Strongest Dragons In Dragon City


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Soccer Dragon
I love the soccer dragon so does my brother because he's wearing a Barcelona shirt and me and my brother are soccer fans. My brothers been teling me soccer dragon is the best and I thought the alien dragon was the best but I was so :3. Screw me but I don't care. So if you read this bye. thanks guys for reading!
Soccer dragon is I believe the most powerful and well train soccer player. I've never seen a soccer player that good!
Well he is a dragon! He's the best dragon because he's I think the longest living dragon in dragon city probably!
He's the #1 dragon he is mostly repellent and not attackable with a lot of powers like... I've never had a soccer dragon before but I Google it so know a lot about the soccer dragon.

If you read this thanks for reading and ill see you next time!
I like these dragon because I always want to make a legendary dragon and I always want to have cool fire to and if you breed them together it will turn legendary dragon
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2Legendary Dragon
Cause it's a legendary dragon
It's the best with more health than pure dragons and when people say when pure have no weakness and legendaries do when the legendary weakness is also it's strength. The legendary dragon also has the highest attack power of 2300 base stat when you use the legend spell trainable in the traing center when your legendary dragon reaches level 15 or above
Legendary dragons are legendary and it is all so says legendary dragons are the most hardest to breed and you need two pure dragons to get a legendary and a legendary 15 killed a legendary 20 boosted in the arena and the whole team I've never lost fight with legendarys
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3Pure Dragon
Its got to be the Pure Sea. The Sea Element Crits more dragons than ANY other individual element in the game (3) the rest either Crit 2 types, 1, or none. Not JUST that either, while Sea Element was shown mucho favor Critting other Elements, it also gains Over Powered Hype and yet even more edge offensively from the fact that it only projects a "weak" attack on 1 Element while all the rest (Legendary being the exception.. ) are weak against at least 2 Elements, how convenient right? But wait, there's more! Lets look at two of the 3 elements that sea dragons Crit. War and Fire. What!?! Are you flipping kidding me? Not only do Dragons with Sea as their defensive element already get the nod offensively, but they get it against 2 of the top3 most used types? Yep. When heading into battle blindly and want to use a dragon that gives you the best odds of winning, take a level respective, trained Pure Sea with you, more often than not, you'll beat all 3 of your opponants dragons without ever having to call on your 2 reserves! Trust me, I speak from experience
Pure Dragon is the strongest.
None others can beat it. The advantages of having pure dragon:
1. Pure Dragon of Level 4 can produce 8 times more gold than metal dragon of level 7
2. Pure dragon is weakness of all dragons' breed except Legendary and Pure and it has no weakness.
My 18 level Pure Fire and Pure Dark dragons hit with learned Pure powers and kill dragons 5 lvls higher than themselves. They take less damage than other dragons and burn thru everything!
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4Cool Fire Dragon
Cool fire dragon is most worst dragon in dragon city because of it's fuel and ability and even his body colour is worst and nobody like it.. The most best dragons are Soccer dragon and Legendary dragon
I have a Level 10 cool fire and he is awesome.
I think the cool fire has good advantage because it does CRITICAL on a lot of dragons.
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5Pirate Dragon
PIRATE DRAGON is a awesome dragon cause it is one of the awesome dragons which has great health and awesome attacks in training centre though it produces less gold I kept it in my battle team ever since I got him him from the shuffle when I was level 1 too woooww!

6Wind Dragon
I have him at level 20 health is amazing produces a ton of gold and his aurora boreal is attack is awesome best dragon ever
Best dragon in the world

7Mirror Dragon
My mirror dragon usually takes out 2 or even 3 of the opponents dragons during a fight.
Mirror dragons can take out most dragons in one shot and are very strong
My mirror dragon has no loses it even deafeted a level 40 trainer and I'm just level 35 trainer

8Hedgehog Dragon

9Crystal Dragon

10King Dragon
He is the best because nobody can beat him
No one kan beat king dragon

The Contenders

11Elements Dragon
Nice mix of attacks, Terra is a good element for defense, 3 element dragon available from the start. Will serve you well until you get into the pure/legendary range
I win against everyone that does not seriously out rank me with my level 22 elements dragon.
Ya I too think it as best ever DRAGON because it has ability to defeat most of the DRAGON andits my best DRAGON with 3 gold stars and on level 20 because of him even vincent zietek can't defeat me I challenge even he brings a level 40 DRAGON
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12Pure Dark Dragon
He is the best! I always beat and the 3 of the opponents dragon I have it trained and 26 and the opponents are 30 level and I won them
It's Toothless from How to train your Dragon, only with 2 heads! Twice the power, twice the azz kickin! Enough said

13Pure Terra Dragon

14Armadillo Dragon
My level 26 armadillo beats just about all battles. Love him.
His big, he's bad, his the winner

15Monstrous Dragon
My dragon is at level 17 and is unbeatable

16Octopus Dragon

17Gummy Dragon
My gummy is the hardest to beat

18Wyvern Dragon
I have got a wyvern dragon of level 18. It's so strong that even if all my dragon r knocked out I still win because of it. It also defeated a mirror dragon of level 25 with its trained moves. Thanks
No matter what the most powerful is wyyvern dragon it is very strong and takes out 2 or even 3 dragons in a combat

19Shogun Dragon
Best! Very strong. Only dragon I've got to comfortably beat legendary dragons!

20Flaming Rock Dragon
He is strong He is good He is BEST

21Meteor Dragon
It is the strongest as its made from 3 elements
My Meteor dragon took out 2 legandaris easily

22Supreme Fusion Dragon
There is no such thing as the supreme fusion dragon. You made that up
Strongest dragon in dragon city because in level four he has 12,000

23Apocalypse Dragon
It has four well balanced elements and high health.

24Gold Dragon
I can't even beat this powerful dragon... It's an amazing dragon...

25Abyss Dragon
It's a 4 element dragon

26Quartz Dragon
My best dragon no one can beat it. Now it's got three gold stars. Best! It's worth the money.
It's good but not stronger than elements

27Space Dragon
I use my Space Dragon all the time. Plus Abyss and Armageddon.
This dragon is amazingly cool and powerful. I just got it at level 99 and it's a level 30

28Sea Dragon

29Terra Dragon
Simple Dragon But hard to beat

30Pure Metal Dragon
Strongest metal dragon ever and easily one of the strongest pure dragons. In terms of stats the top 10 should consist only of legendaries and pures, of which Pure Metal is the best.

31Chainmail Dragon
An armadillo is there one minute. BOOM! The next it's not. Fabulous for armadillos

32Midas Dragon
Good trained attacks and a magical sand storm! Immpressive!

33Ice & Fire Dragon
Double Power N Very Strong

34Flame Dragon

35Electric Dragon

36Rainbow Dragon

37Pure Sea Dragon

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