Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Metal Fusion Tops


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161Pirates Orojya

He's got great attack and defense. He has a great performance
tip that can attack and has good stamina. HE IS SO AWESOME.

162Spiral Fox

Really good bey! He can take earth eagle out of the stadium. You should really try this Beyblade!

Very good bey. It can outlast vulcan horoseus, withstand spiral lyre, and occasionally beat earth eagle. You should give this bey a try!

163Earth Scorpio
164Pegasus Jumper
165Legend Cyber Pegasus
166Galaxy Pisces

It is the worst bey in the world

167Bakushin Susanow

Amazing attack, good stamina, huge fusion wheel, buy it now!

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168Poison Virgo
169Electro Pegasus

He beat kerbecs blade blast he is okay but he also beat bakushin shinsoo but bakushin sinsoo is kind of very very bad

170L Drago Cyclone Destroyer

L DRAGO spins for sometime but it have very power

My l drago spins sometimes but it have much power

171Ultimate Meteo L Drago Assault

It is th coolest bey I ever had in terms of look

172Storm Scorpio

This bey is awesome no matter what it beats all my other beys including spiral capricorn and earth eagle, rock leone, galaxey pegasus, and ALL MY L DRAGOS

173Legend Midnight Serpent
174Storm Eagle
175Poison Fireblaze
176Lightning Basher
177Ultimate Meteo L Drago Absorb
178Bandid Goreim
179Death Pegasus
180Killer Gemios
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