Strongest Dragons In Dragon City


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The Top Ten

Legendary Dragon
Cause it's a legendary dragon
I think the legendary dragon is the weakest dragon of them all even though I don, t have a legendary dragon in a battle I won against a legendary dragon on level 10 and my elements dragon defeated it along with 2 other dragon and my elements dragon did most of the work defeating the legendary dragon.
Legendary dragons are legendary and it is all so says legendary dragons are the most hardest to breed and you need two pure dragons to get a legendary and a legendary 15 killed a legendary 20 boosted in the arena and the whole team I've never lost fight with legendarys
[Newest]Ϙ‰I really like him even know I don't have him

2Elements Dragon
I've got a fully trained level 30, 3 gold star elements dragon and it's been my favourite dragon since I started playing the game. Its got a good range of attacks to deal with any kind of dragon. Its only flaw is when its against strong metal dragons as its weak against metal and doesn't hit critical on any metal drag. This is why you need a strong metal dragon in your 3 drags to defeat any metal drag that wipes your elements dragon out. Its also weak against war attacks but! Elements water attack will wipe out any war dragon in one hit! My element dragon has never been one hit by a critical attack it dies in 2 Critical hits unlike most dragons. All in all it should be in your top 3 drags.
This is the best dragon ever. Though weak against war and metal it is still a strong dragon (at least it's my strongest). I've had mine for a long time and he has defeated a good number of dragons. Elements dragon should always be in your top 3.
Nice mix of attacks, Terra is a good element for defense, 3 element dragon available from the start. Will serve you well until you get into the pure/legendary range
[Newest]Mine is awesome at level 10' the only thing that sucks is that I need 24 more gems to be able to level him up higher

3Soccer Dragon
SOCCER SUCKS weak on hits even leveled to 40. Low gold producer can be wiped by water one hit what are you level Ten to 20 -have you fought real IF THIS WORST DRAGON LIST add it even if wrote this in year 2012 are you now wiser and at least 12 now as wrote and wrote and think like child. Has two elements and weak maybe weakest of ALL dragons at least in bottom 5/12% even trained all four can do low hit power and limited on two attacks WOW you must be fighting no one above ten or twenty highest and that dragon killed fast and easy intact rated worst dragon have this game made what kind dragon has a ball to kick it is stupid weak and you must be so green to game and by way year 2014 the Nerf legends could get suck mirror crystal and the colorful legend exude for legend PURES rule game with Nairobi and DROCO dragon legends... so had reply to the stupidest joke and what you LOVE KoreaN SOCCER also? And have mommy daddy explain game to you must like red riding hood to as looks cute in coat? Ok hope all rest areπŸ˜‡ as idiots as you NOT many yet plenty used that crap dragon on team and was favorite easiest to kill not see any frighten
Ok cannot believe responding to this but so ridiculous IT was scathing to could not believe was wrote my favorite best as like sweater and wins on every weekend well you will learn and fast yet no dragon expert needed to SAY your dragon will be dead faster and faster as keep using soon ball will pop... oh so innocently silly...
I love the soccer dragon so does my brother because he's wearing a Barcelona shirt and me and my brother are soccer fans. My brothers been teling me soccer dragon is the best and I thought the alien dragon was the best but I was so :3. Screw me but I don't care. So if you read this bye. thanks guys for reading!
I like these dragon because I always want to make a legendary dragon and I always want to have cool fire to and if you breed them together it will turn legendary dragon
[Newest]It is a awesome rare hybrid

4Pure Dragon
Its got to be the Pure Sea. The Sea Element Crits more dragons than ANY other individual element in the game (3) the rest either Crit 2 types, 1, or none. Not JUST that either, while Sea Element was shown mucho favor Critting other Elements, it also gains Over Powered Hype and yet even more edge offensively from the fact that it only projects a "weak" attack on 1 Element while all the rest (Legendary being the exception.. ) are weak against at least 2 Elements, how convenient right? But wait, there's more! Lets look at two of the 3 elements that sea dragons Crit. War and Fire. What!?! Are you flipping kidding me? Not only do Dragons with Sea as their defensive element already get the nod offensively, but they get it against 2 of the top3 most used types? Yep. When heading into battle blindly and want to use a dragon that gives you the best odds of winning, take a level respective, trained Pure Sea with you, more often than not, you'll beat all 3 of your opponants dragons without ever having to call on your 2 reserves! Trust me, I speak from experience
Pure Dragon is the strongest.
None others can beat it. The advantages of having pure dragon:
1. Pure Dragon of Level 4 can produce 8 times more gold than metal dragon of level 7
2. Pure dragon is weakness of all dragons' breed except Legendary and Pure and it has no weakness.
The Pure Dragon is simply ridiculous in combat and yes it can't critically hit anything that isn't a Pure element but nothing can hit it critically unless it's a Pure element attack and because the Pure Dragon's attacks are very strong, you'll almost always win.
[Newest]It like the flame dragon and the flame dragon is my favorite

5Apocalypse Dragon
It has four well balanced elements and high health.
The best thing about this dragon is that it has so many powerful attacks I mean it's from nuclear hit to black hole I think it's very useful in combat
I like this dragon so much, I got four elements and they're enough to finish the enemies most of the time
[Newest]It is the strongest of all 4 elements dragons

6Cool Fire Dragon
I think cool fire dragons are the BEST! I have one and with it I win almost every combat or battle. Oh and by the way whoever posted that Cool Fire dragons are the worst is totally wrong so don't share THAT STUPID OPINION. My cool fire dragon is at level 12.
I totally agree with the person that thought they were awesome that person must be really smart. And anybody who says they are the worst well I hate to break it to you but you're the worst too.
I have a Level 10 cool fire and he is awesome.
[Newest]Cool fire dragons, huh, THEY ARE SO COL!

7Pirate Dragon
PIRATE DRAGON is a awesome dragon cause it is one of the awesome dragons which has great health and awesome attacks in training centre though it produces less gold I kept it in my battle team ever since I got him him from the shuffle when I was level 1 too woooww!
It's good when you use it on yr girlfriend
I like the Pirate Dragon beacause it's awesome

8Armadillo Dragon
Honestly he is the best metal dragon in my opinion. He's my 2nd fave dragon alongside elements dragon. He's a big brawler, very strong when trained to 3 gold stars hits hard and lots of hitpoints. Only weakness is metal but he is also strong against metal dragons, so if you get the first hit, you'll be okay.
The soccer dragon should swap in for the armadillo dragon with the attack ninja stars my does about 1400-1450 bye bye soccer dragon your defeated
Of Course, I love the armadillo because he looks so strong and I defeated the legendary dragon, so legendary is not the strongest.

9Wind Dragon
I have him at level 20 health is amazing produces a ton of gold and his aurora boreal is attack is awesome best dragon ever
Its superb it never loses if I put him in battle and and takes out 3 opponents all by himself
Yes it's awesome I'm also getting a wind

10Hedgehog Dragon
It's a lower class hybrid and it's attacks suck, this dragon cannot even compete to be the best dragons. It's not as bad as it is but the Venom Dragon is way better,
Why is the Hedgehog Dragon on here, it's simply not good for combat.
It is like the terri dragon

The Contenders

11Mirror Dragon
Mirror is the best I have it now and it is level 40 the best attack of it is rainbow
My mirror dragon usually takes out 2 or even 3 of the opponents dragons during a fight.
Mirror dragons can take out most dragons in one shot and are very strong

12Supersonic Dragon
I think that the elements dragon is the strongest.
Best 4 element because it has better attacks. the best of the best
The best. But not as good as legendry

13Crystal Dragon
This rank is very wrong. Crystal dragon same with legendary dragon. They damage, power... everyone is same. Of course Crystal dragon show like weaker than legendary dragon. Crystal dragon nose hole is big and his body is not huge. But! He is legend elements dragon! Please move crystal dragon's rank from rank12
Crystal dragon must move in rank1. Finally, Don't judge a book by its cover!
I like legend dragons all of the and the soccer dragon my legends dragon are level 30 and above and my soccer is level 35 they are so strong very strong they all have three gold stars I have all the legendary dragons.
Should share number 1 with the legendary dragon since it has the same powerful attacks and is equally strong

14Hellgate Dragon
This is the strongest dragon in the entire game. It should be at first place!
Strongest of all the four elements!...
It is the best four element dragon

Beside it is the only 4 pure element dragon
[Newest]My Hellgate Dragon is level 40

15Pure Sea Dragon
Strongest Sea Dragon in the game. Second strongest is Leviathan.

16Colossal Dragon

17Millennium Dragon
Strongest of them all. It can critical eight different elements. My favorite
Awesome dragon and strongest dragon in dragon cause it's price is 6000 gems!
Millenium is the best
[Newest]I bought it with 25 Gems

18Meteor Dragon
It is the strongest as its made from 3 elements
I've fought them but I'm not able 2 have 1 yet, they are tough, lots of life
Meteor dragon and elements dragon make an awesome team!

19Abyss Dragon
It's a 4 element dragon
IT isa 4 element dragon and strong πŸ˜ƒ
It have 4 element

20Blizzard Dragon
Best dragon I have has got 3 gold stars and at level 15 has health of around 8000. I have many battles with him defeating all 3 opponents. I love him
Strongest one on my team so far at Level 22. Seems almost every dragon I face is either weak to water or fire- and Blizzard has both.
It is so cool I like it, it is my powerful dragon

21Pure Terra Dragon

22King Dragon
I've beaten king dragon every time I've come across him. He's not very popular as most people don't seem to use him so he may have an advantage as most people wont know how to deal with king dragon. I'd rate him 4/5 he's alright but has weaknesses.
He is the best because nobody can beat him
No one can beat the king
[Newest]HE is cool and sucks

23Gummy Dragon
Gummy is more powerful than pirate and armadillo
Gummy is the best
My gummy best is the best don't trouble

24Pure Dark Dragon
He is the best! I always beat and the 3 of the opponents dragon I have it trained and 26 and the opponents are 30 level and I won them
It's Toothless from How to train your Dragon, only with 2 heads! Twice the power, twice the azz kickin! Enough said
Best of all dark dragons and he can be beast at the times I recc him

25Ace Dragon
Strongest dragon in dragon city

26Aztec Dragon

27Magnet Dragon

28Space Dragon
Lol.. I started playing Dragonfly recently with my son's and Space dragon came up on a special offer, so not having many dragons and not knowing much about the game I bought him because he looked cool.. Since then he's beaten my son's pure and legendary dragons and anything else they or friends can chuck at him.. My son's were so furious I had to buy them one each as well
Space and Quartz are the best. I added Quartz and now I vote for space. Both worth it.
Space is awesome because it is as good as the pure electric dragon

29Blue Dragon
Makes it's enemies to cinders with flame, sea and metal attacks
It's hard to defeat if you don't know this weakness
I have blue dragon at level 20 and it never looses, 30 level dragons have less health as compared to mine!
Best dragon

30Kratus Dragon
He is most powerful one because he has war and pure

31Burning Dragon
Burn your dinner. Not cool enough? Go ahead and try burn them yourselves.

32Steampunk Dragon
Why? He's badass and is Easier to get than armadillo, and it's better because he's NOT weak to metal. I use him to get rid of the metal then use elements dragon to OBLITERATE the rest. Steampunk dragon. enough said

33Wyvern Dragon
I have got a wyvern dragon of level 18. It's so strong that even if all my dragon r knocked out I still win because of it. It also defeated a mirror dragon of level 25 with its trained moves. Thanks
I have a level 19 one and it's one of my most strongest dragons
Knocks out 3 opponents

34Ice & Fire Dragon
Because it moves are very good to my advantage.

35Octopus Dragon
This dragon's attacks are simply ridiculous, I don't know why it's so strong, but it is.

36Monstrous Dragon
My dragon is at level 26, and, beats most level 30's dragons including Legendary dragons.
Monstrous Dragons are one of the strongest dragon in the Drago City especially the Mud Dragon!
I got him at level 9 and he is the best among my dragons

37Pure Tetra-Drive Dragon
Its attack power is 11000 plus it has this skill when another dragon kills this dragon it summon's it self back to the field and gain another 11000 attack power and does a critical each time it gets killed
Man this dragon has no weakness and every time it fights another dragon it's attack power when its level 20 triple gold star is 16370 attack power and its life is 28930
If this dragon is level 20 up it can do a critical in all elements
[Newest]The pure tetra drive dragon is the strongest

38Zombie Dragon
I think the zombie dragon is a cool looking dragon and that the zombie dragon deserves more respect.
It creeps me out all the time

39Double Terra

40Midas Dragon
Good trained attacks and a magical sand storm! Immpressive!

41Predator Dragon
It is very cool dragon

42Quartz Dragon
My quartz dragon is undefeated at level 30, he has beaten all 3 of my opponents dragons several times before, and by undefeated I mean I've never lost with him, not that he's never died, but he's never been beaten by the first dragon ever!
My Quartz dragon is only level 9 and it can wipe out dragons that are a much higher level than it's self! This should definitely be further up in the list 😊
It's good but not stronger than elements
[Newest]At level 10 this dragon has 5000+ health and super strong attacks but was discontinued so ya...

43Forge Dragon

44Plankton Dragon
It amazing... And cool!

45Poseidon Dragon
He beats pretty much everything easily when upgraded but SUCKS against element dragon

46Supreme Fusion Dragon
There is no such thing as the supreme fusion dragon. You made that up
If it is strong at level 4 so it should be strong at higher level
Strongest dragon in dragon city because in level four he has 12,000

47Flaming Rock Dragon
The flaming rock dragon is a strong dragon on level 30

48Pure Metal Dragon
Strongest metal dragon ever and easily one of the strongest pure dragons. In terms of stats the top 10 should consist only of legendaries and pures, of which Pure Metal is the best.

49Shogun Dragon
Best! Very strong. Only dragon I've got to comfortably beat legendary dragons!

50Gold Dragon
I can't even beat this powerful dragon... It's an amazing dragon...
Agree it's so annoying when it come my armadillo dragon deafened

51Chainmail Dragon
An armadillo is there one minute. BOOM! The next it's not. Fabulous for armadillos

52Gargoyle Dragon

53Joseon Dragon
Best dragon. Only had for 3 days lv20 and 3 gold stars and it best a lv30 legendary dragon so that why I think it should be first

54Terra Dragon
My terra is level 4 and can take down a level 7
Simple Dragon But hard to beat

55Flame Dragon
I think the flame dragon is a cool and strong dragon and it should be the 2 best dragon.

56Electric Dragon

57Wizard Dragon
My one is the toughest one ever!

58Zodiac Dragon
It is best I love it
The zodiac has three elemets and that is why the zodiac wins

59Odin Dragon
Come mess with him lv 35 and 3 gold, fully trained up. Who wants to play? Also got an abyss as back up.

60Laser Dragon

61Coral Dragon
Almost immune to any attack, this dragon has a great life 3 stars, his most powerful attack is very weak, but the attack is the strongest water.
I have a three gold star coral dragon. Best dragon ever!

62Waterfall Dragon

63Rudolph Dragon

64Double Sea Dragon
Define toy my most powerful dragon, he can take out two, if not three opponents

65Kaiju Dragon
Super Dragon! Awesome Dragon He Is In Level 25 super Every Attack Is Very Strong I Like This Dragon His Health Is 25000 Awesome He Can Defeat Every Dragon
Kaiju has to be the best. He deals a lot of dmg, and my double gold star kaiju can kill a level 20 legendary in 2 hits. It has a lot of hp to start with. And when it's a level 15 triple gold star, it's already at a wopping 10,000 hp.

66Sea Dragon
My sea dragon is on level 15 and he took out two legendary dragons

67Rainbow Dragon

68Mystic Tribe Dragon
This dragon defeats all terra and sea dragons

69Magnetic Dragon
I think the magnetic dragon should deserve to be the 17 best dragon on this website.

70Touchdown Dragon

71Star Dragon
I really like the star dragon
I do not see how this dragon has not been listed, its strongg and has amazing attacks

72Xmas Elf Dragon

73Father's Day Dragon
Very good. But you only Can upgrade it to 15. But attacks are strong

74Krait Dragon

75Firebird Dragon
My one, Blaze, is very good. Try to beat her if you dare. They're easy to breed, and it's worth it. Besides looking flippin amazing!

76Mardi Gras Dragon
I love this dragon because two of its attacks are so rare to get its bee hive and out of time

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