent. Nothing to say more.
Come on tenchi is a God! Ya sure goku can blow up an entire planet but For tenchi destroying a planet is as easy as eating pancakes! If you don't believe me then search it up...
Omnipotence transcends all else.
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8Gogeta SSJ4
Why is this not number 1 it's a fusion with 2 people at super sayian 4 which is stronger then just GOKU!
What is dis? Go great is vegeta and goku in fusion dis is weird. This is number 1 guys
He could destroy a universe with ease, he is 100+ times stronger than goku and is so fast you can't see him move!

9Madara Uchiha - Naruto
That guy can split mountain in half without any effort at all, he can fight a shinobi army BLIND all by himself and defeat all the bijuus in no-time, actually madara made in 2 manga chapters what all the naruto shippuden antagonists wanted to do in like...400 episodes. MADARA IS TOO OP!
Not favorite anime, not favorite character, but literally the strongest of any anime in my opinion
Madara is simply the BEST anime character.
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The whole reason Natsu is so strong is because he brings up his power to surpass that of his opponents (Like what he did with Sting and Rogue), so I guess in a way he can't be defeated
Natsu is waay stronger than Vegeta and Luffy
Natsu should be much above in the list.. After all he was included amobg the 10 wizard saints
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The Contenders

11Super Saiyan God Goku
Ok. We know that Goku is the strongest character in the anime universe, being able to alter reality and cross dimensions (I mean, look at the movie Fusion Reborn) but don't you think his strongest form would be the strongest of all people? Goku, when in this state, is able to keep up with gods. I'm talking about omnipotent beings of life. In the Dragon Ball-verse, they're so powerful there are only about 20 of them in EXISTANCE. AND Goku in this form could exhaust one of these universe-crumbling gods to the point where they can only crack small pebbles. SSJG Goku wins, hands down, good day sir.
He could destroy planet
Now goku that has becamed a god other anime character are totally dead. goku need to move only one finger and it will destroy a galaxy. even madar uchiha will get vapourized by goku so easily. no one can beat a god like goku.

12Light Yagami

13Gogeta Super Saiyan

Come on guys!, seriously? , Alucard can beat the crap out of any other character in this list in seconds, even boku and if you don't know, please watch Hellsing (OVAS)
No one can beat alucard you have got to be kidding me he can destroy them all with in seconds

15Sage of the Six Paths
He has every ability creator of all things
He is the creator of ninja world, he created the all jutsus, and he have rinnegan, so he can revive a dead man, no problem... Oh! When he died, he created the moon without much chakra!

16Lucy - Elfen Lied


18Lord of Nightmares (Slayers)

19Itachi Uchiha
Epicness, cool, smart, genius, the coolest anime character in entire anime world.


21Lain Iwakura


Ultimate Gohan >>>>>>> SSJ3 Goku

SSJ2 Kid Gohan >>>>>>> MSSJ Goku

In the Cell Games and in the end of dbz he was the strongest character

24Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

25Silver Surfer

26Phoenix Ikki - Saint Seiya

27Super Saiyan 4 Goku
Obviously goku ssj4 is the most powerful anime character ever, as goku is a high tier cosmic manipulator with psychic powers. Goku has instant transmission which he used to travel to th other side of th universe in the movie yoo goku and his frinds return, and a plan to destroy the saiyans. DBGT kid goku destroyed a dimension galaxy with his kamehameha and SSj4 got 10 times the kamehameha DbgT kid goku that destroyed a galaxy. SsJ god is just another form to fully confirm to haters that goku is a god or above gods as kami was a god and SSj 4 is far more powerful,


29Whis (DBZBOG)
This man can beat bills. So he can easily beat Goku.


He brings nightmares to all! Not only strongest but berserker too!
Like 1 wise 10year old once said, "his power is maximum! "

32Father - Fullmetal Alchemist
After he absorbs god he can beat anyone, seriously. altough it's cancelled like 5 seconds later.

33Death The Kid - Soul Eater
He's the son of Death himself, he's gonna be hella tough.

34Super Vegito


36Dragon God (Project Ko)


Why isn't this in the top fives?

39Haruka Kaminogi

40Pain (Yahiko)
Very strong and epic!


42Sōsuke Aizen - Bleach
Aizen could easily have killed ichigo but because of Kiskue urahara he was deafeted.

43Hashirama Senju

44L Lawliet

45Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

46Lina Inverse

47Roronoa Zoro
He's almost as strong a Luffy and that's pretty impressive, I'd like to see what a battle like that would turn out like after the 2 year time skip. Next to that he has to be one of the biggest badasses I've ever seen.
Zoro is the most awesome swordsman ever. he is stupid brainless arrogant and has no sense of direction ever. but I would like to see a death match between zoro and ichigo

48Levi Rivaille (Shingeki no Kyojin)
I even think that he should be the 3nd ><

49Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)
He is Goku's wife and the only one who can destroy Goku... Goku is afraid of her!

Nagato is really tough and he destroyed the whole of the hidden leaf pain has no blind spot he is almost a god

51Mariko - Elfen Lied

52Sasuke Uchiha
Assume is about to get the rinnegan! He should be a lot higher on this poll

He can control vector and almost untouchable


55Soul Eater Evans - Soul Eater


57Mario Minakami

58Yusuke Urameshi
YUSUKE at 39th place... I can't believe it.

59Edward Elric
Naruto: I'm the best ninja that's ever lived, and I'm gonna kick your butt!

Ed: *Transmutes a rocket launcher* not today!

60Lelouch Vi Britannia
He has the power of absolute obedience and he can command all characters above to die just by looking at their eyes and speak.

61Super Gogeta

62Beyond Birthday - Death Note

63Portgas D. Ace

64Sakamaki Izayoi
Laugh out loud he even beat a god with one kick. nobody in this list could beat this guy.

65Robin - Teen Titans

66Elder God Demonbane (Demonbane)

67Shinobu Sensui




The Pirate that reigns supreme Strongest Pirate in One Piece. I mean he could easily take out Luffy the show even says so and he doesn't even have Devil Fruit.


73Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai) - Noblesse
He obliterated two elders all by himself without breaking a sweat, what more needs to be said?



He would easily tear up everyone under 3rd place

77Killua Zoldyck


79Marshall D. Teach

80Medaka Kurokami

81Oga Tatsumi - Beelzebub
He can beat even the toughest delinquents, usually with no more than a single punch

He weilds a sword name tetsiega, is the HOTTEST anime charater, half demon and can survive a hole in the stomach and still live what guys have you ever had a hole in your stomach and lived my god NO... He lived and that's got to be tough... ughh you people vote!

83Doraemon (Doraemon)
Have everything in his pocket

84Uchiha Obito

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