Strongest Dragons In Dragon City


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The Top Ten

Soccer Dragon
I have a sccer dragon and I win every weekend

2Legendary Dragon
Cause it's a legendary dragon
I win 99.9% of the time with legendary dragon on level 30 it is great
99 per cent of the time I win with legendary on 30

3Cool Fire Dragon
I have a Level 10 cool fire and he is awesome.

4Pure Dragon
Pure Dragon is the strongest.
None others can beat it. The advantages of having pure dragon:
1. Pure Dragon of Level 4 can produce 8 times more gold than metal dragon of level 7
2. Pure dragon is weakness of all dragons' breed except Legendary and Pure and it has no weakness.

5Pirate Dragon

6Wind Dragon

7Hedgehog Dragon

8King Dragon
No one kan beat king dragon

9Mirror Dragon
My mirror dragon usually takes out 2 or even 3 of the opponents dragons during a fight.

10Crystal Dragon

The Contenders

11Armadillo Dragon
His big, he's bad, his the winner

12Gummy Dragon
My gummy is the hardest to beat

13Pure Dark Dragon

14Elements Dragon
A level 10 elements dragon can beat everyone

15Pure Terra Dragon

16Octopus Dragon

17Gold Dragon
I can't even beat this powerful dragon... It's an amazing dragon...

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