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Goku is by far the Strongest Character in Anime History. Goku has a thirst for fighting and fights for the justice of his friends and family. Naruto is powerful, but Goku would come out on top. That's why he's Goku. Because Goku always shines through in the end. Even when the odds are stacked against his favor.

Goku by far is the greatest and strongest, his determination and courage to overcome any odds is unparalled, protagonists of other animes are like cute little babies in front of him without disrespecting any of them, he has such incredible transformations! Any damn character cannot last more than ssj3! Unless he is outsmarted and that in the extrafighting sense!

Simon the digger. Defeated a multi galaxy story mech with his own mech/drill generated by sheer willpower and determination. Also probability manipulation and teleportation across dimensions and between dimensions. I don't know much about DBZ but between dimensions isn't on your list. by the way planet buster attacks would do nothing against Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Also death-battle matched up Goku's stats versus Superman so you may want to check your facts because Supe's wins...

Goku is stronger then superman and all the people in cartoons

Because he is Goku...

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Naruto is a monster when it comes to pure strength. In his own respective universe he is stronger then anyone else. Such as Sasuke, who destroyed a meteor with one hit. Madara, who took down an entire army using only physical attacks. Itachi Uchiha, who torture summon for 3 days and 3 nights in the time of a second. Rock Lee, who was able to hit and then hit again, without even touching the ground in a blur for many minutes. Which means that he could basically float above the ground using speed alone and hit his enemies for several minutes. Garra, who created a sand shield that took a nuke the size of a city. Minato, Naruto's dad who was able to teleport to a mark that he had put on somebody before they had been killed. Meaning that after marking summon they would get a permanent tattoo that the marker could teleport to. Wheras Goku and all the DBZ characters can only teleport when concentrating, unlike Naruto. Nagato, who brought a whole city back to life, even after using up almost all of his energy. I know for a fact that DBZ characters have never even come close to resurrection of their characters without their Dragon balls. Now for some of Naruto's feats. Naruto fell off of a tower face first and wasn't even scathed in his 2nd strongest form. Naruto, who had used up all of his energy was still able to blow up a valley and his opponent's arm in it. Naruto was able to sense the difference between identical clones in every way by sensing emotion. In every limb he was stabbed by a blade, but was still able to get up with the blades intact. To cap it off Naruto is definitely the strongest anime character. Except for maybe Goku, but the DBZ universe shouldn't really be on this list because they're so overpowered and unfair compared to the others.

With His New Powers, Make's Him So Much Stronger Than Both (Ichigo and Luffy) By Feets... And Would Solo Both Of Them Without Any Problem! Still Down Below GOKU! Of Cause Who Remain The Strongest Anime Character. But Naruto Is The Most Noisy Stupid Determined, Bravest, Strong Will... And Most Selfless Anime Character He Would Lay Down His Life To Save Everyone That What's Make Him One Of A Kind And Unique... He's Anime Jesus, Who Has Surpassed All The Kage's The One and True 10Jinchiriki... Cut The So Called God Tree In Half, His Senjustu Is Unmatched Wielding Half Of The Six Path's Powers Make's Him More Scary Than Before Now Even Have a 7th Sense Acknowledged By Madara Himself He Would Beat Every Anime Character In Will Power Including GOKU! YES He Is Just Too Amazing Ichigo and Luffy Are No Where Near His Feet. And Would Remain Second Place For A Very Long Time If Not For Ever... And This is Not His Final Power Upgrade Finger Crossed That He Would Get His Final Power Ups In The Coming Manga's...

Guys in the Naruto gaiden, Naruto was able to catch boruto using teleportation technique, just like his father minato. using teleportation along with clones as well as his super speed, he can always land a hit on Goku if he teleports all clones near Goku at once. and about marking Goku first with the jutsu to teleport to him. that should be a no brainer that Naruto will definitely get at least one hit on Goku using his sheer speed and that should be enough to mark him. not to remind you that in Naruto the last which was canon, Naruto was hit with an attack that cut the moon in half yet Naruto emerged from that attack without even a bruise. Naruto now also has the budda summoning technique, which should defend Naruto from any possible attack from Goku, as Goku is a martial artist.

Not to remind you that the spirit bomb is not Goku's own power but borrowed power from the people and takes a really long time to generate that much energy for Goku. not that something like that should kill Naruto as Naruto did take a hit from one of godly techniques that could pierce the moon into half without any effort. therefore Naruto can continuously attack any of is enemies with a 100% precision as Naruto's teleportation technique, teleports Naruto anywhere near the person he means to teleport to. which is different from speed, there for seeing an attack come from a direction is impossible, to counter it with Naruto's speed is just bs since speed wise all are on the same level or Naruto is faster, since Goku took many episodes to get from one place to another. while since Naruto received his speed upgrade, he absolutely owned everyone till he gave up

But good luck being ignorant and fan boying dbz. I like dbz but I choose to be logical and compare abilities with techniques and not ignorantly put one character on top of the other.

And Goku does not heal fast. Naruto on the other hand does heal fast

And in strength Naruto is equivalent since Naruto took out toneri in one single punch which changing the whole landscape of the moon.

Took down a flying fortress on his own

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Vegeta is barely weaker than Goku! How is he lower than Naruto, while Goku is higher? I think that all dbz characters, besides the really weak ones, are stronger than all of the other anime characters because dbz has a ridiculously endless amount of possibilities in terms of what physics can be denied and how powerful each character can get. Vegeta should be just one space away from Goku, wherever in the ranks Goku may end up

Vegeta would destroy Naruto, he is the 2nd strongest anime character just inches away from Goku, so vote properly!

Yes Goku is stronger than vegeta but barley, vegeta is the only one who even has a chance at equaling or surpassing Goku, and he has more then once... vegeta is stronger than Naruto by far so he at least deserves 2...

Vegetation is stronger in dragon ball z fukkatsuno f he was stronger he went in to super sayian god he can destroy any anime character except beerus an Goku

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Bills is stronger than goku.

Bills defeated ssj3 Goku with ease. how is Goku supposed to be the strongest character in dbz? There's whiz too. whis is the teacher of bills. and bills only used up 70% of his power fighting 100% of ssj GOD (Goku).. Then so whis can kill ssj GOD (Goku) with ease :3

Honestly for all the dbz fans bills is a Canon character. Akira himself wrote the storyline and everything for battle of the gods. So, a character who flicked super saiyan 3 and shut him down with ease.

Bills is stronger than Naruto what the heck

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Never not once has Luffy disappointed me with what he is capable of, with either strength, speed, or strategy. Luffy has all of those when it comes to fighting. Have any of you seen how many enemies he's fought. Eventually, he might as well fight everyone on this list, except Goku, Goku can kill every main character with ease. Even if it was everyone vs. Goku

Luffy can do anything he sets his mind to. It also helps that his mind is extremely simple and unchangeable. Any way you look at it, Luffy is remarkable, amazing, stretchy, and all the other awesome words that describe him including awesome.

Only reason Naruto is in 2nd place is because Naruto is a finished character like Goku Bleach will probably end with the Quincy vs Shinigami saga. One Piece is like 2/3 done meaning Luffy can still evolve. I'm guessing no one has yet seen Gear 4th. Who cares if Naruto cut down a tree or Ichigo cutting a mountain the same could be said for Luffy. He cut down a bean stalk. The point is Luffy is ever evolving unlike finished characters like Goku and Naruto. There should be a top 10 for finished characters and non finished characters. - Random_Person

Luffy is number 1

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6Whis (DBZBOG)

The strongest anime character to not fight. Akira himself said that goku is a 6, bills is a 10 and Whis is a 15. He chopped bills down with one blow. Granted he should make more appearances before he goes up higher. But, since this is most powerfulest he takes it

His powers are yet to be known only ones are one shotting bills and putting signs on Goku and vegeta will fighting and they didn't even notice

Whiz should be top on the list both Goku and vegeta can't hit a single punch to him. While both of get tired with fighting whiz, he just laugh and get relax that he doesn't fighting at all. From this I will said till the last movie of dragon ball Z their is no other character who can't stand a chance against whiz even Goku and vegeta get fusion.

He can beat bills in just one hit.

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I'm sorry but really Ichigo could mop the floor with Luffy really even Natsu could burn Luffy and Ichigo could easily beat him in speed and strength. I mean the guy Cut a mountain in half with a swing seriously. Ichigo deserves 3rd he might even deserve 2nd if his new power and swords are strong enough.

Really?!? So you guys think Luffy is on par with Ichigo? Ichigo is faster and intelligent in a fight, oh and stronger, than luffy. I can honestly say Ichigo can take on Naruto and I wouldn't doubt Ichigo being the best person to "take" Goku. (other than any one in dbz universe characters on this list)! And by take I just mean lasting more than 5 minutes laugh out loud.. Obviously goku could destroy ichigo but who can't goku beat. But I just don't see ichigo lower than 3rd on this list. Hopefully he can obtain 2nd in a few years to come.

Let's see. Amazing speeds, massive power, great strength.. Oh yeah, and strong will. Ichigo could keep up with goku just about, and Naruto could keep up with ichigo a little better than how much it takes ichigo to keep up with goku. As far as luffy goes I haven't seen a major battle with him yet, just a few episodes but I know he is VERY strong too

Almost as good as Naruto

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8Kami Tenchi

He is kami he is God. I like Goku a lot more I mean a lot lot more, but you can't argue he is the strongest. He could wipe out superman prime one million with Goku at the same time with not even being at 50% only the strongest guys in comics could stand a chance, but even they would get destroyed he is the strongest guy in Fiction, Furthermore Goku isn't even the strongest character in his universe Whis is.

This is basically a popularity contest. If people were well versed in anime, they would know that only the omnipotent characters are left in the top 10 spots. Kami Tenchi would make every anime character disappear with absolutely no effort, and that's probably an understatement to what he can REALLY do!

He can control time, atoms, and space. That makes him a higher life form than the kais of dbz. Also makes him higher than the gods that Goku is clearly ascending toward unknowingly maybe. Washu, not in her mortal form, is smarter than a Yoko-kurama, longer lived than a kai, stronger than a saiyan, and wiser than kami. And even washu is under kami tenchi. He is stronger than Goku, but they would be good buds if they met.

The TRUE strongest character in Anime.

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9Gogeta SSJ4

Goku alone is the most powerful being in anime history, so it makes sense that him + someone nearly on par with him combined who can still go super-saiyan is pretty much unbeatable. And as to someone like Naruto beating him, Naruto got a moon-destroying blast and was fine- Goku was hit with Super Buu's ultimate attack- an attack that has laid waste to countless galaxies. And he lived. Do not reply to this comment unless you agree with me, because I ain't comin' back.

Everyone believes that Goku and vegeta are stronger than gogeta? Do you realise that gogeta is Goku and vegeta merged together with fusion, so it's impossible that Goku and vegeta are stronger. This voting is not about which anime character you like, but which is the strongest.

I'm sorry but this is the most powerful anime character ever that has ever existed and ever will exist!

Everything related to dragonball should be in the top

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10Madara Uchiha - Naruto

Not favorite anime, not favorite character, but literally the strongest of any anime in my opinion

His Brutal philosophy on manipulating people! He molds Obito, whose the nicest kid growing up, helping the elderly and stuff. He states it's the easiest to control those types of people because once they see hell in the world, they immediately fall into darkness. And if they don't fall, Madara will simply create the Darkness in their hearts for them. Truly Evil, merciless, and unstoppable. He only died because God's son killed him, otherwise he'd have ruled the world. - Awpingyou

First eternal mangekyo then rinnegan and now sage of six path's power. Flames which cannot be extinguished. Can summon meteors which even the 5 kage can't handle and is big enough to destroy a city. He summons them with ease. Can create a forest in no time and with zero effort. Fights 7 of the tailed beasts barehanded and stomps them. And now god power (sage of six path's mode), no matter how much you attack him the attacks will go to his shadow dealing him 0 damage. Mangekyo stronger than itachi's. Faster than minato in kyuubi mode which means faster than light. Even goku can't beat him (dbz characters are all about raw strength, so one look at him and they are trapped forever in his genjutsu)

He has the sharingan

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11Super Saiyan God Goku

Ok. We know that Goku is the strongest character in the anime universe, being able to alter reality and cross dimensions (I mean, look at the movie Fusion Reborn) but don't you think his strongest form would be the strongest of all people? Goku, when in this state, is able to keep up with gods. I'm talking about omnipotent beings of life. In the Dragon Ball-verse, they're so powerful there are only about 20 of them in EXISTANCE. AND Goku in this form could exhaust one of these universe-crumbling gods to the point where they can only crack small pebbles. SSJG Goku wins, hands down, good day sir.

He could destroy planet

He can do more than that. Frieza was a planet buster during the planet vegeta many years before the show down with Goku. Imagine what Frieza could've done then. And Goku is far passed Frieza now.

He is obviously the strongest

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The whole reason Natsu is so strong is because he brings up his power to surpass that of his opponents (Like what he did with Sting and Rogue), so I guess in a way he can't be defeated

In my opinion basing Natsu on his anime is unfair because his anime is so far behind in the story line compared to others which near their climax however when using his latest time skip from the manga he is easily the best with him blowing things to bits just from standing their and his immense aura of power surrounding him just generally and Natsu should be first and is voting is probably ranked like this due to not many people reading or watching fairy tail but get this Natsu fought demons and 1 hit K. O ed and experienced gravity Mage who would just squash luffy to a pancake crush nauto and suck ichigo into a black hole. Not to mention he eats fire beat a GODSLAYER and demolished a bunch of dragons not to mention a glimpse of the future showed him fighting 10,000 dragons solo. He is the son of the king of dragons

Remember natsu always finds the power to defeat anyone and he is a dragon not to mention he can eat fire so at least he should be ahead of anybody that uses fire like sasuke and itachi he is a very powerful foe not to be messed with

Its natsu for gods sake the dragon slayer himself

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Gohan is the strongest and my favorite. - HeavyDonkeyKong

All dbz characters should be on top than the rest anime

What 15 he should get 2 he is ULTIMATE ss3 ain't got nothing on him Goku can only beat him with god form how is he

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14Lord of Nightmares (Slayers)

Um., like the creator of the world. Real name being lucifer. Would stomp most other characters on the list


Alucard can't be killed unless he wills it to be so.. He said himself only a man can kill a monster, and I don't think saiyans are humans. The only way someone could kill Alucard is if he is really that bored and believes that a specific human is worthy of killing him. So him being omnipresent and nowhere at all there is no way for him to be killed. So anything non human immediately loses. Perhaps not immediately.. It would take Goku blowing up a lot of dimensions and destroying alucard a lot of times before he would run out of energy enough for Alucard to either eat him or put a bullet in his head. The best Candidates are either Naruto or Ichigo in my opinion. I assume Alucard would find Naruto too childish though and tell him he's foolish before killing him. Ichigo however has. Higher chances, he is willing to do what needs to be done to save people and is a little more grown up than Naruto. However I'm not sure if Ichigo can still be considered "human" so..

Really the only guy who could rival Alucard would be Goku. Come on, honestly, Alucard needs to LIMIT his powers rather than actually power up. His ability to regenerate is so high that if he got Kamehameha'd, he could regenerate back to his regular form within a few seconds. A battle between them would be fairly well matched.

Alucard at number 14? How can this happen... How would Goku kill this guy?... This guy cannot die no matter what... Even if Goku uses all his powers he would always regenerate... He would eat Goku to death!

! Alucard 15? Come on! He is the most powerful character ever by far even if I am a Goku's fan

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16Light Yagami

I read the list going down and agreed with most of it until I saw Light Yagami here. I laughed at first sight thinking, "This guy is so average compared to all the superpowered freaks above". But then I started realizing just how powerful Light really is. This is for the strongest anime character right? I am not going to go in the direction that strength comes from the mind. No, I am going to say that Light here can simply right a name down and that person is dead... over... finished. As much as I respect the other people on this list, they have their drawbacks. (For example, taking 5 episodes to draw up power; sacrificing himself in battle for his friends which is nice, but he would lose the battle which is the whole point of this poll. ) Overall, Light has the easiest chance of winning. Write the name and stay hidden for 30 seconds. No one can draw up enough power in 30 seconds which is what the animes have proven to us. it's kinda silly really. But I stick with this. Much respect to the others, but I have to throw my vote this way.

Most people have been commenting on how most of these other characters would just kill Light before he could write their names down. The one problem I have with this is that Light would never be writing their name right in front of them. No, he would be on the other side of the world watching the events unfold from his television while sitting in his room eating potato chips. The other person wouldn't even know what's happening, they would just suddenly get a heart attack and die. Also, very few people even know what the death note is and how it works. So even if Light was having to write their name in front of them they would probably just sit around wondering what in the world he is doing. Although I do agree that he wouldn't be able to kill Goku, not because Goku is Saiyan but because Goku isn't technically his real name.

I had to vote for him just to post this comment that, I don't know about the others but light can't even kill ichigo because before he is even able to write his name ichigo would simply flash step and kill him instantly.. Moreover light being an average human wouldn't be able to even withstand ichigo's or any other shinigami's spiritual pressure, even Naruto being a human would be crushed by their spirirtual pressure so according to me ichigo should have the second place

But Goku is a saiyan and the death note can only kill humans

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17"Whitebeard" Edward Newgate (The One Piece)

In a show where blowing up a planet isn't practical he has the ability to destroy earth, if he was a DBZ character every time he attacked someone the planet would be left in a state of nothingness, I wish people would really think before they make these list. Luffy who is fifth on this list and that's questionable felt the need to prove him self to this man like come on people.

Whitebeard had the strength to crack the world in half. That would make him at least in the top 3.

You blood rat, luffy is so weak, he should be 20 -_-


Like 1 wise 10year old once said, "his power is maximum! "

He brings nightmares to all! Not only strongest but berserker too!

Broly is no. 23 when he should be no farther then no. 10 he was born with a power level a lot sayains couldn't reach in their whole lives. he survived a supernova as an infant. he achieved super sayain level when he was just a kid. he destroyed galaxies without a struggle. even the z fighters couldn't stand a chance against him. he isn't number one but he is surely stronger than luffy

19Sage of the Six Paths

Naruto shouldn't be 2 he should be like number 15 considering how many dbz characters there is here yea he created the moon so what Goku has destroyed planets ten times bigger than the moon

He is the creator of ninja world, he created the all jutsus, and he have rinnegan, so he can revive a dead man, no problem... Oh! When he died, he created the moon without much chakra!

These man gave ever ninja in Naruto his powers which means he can take them away so if Naruto is no 2 he should be number 1 plus he created the moon

Well the sage is a casual Omniverse buster.

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20Super Saiyan 4 Goku

All dbz characters are top than the other anime

Obviously goku ssj4 is the most powerful anime character ever, as goku is a high tier cosmic manipulator with psychic powers. Goku has instant transmission which he used to travel to th other side of th universe in the movie yoo goku and his frinds return, and a plan to destroy the saiyans. DBGT kid goku destroyed a dimension galaxy with his kamehameha and SSj4 got 10 times the kamehameha DbgT kid goku that destroyed a galaxy. SsJ god is just another form to fully confirm to haters that goku is a god or above gods as kami was a god and SSj 4 is far more powerful,

Why is every thing about Goku and I'm bord with the subject

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