Top Ten Strongest Dragon Type Pokemon (Non Legendary)

This list does not count legendary Pokemon because if it did Rayquaza would be number one

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1GarchompV1 Comment
2Mega Charizard X

Yes you heard me mega Charizard x is indeed a dragon type not normal Charizard not mega Charizard y only mega Charizard x - Bswaggers

V1 Comment
4DragoniteV1 Comment
5HydreigonV1 Comment
7GoodraGoodra is a fictional creature in the Pokemon franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Goodra is a Dragon type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Sliggoo and the final evolved form of Goomy. Classified as the Dragon Pokemon, Goodra is a very slimy, yet affectionate Pokemon, and likes to hug its trainers, more.
8TyrantrumTyrantrum is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Rock/Dragon type Pokemon, and is the evolve form of the fossil Pokemon, Tyrunt. It is classified as the Despot Pokemon. 100 million years ago, before its extinction, Tyrantrum was an invincible predator with its more.

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