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The Top Ten

Goku by far is the greatest and strongest, his determination and courage to overcome any odds is unparalled, protagonists of other animes are like cute little babies in front of him without disrespecting any of them, he has such incredible transformations! Any damn character cannot last more than ssj3! Unless he is outsmarted and that in the extrafighting sense!
Goku is by far the Strongest Character in Anime History. Goku has a thirst for fighting and fights for the justice of his friends and family. Naruto is powerful, but Goku would come out on top. That's why he's Goku. Because Goku always shines through in the end. Even when the odds are stacked against his favor.
Goku is stronger then superman and all the people in cartoons
[Newest]Goku, God Of Anime!

With His New Powers, Make's Him So Much Stronger Than Both (Ichigo and Luffy) By Feets... And Would Solo Both Of Them Without Any Problem! Still Down Below GOKU! Of Cause Who Remain The Strongest Anime Character. But Naruto Is The Most Noisy Stupid Determined, Bravest, Strong Will... And Most Selfless Anime Character He Would Lay Down His Life To Save Everyone That What's Make Him One Of A Kind And Unique... He's Anime Jesus, Who Has Surpassed All The Kage's The One and True 10Jinchiriki... Cut The So Called God Tree In Half, His Senjustu Is Unmatched Wielding Half Of The Six Path's Powers Make's Him More Scary Than Before Now Even Have a 7th Sense Acknowledged By Madara Himself He Would Beat Every Anime Character In Will Power Including GOKU! YES He Is Just Too Amazing Ichigo and Luffy Are No Where Near His Feet. And Would Remain Second Place For A Very Long Time If Not For Ever... And This is Not His Final Power Upgrade Finger Crossed That He Would Get His Final Power Ups In The Coming Manga's...
Now in the manga being held with half of the Sage's powers... Naruto deserves to stay number two on this list. Even though he's courageous, unpredictable, tricky, and just down right super fast at moving and reacting, able to blow stuff up, and disintigrate anything on a cellular or molecular level, he's not able to destroy a planet with ease unlike Goku can. But Naruto no doubt deserves second place.
A powerful character with a strong determination.
[Newest]Makes sense that Naruto is second due to his sage of the 6 paths powers.

Never not once has Luffy disappointed me with what he is capable of, with either strength, speed, or strategy. Luffy has all of those when it comes to fighting. Have any of you seen how many enemies he's fought. Eventually, he might as well fight everyone on this list, except Goku, Goku can kill every main character with ease. Even if it was everyone vs. Goku
Luffy can do anything he sets his mind to. It also helps that his mind is extremely simple and unchangeable. Any way you look at it, Luffy is remarkable, amazing, stretchy, and all the other awesome words that describe him including awesome.
Luffy is just amazing. His will is as strong as goku's and is stronger than Naruto's, he can use all forms of haki which gives him the power to see what's going on around him without looking and dodging blasts without any problem. Luffy already had immense strngth and his haki armament increased his strength greatly. His conquerors haki is to be feared the most, I mean he took down 50,000 fishmen without lifting a finger. His gear second and gear third are give him super speed and super strength. Luffy is just like Goku in a lot of ways, neither of them get scared, both have unbreakable wills, both love eating (a lot) and neither of them lose their minds after women. Other characters get scared at some point in the story but not these two. Luffy should be number 2 if not number 1
[Newest]He is in a great anime which made it to the top and he is super powerful but because of his fighting style and super power which is not that great

I'm sorry but really Ichigo could mop the floor with Luffy really even Natsu could burn Luffy and Ichigo could easily beat him in speed and strength. I mean the guy Cut a mountain in half with a swing seriously. Ichigo deserves 3rd he might even deserve 2nd if his new power and swords are strong enough.
Really?!? So you guys think Luffy is on par with Ichigo? Ichigo is faster and intelligent in a fight, oh and stronger, than luffy. I can honestly say Ichigo can take on Naruto and I wouldn't doubt Ichigo being the best person to "take" Goku. (other than any one in dbz universe characters on this list)! And by take I just mean lasting more than 5 minutes laugh out loud.. Obviously goku could destroy ichigo but who can't goku beat. But I just don't see ichigo lower than 3rd on this list. Hopefully he can obtain 2nd in a few years to come.
Let's see. Amazing speeds, massive power, great strength.. Oh yeah, and strong will. Ichigo could keep up with goku just about, and Naruto could keep up with ichigo a little better than how much it takes ichigo to keep up with goku. As far as luffy goes I haven't seen a major battle with him yet, just a few episodes but I know he is VERY strong too
[Newest]Ichigo is the best!

Vegeta would destroy Naruto, he is the 2nd strongest anime character just inches away from Goku, so vote properly!
Vegeta would kick narutos ass any day
I think vegeta should be number 2... honestly he's fought strong opponents side by side with goku and prevailed in every battle with him
[Newest]1) Goku 2) Vegeta -- It has always been this way.

Bills is stronger than goku.
Honestly for all the dbz fans bills is a Canon character. Akira himself wrote the storyline and everything for battle of the gods. So, a character who flicked super saiyan 3 and shut him down with ease.
Bills was only using 70 percent of his power when he was fighting goku in god mode that's why I think he should be second next to the sage of the six paths
[Newest]Bills flicked away SSJ3 Goku and made him bleed.

7Gogeta SSJ4
I'm sorry but this is the most powerful anime character ever that has ever existed and ever will exist!
Just saying, I know this never happened canonically, but shouldn't Vegito SSJ4 be the strongest. not only does the earings allow you to fuse permanently (as in more than 10 minutes), but they also give you a power boost.
What is dis? Go great is vegeta and goku in fusion dis is weird. This is number 1 guys
[Newest]Okay if goku is at the top go get a should be above him go get a is made from the fusion of goku and vegetables making him an extremely powerful character he should have the top spot

8Madara Uchiha - Naruto
Not favorite anime, not favorite character, but literally the strongest of any anime in my opinion
First eternal mangekyo then rinnegan and now sage of six path's power. Flames which cannot be extinguished. Can summon meteors which even the 5 kage can't handle and is big enough to destroy a city. He summons them with ease. Can create a forest in no time and with zero effort. Fights 7 of the tailed beasts barehanded and stomps them. And now god power (sage of six path's mode), no matter how much you attack him the attacks will go to his shadow dealing him 0 damage. Mangekyo stronger than itachi's. Faster than minato in kyuubi mode which means faster than light. Even goku can't beat him (dbz characters are all about raw strength, so one look at him and they are trapped forever in his genjutsu)
That guy can split mountain in half without any effort at all, he can fight a shinobi army BLIND all by himself and defeat all the bijuus in no-time, actually madara made in 2 manga chapters what all the naruto shippuden antagonists wanted to do in like...400 episodes. MADARA IS TOO OP!
[Newest]He he what ever I love madara. He is the powerful

9Sage of the Six Paths
He is the creator of ninja world, he created the all jutsus, and he have rinnegan, so he can revive a dead man, no problem... Oh! When he died, he created the moon without much chakra!
He has every ability creator of all things
After he and his brother defeated the "Ten Tails" and sealed in his own body, he possessed an immesurable power and chakra (higher than his own mother's chakra who ate the Shinju's fruit).

10Kami Tenchi
The only reason why he's low on the list is that his anime is pretty unpopular. No one in this whole list can beat him. He's god come on!
He is omnipotent. Nothing to say more.
Come on tenchi is a God! Ya sure goku can blow up an entire planet but For tenchi destroying a planet is as easy as eating pancakes! If you don't believe me then search it up...
[Newest]He's not only omnipotent, but omniscient!

The Contenders

11Super Saiyan God Goku
Ok. We know that Goku is the strongest character in the anime universe, being able to alter reality and cross dimensions (I mean, look at the movie Fusion Reborn) but don't you think his strongest form would be the strongest of all people? Goku, when in this state, is able to keep up with gods. I'm talking about omnipotent beings of life. In the Dragon Ball-verse, they're so powerful there are only about 20 of them in EXISTANCE. AND Goku in this form could exhaust one of these universe-crumbling gods to the point where they can only crack small pebbles. SSJG Goku wins, hands down, good day sir.
He could destroy planet

12Light Yagami
I read the list going down and agreed with most of it until I saw Light Yagami here. I laughed at first sight thinking, "This guy is so average compared to all the superpowered freaks above". But then I started realizing just how powerful Light really is. This is for the strongest anime character right? I am not going to go in the direction that strength comes from the mind. No, I am going to say that Light here can simply right a name down and that person is dead... over... finished. As much as I respect the other people on this list, they have their drawbacks. (For example, taking 5 episodes to draw up power; sacrificing himself in battle for his friends which is nice, but he would lose the battle which is the whole point of this poll. ) Overall, Light has the easiest chance of winning. Write the name and stay hidden for 30 seconds. No one can draw up enough power in 30 seconds which is what the animes have proven to us. it's kinda silly really. But I stick with this. Much respect to the others, but I have to throw my vote this way.

13Whis (DBZBOG)
The strongest anime character to not fight. Akira himself said that goku is a 6, bills is a 10 and Whis is a 15. He chopped bills down with one blow. Granted he should make more appearances before he goes up higher. But, since this is most powerfulest he takes it
Should be #1. But they say in DBZBOG that their are even more powerful beings out there


This man can beat bills. So he can easily beat Goku.

Really the only guy who could rival Alucard would be Goku. Come on, honestly, Alucard needs to LIMIT his powers rather than actually power up. His ability to regenerate is so high that if he got Kamehameha'd, he could regenerate back to his regular form within a few seconds. A battle between them would be fairly well matched.
Assuming we are comparing these anime characters at the height of their power, Alucard would always win. After his absorption of Schrodinger, he is either onmipresent and impossible to kill, or can rely on Schrodinger as a source of unlimited lives, making him truly immortal and again, impossible to kill. From that point its just as simple as waiting for an enemy with a higher strength output, like Gogeta SSJ4 or Ichigo, to wear themselves down and then kill them.
Alucard shouldn't really be this low considering all of his powers which include Immortality, advanced regeneration, superhuman speed the list goes on and I'd also like to say that Alucard's level zero release in which he summons over 4 million souls alongside undead janissary forces and The Wallachian army to
Murder anyone in his way, and his absorbing of Schroedinger basically would make him UNSTOPPABLE if he wasn't limited by those restrictions
[Newest]No one can beat alucard you have got to be kidding me he can destroy them all with in seconds

15Sōsuke Aizen - Bleach
Aizen could easily have killed ichigo but because of Kiskue urahara he was deafeted.

Gohan is the strongest and my favorite.


17Super Saiyan 4 Goku
Obviously goku ssj4 is the most powerful anime character ever, as goku is a high tier cosmic manipulator with psychic powers. Goku has instant transmission which he used to travel to th other side of th universe in the movie yoo goku and his frinds return, and a plan to destroy the saiyans. DBGT kid goku destroyed a dimension galaxy with his kamehameha and SSj4 got 10 times the kamehameha DbgT kid goku that destroyed a galaxy. SsJ god is just another form to fully confirm to haters that goku is a god or above gods as kami was a god and SSj 4 is far more powerful,

18Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

19Lain Iwakura

20Kenpachi Zaraki
Love him so much
He does not yet know the name of his zanpakto. and he still gives every one he face hell. laugh out loud he just raw uncut

21Itachi Uchiha
Epicness, cool, smart, genius, the coolest anime character in entire anime world.
Itatchi has fully mastered the power of the sharingun and is more powerful than madara himself. Being able to become black ops at such a young age is no picnick and should be number 5 or above

22Gogeta Super Saiyan


24Lord of Nightmares (Slayers)

Clearly none of you (readers) know nothing about Kenshiro he should be on a higher position but oh well... fanboys dominate everything... Kami tenchi, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan should have a higher position too plus gremmy thoumeaux <-- not sure if well spelled, he can turn his imagination in to reality I mean come on he fighted 1v1 on Kenpachi and almost got him (Kenpachi is a beast)
Too bad this list is full of DBZ fan boys

26Hashirama Senju
Hashirama should be in the top ten, his the only ninja to have beaten madara uchiha and Naruto that is 2nd couldn't even beat Madara alone.
He is considered to be the strongest shinobi or ninga in Naruto, and he is called the god of all ninga. we all saw the overwhelming power of madara and it is mentioned in the story that he have beaten madara many times alone and even madara recognized him alone as a true ninga
OnlyOne tHat can STOP Madara!

27Sasuke Uchiha
Okay the Naruto characters are so mixed up in order. Sasuke and Naruto are equal in strength, but it is okay for Naruto to be higher on the list because he is the character. However not that far ahead. Secondly Sasuke killed Itachi so he should be higher on the list. Also Sasuke should be higher than Obito because who knows how strong he would be without Madara. Lastly Madara should be higher than both Naruto and sasuke because neither of them could beat madara.
I know sasuke should be on top but he is not the strongest in his anime or even in the list so I will put him here
Sasuke is a boss and he tamed lighting. He has half of the power of the sage of six paths. He has a rinnegan ans EMS, he has the best susann'o and has the best blaze release. Naruto has the 1234578 and 9 tailed beast and he's still on the same level as him or even stronger. He cam do any lighting jutsu created. He also has most of oruchimara's abilities. He a boss, he deserves to be in the top 10 not 37. But I think he should fight ichigo even though he would win. And plus he is fighting a goddess and he not even in his strongest mode so that proves that he is a boss. JS

Like 1 wise 10year old once said, "his power is maximum! "
He brings nightmares to all! Not only strongest but berserker too!
He needs to be number 6.

29Super Vegito
Smart. Badass. Powerful. Genius in battle. Cool. FTL. Makes good jokes. If he can go ssj God, he will be undeniably the most powerful anime character ever
He is the fusion of two most powerful anime characters. He has Goku's strategic mind and Vegita's cleverness

30Kaguya Ootsutsuki
Yo did you guys forget kaguya the sage of the six paths mom do you know how strong she is she can defeat goku with just a finger
Kaguya is the strongest, goku can shake era;ity well newsflash that's basics 4 kaguya, once she activates infinite tsukuyomi the fight is over



33Silver Surfer

34Phoenix Ikki - Saint Seiya

35Kaname Madoka

Nagato is really tough and he destroyed the whole of the hidden leaf pain has no blind spot he is almost a god

The Pirate that reigns supreme Strongest Pirate in One Piece. I mean he could easily take out Luffy the show even says so and he doesn't even have Devil Fruit.
How is this guy not above luffy? Clearly this is just a popularity contest
ALL HAIL TO SHANKS. he mastered all the haki, he's not a devil fruit user, and he's a Yonko. How amazing is that? He doesn't have weakness, but still strong as hell. AKAGAMI NO SHANKS
Shanks is one of the four emperor in short yonko. He's willpower is so great. he's technique is about using the sword. if he fights goku he can easily defeat him because of his strong willpower.

38Death The Kid - Soul Eater
He's the son of Death himself, he's gonna be hella tough.

39Father - Fullmetal Alchemist
After he absorbs god he can beat anyone, seriously. altough it's cancelled like 5 seconds later.


41Akemi Homura

42Uchiha Obito

43Rin Okumura
He is probably stronger than levi

The whole reason Natsu is so strong is because he brings up his power to surpass that of his opponents (Like what he did with Sting and Rogue), so I guess in a way he can't be defeated
Natsu never gives up. If anyone of these Anime characters hurt his friends, he would go into rage mode.
Natsu should be much above in the list.. After all he was included amobg the 10 wizard saints
[Newest]He is the strongest!

45Roronoa Zoro
He's almost as strong a Luffy and that's pretty impressive, I'd like to see what a battle like that would turn out like after the 2 year time skip. Next to that he has to be one of the biggest badasses I've ever seen.
Zoro is the most awesome swordsman ever. he is stupid brainless arrogant and has no sense of direction ever. but I would like to see a death match between zoro and ichigo
Zoro and luffy are some of the most strongest one piece characters. Zoro and luffy are actually on the same level. Zoro would kill luffy if they fought. He would cut him up into pieces.
[Newest]Zoro is way stronger than luffy

46Levi Rivaille (Shingeki no Kyojin)
I even think that he should be the 3nd ><

47Eucliwood Hellscythe

48Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
She is the top 3 Strong Fairy Tail. I bet she can go toe to toe with Naruto
She is number 1 of this list cause she have all the strongest sword and armors that no one anime could have in history and she is runing for the ten wizard saints and she can beat Naruto by his armor the Japanese cloth and for goko is the nakagami armor that cut through space and time so guys you better watch fairytail to proved that erza is the strongest swords man and anime and she is cool in fairytail episode 192 in grand magic games.

You can kamehameha him and it wont do anything you can use planet shredding stacks and it wont hurt him do I even need to explain, I mean every attack you use will come back to you and you can't block his attacks its simply pointless to fight unless you have prepared yourself to kill him like the academy city scientists who created weapon specifically to counter him, and this is supposing you know his abilities so you won't punch him and get you body into pieces before you even realize the mistake you did
Weird, accelerator should be higher than this... Naruto, goku, ichigo, their all use vector based attack to damage their opponent. accelerator simply stand in "stand by mode", and he will deflect anything. oh yeah, did I mention he can use magic too? Should be top 5 considering he can deflect all top 5 characters attack... and check out the lv6 version of him, simply majestic
He can control vector and almost untouchable
[Newest]Yea right... Goku try 2 punch him laugh out loud

He would easily tear up everyone under 3rd place




54Dragon God (Project Ko)

55L Lawliet

56"Whitebeard" Edward Newgate (The One Piece)

57Haruka Kaminogi

58Mario Minakami

59Lelouch Vi Britannia
He has the power of absolute obedience and he can command all characters above to die just by looking at their eyes and speak.
You can't fight him face to face. And if you plan sneak attack his strategy surpass you.
If you look into his eyes you lost

60Mariko - Elfen Lied

61Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)
He is Goku's wife and the only one who can destroy Goku... Goku is afraid of her!
A super Saiyan 3 is terrified of his own wife.


Chi-Chi literally GG and its true that Goku is afraid of her

62Haruhi Suzumiya
She is God. I know the anime Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is not so well known. Its about this eccentric girl who doesn't know it but is God. She possesses the power to destroy and recreate the universe in a heartbeat.
She is god. Though she doesn't know it she has the most potential. She is the oldest, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient being.

63Lina Inverse

64Gyokuen Ren

65Yusuke Urameshi
YUSUKE at 39th place... I can't believe it.

66Portgas D. Ace

67Misogi Kumagawa - Medaka Box
I seriously can't believe Kumagawa is so low in the chart. This guy is practically invincible, he has a power called "ALL FICTION" which can erase anything's existence so anime characters like Naruto, ichigo or goku etc aren't much trouble for him because he can just erase their existence from the world in just a second or maybe he might erase their powers and just stab them with his screws
His power of the book maker can make a opponent as weak as he is so therefore he can beat anyone... But he can't win...



70Soul Eater Evans - Soul Eater
Favorite anime uh he rocks hre ca n beet ebodyu yup end divewer ter sals

71Aleister Crowley

THE MAN HAS A POWER OF PERCEPTION LIKE NO OTHER, HE's WILLING TO LOSE A LIMB (literally)... TO UNDERSTAND AND ANALYSE HIS OPPONENTS STRATEGY... and effortlessly defeat them, he lets you love so he can defeat you later when he can learn something from you, what more do you need...
THE MAN HAS A POWER OF PERCEPTION LIKE NO OTHER, HE's WILLING TO LOSE A LIMB (literally)... TO UNDERSTAND AND ANALYSE HIS OPPONENTS STRATEGY... and effortlessly defeat them, he lets you live so he can defeat you later when he can learn something from you, what more do you need...

73Sakamaki Izayoi
Laugh out loud he even beat a god with one kick. nobody in this list could beat this guy.

74Oga Tatsumi - Beelzebub
He can beat even the toughest delinquents, usually with no more than a single punch

75Elder God Demonbane (Demonbane)

76Doraemon (Doraemon)
Have everything in his pocket

77Beyond Birthday - Death Note

78Schiffer Ulquiorra
He's quick, deadly and doesn't care about what he's going to do to you or what's going to happen to him, he has no emotions and that triggers his fearless attacks. Lanza De Lerampago is probably equivelant to a Nuke! And he can fire as many as he likes, not to mention, extremely fast self healing. Underrated, should be in the top 10
Well to be honest I vote for whoever I like
He should be in a highest place

79Super Gogeta

80Kakine Teitoku

Mihawk is one of the shichibukai. he is often called as greatest swordsman. he's sword has a power to cut everything. when he fights goku he will easily cut him into pieces without using id great forces.

He shouldn't be on this. Just like galactus. They aren't classified as anime. As a huge anime fan, galactus is a galaxy buster without trying. His power level isn't the same anyone on this list. So, thor and him shouldn't be on it.


84Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai) - Noblesse
He obliterated two elders all by himself without breaking a sweat, what more needs to be said?



87Killua Zoldyck


89Marshall D. Teach
For me black beard is the strongest of all anime because he can manipulate the gravity. he can create a black hole on the ground that can absorb everything. he can absorb someone's attack. he can also nullify other powers.
Black beard is so great because he just control his powers in just 2 years unlike others they learn their power after how many years. he did not need help in using powers and trained him.
He's power is to manipulate the gravity for me he is the strongest of all the characters in the history of anime. he can nullify someones powers and absord it. when he fights goku, goku will die using his black hole.

90Medaka Kurokami

He weilds a sword name tetsiega, is the HOTTEST anime charater, half demon and can survive a hole in the stomach and still live what guys have you ever had a hole in your stomach and lived my god NO... He lived and that's got to be tough... ughh you people vote!

He is re birth of Kid Buu and if I am right Kid Buu learns while fighting and gets stronger, the same would go to Uub he learns while fighting and gets stronger just like a Saiyan he is one of the strongest character.

From xenosaga the animation she can destroy almost all enemy force space ships or monster

94Sailor Moon
That is obviously in he's final form he can defeat even galaxie and chaos


96Roy Mustang


98Simon the Digger
With a Mech as strong a Gurren Lagann, of course he should be counted as the strongest. Not even Goku and his awesome power can throw galaxies around and mess with alternate dimensions.
Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann can easily throw galaxies and is able to create a bigbang in his Lagann. I believe simon should be on top because I highly doubt ( I'm a big fan if DBZ ) that goku or bills could even stand a chance. Yes yes they can blow up planets, but who can take multiple big bangs and galaxies. Not goku I can tell you that much. Simon the digger's drill will be the drill that'll piercehev fI tlain't v heaven!

99Yukiteru Amano
Not at his normal form but at his GOD form when he can controll everything and he is unbeatable. I think he deservers to be at this list.

He is pretty much a god, nobody of the god main saints could've defeated him without the help of Athena. He created the whole Hell, in fact when he got beaten by the 5 god saints and Athena the world he created disappeared.
It's stated to be the strongest god between them all in the saint seiya universe. His strenght is bigger than the ultimate attack "Athena Exclamation", and as we all know that attack is considered as strong as the Big Bang explosion that created the universe. Hades wins this.

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