Top 10 Strongest Jedi


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The Top Ten

Master Yoda
Yoda is the most powerful jedi ever because he has lived for about 900 years. This makes him very wise. He can also reflect the sith lightning power. Although he is old, making him frail, he is still the most powerful. He is nimbe and can jump around with ease. Nobody has ever beaten Yoda in a fight yet either.
Yoda defeated a droid army without using his lightsaber. Yoda rocks!

2Darth Vader
Why is he even here? This is the jedi, not the sith
This is a very stupid list but Darth Vader is most probably the strongest Sith Lord to walk mustafar plantoon or anywhere

3Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan was the most well rounded of all the jedi.

4Mace Windu
Mace Windu's knowledge of the Force is second only to Yoda and his art with the lightsaber is named as legendary. He could beat Darth Vader anytime.
Dude, he's mastered Vapaad, which already makes him more POWERFUL than Yoda or Anakin. He may not be wiser or have that much potential, but he entered the council at a young age of 28, I think somewhere in his 20's!

5Anakin Skywalker
He is the chosen one, and is the strongest force user.

6Luke Skywalker

7Kit Fisto

8Plo Koon
Most powerful by fact next to mace and yoda

9Qui-Gon Jinn
Hello teacher of anikin skywalker, obi-wan kenobi, and in the third episode yoda!

10Darth Maul
He is a sith people. so is darth vader.

The Contenders

11Luminara Unduli
Her defensive skills with a lightsaber is un natural.



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