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I've just seen a video of different animal fights and their violence is unbelievable. Animals fight for their lives and only then would you see their real power. Tigers are rarely attacked hence you rarely see them fight with all of their strength. When little animals get hurt they become two times faster and more fierce, something you can rarely see in lions and tigers also because of their courage. Same thing applies to other large animals. But, taken all into account, speed, stamina, prowess, ability in general, tiger takes the top. It beat lions almost always and lions beat crocodiles and rhinos... Other comparison is only imaginary because lions do not meet bears and so on.
Tigers are not the strongest animal. Elephants and rhinos are, merely because of their shear size. HOWEVER, tigers are, by a long shot, the strongest cat and are known to destroy male lions in 1 versus 1 fights. Its been proven in almost all 1960 cage fights and in the Colosseum back in Ancient Rome. Russian Brown Bears make up 5 percent of the Siberian tigerĀ's diet. Although tigers are not as "strong" as elephants and rhinos, there have been several accounts where tigers have killed elephants and many more where tigers have mauled rhinos to death. There have been no cases of elephants/rhinos killing tigers however. Scientists have also proven that the tiger is the only animal with a roar capable of paralyzing its victims. The tiger is indisputably the emperor of the beasts
WHOEVER MADE THIS LIST IS DUMB TIGERS ARE THE LARGEST AND STRONGEST BIG CATS ONLY Ligers are larger. Tigers can jump over a ten foot fence with a 450 kg bull in their mouth and tigers also have the strongest big cat bite force rivaled only by the jaguar, tigers are also known to hunt, kill and eat brown bears
[Newest]Tiger is our national animal and we have to respect for it

Think, people! Elephants weigh tons and can uproot trees, turn over SUVs, and destroy all other animals on this list! The elephant is also smarter than every other creature here except maybe a gorilla, and even a gorilla could get destroyed by an elephant. Turn over to mythical creatures and you will see that even a phoenix or pegasus would get defeated by a really strong elephant. Unicorns would probably come close. So would serpopards or minotaurs. Many dragons and sea serpents would meet their fates at the hands of an elephant. Ganesha himself received most of his glory from elephants. According to the top rank, a crocodile can almost beat up a great white shark. Well, then, why isn't the great white ahead of it? Elephants could crush almost all living things that ever existed, living, extinct, and mythological. Maybe there will be a creature that is to come that can destroy an elephant. But in all stories ever told, besides holy creatures and beings, humans, elves, properly equipped dwarves, some and maybe the strongest dragons and tigers could destroy the great elephants. When the Romans destroyed Carthage of Libya, Hannibal, a general from Carthage, rode upon an army of elephants on the northern border of Rome. Even with catapults and brilliant strategists, Rome was unable to destroy it. Find another creature that can defeat the greatest empire that ever existed! Let's see, elephants are in fourth place. Gorillas in third. Isn't an elephant smarter than a gorilla? Maybe not, but can a gorilla uproot a tree and fling it a hundred feet away? No!

Can a black bear do the same? No! Crocodiles? An elephant may not be able to crush a crocodile with one stomp, but an elephant can lift a crocodile and fling it a mile away, as crocodiles aren't even close to elephant weight and elephants can lift around 200 times their own weight! This may have been a long comment, but it just shows never to mess with elephants!
Elephant weighs over 6000kg and can carry more than 9000kg. As for crocodile killing a great white shark that would never happen a crocodile would never meet a great white in the ocean. Please note leopards lions have been observed killing crocodiles. Crocodiles isn't the number one not by along shot.
Go elephants! They weigh tons are cute and very very very very strong! Also very fun to ride! So cool I love them and I am glad they are #1
[Newest]Elephant is one of the animal who lives in peace when it comes in angry it starts destroying

These creatures are made for battle. They have a brute paw swipe. A simple tiger's paw swipe rips a person's neck off. The lion has a much more powerful swipe so it could do tons more damage. Furthermore, they always take on everything. Tigers prefer not to attack. Lions also, are smarter being more social and have much more muscle. Their mane furthermore, protects, them from any serious bites. Rather, they train to fight. Lions are also, faster and taller. They are also, about the same length as a tiger. If you see more documentaries you can see lions often kill and scare away do nile crocs in the water. Furthermore, lions kill elephants and giraffes. Male lions do 99% of the work on these lethal attacks. The lion truly is the king of the beasts.
Lion is the king of the forest
Lions can actually kill a tiger if he catches Him off guard or is quite and stealthy enough but either way if a lions ever meets a tiger the tiger will be outnumbered
[Newest]Lion is more power full then a tiger

Gorilla can lift up 30 humans without any problem, the ratio by the way his size and his strenght is one of the best or the best, and Gorilla have the strongest arms.
Gorillas are about 10x stronger than us
Gorilla has the power to move any thing its size
[Newest]Gorillas are really strong as they can defeat a pack of lions

The saltwater crocodile has the world's most powerful bite force. A saltwater crocodile over 4.5 metres (15 ft) in length can exert over 2.2 tonnes (5, 000 lb) of pressure per square inch (PSI). Males of even larger sizes can exert around 3 tonnes (6, 600 lb) of pressure per square inch. They can smash through bone like you would eat toast. A 5 metre (16 ft) saltwater crocodile can kill an adult human with a single bite.
A crocodile can kill a great white shark by the way and nothing can prey on it only little crocodiles are preyed on. They have been around for millions of years. There is a chance a crocodile can kill an elephant because it is worlds greatest stealth hunter. I've seen a video when a crocodile killed a bull elephant
Strongest bite in the world. Even though sluggish by nature it is very fast. They can grow very big. Up to 1 ton. It is the only animal that can prey on lions.68 teeth in its mouth to crush bone
[Newest]They can kill bull elephant

Big strong horn!


The black rhino is now extinct thanks to humans. They should not be killed for their horns. Respect them!
Rhino are the strongest land animal because their but power and there leg strength they will buck a gorilla and cary it a mile.
[Newest]It should be no 2 or after elephants... One of them will crush 15 lions or tiger.. Very big and powerful

7Kodiak Bear
A kodiak bear could crush a bowling ball with a bite. Decapitate a moose with swipe. It should be #1. Bears often kill tigers is Russia where the 2 coexist. Tigers only kill hibernating bears and subadults. A kodiak bear can easily kill a elephant as tigers and lions have done so. It is also, smarter than all but the elephant in this list. They have sacrificed agility for brute strength. They also, have speed though. They run as fast as any tiger or cat. They have blunt, but longer claws. Same eyesight, as cats but better smell than dogs. They are the ultimate land predator.
Kodiak bears: 2.50 m and 900 kg
Funny how The Kodiak bear is below lions, gorrilas, crocodials, tigers, hippos, and even a beetle. The Kodiak bear can reach up to 1200lbs+, can run up to 40 mph, and have the strongest claw swipe out of any known animal. Back in the late 1800's-early 1900's they had animal fights in which it was bear vs lion and bear vs bull, both of which the bear killed quickly in one swipe, may I also note these were average brown bears and not their tougher, stronger, and faster relatives the kodiak bear. Anything but a Elephant or a Rhino can be killed by this bear, and the hippo being about a tie as shear weight atvantage. May also note that Tigers only kill younger and hibernating bears, and use stealth to catch them offguard, because the tiger knows not to fight an adult head on, as he would surely die. These are all facts so go ahead and bow down to the real king, natures version of a tank.

Here is my way one hippo two elephant three rhino that's better


Mammal with strongest bite force and can run 30 miles per hour that is really fast and since it is very heavey the wehight is an advantage
The strongest animal in the world is the hippopotamus
[Newest]They are fast and have a huge bite

9Rhinoceros Beetle
No way, ants can lift larger weights and they have jaws that could tear through the armour.
Rhinoceros beetle's are the strongest.
For their body size, they are 85x stronger than ants. If a rhino beetle was as big as an elephant it could lift over 8 million pounds over its head. Just saying

A snake is a rather deadly animal because there are all different types of them I think the strongest and deadliest snake in the world is the Aniconda
Think people think the snake is venomous one your poisoned
They are very poisonous.

The Contenders

11Grizzly Bear
The Grizzly Bear Is The strongest land animal apart from the elephant because of its size. the grizzly can break a moose's back with one swipe of its paw. In India they've been known to eat Siberian tigers they can kill gorillas, there me skin is so tough a knife will do no damage and they will smash a gorilla or tiger!

12Polar Bear
Polar bears live in the article polar bears are very good hunters
Definitely should be the highest ranked predator on the list.
Polar bears are very strong, I think the most strongest bear in the world.
[Newest]The strongest next to the elephant


14Black Bear
Black bears will tear them like a paper
Panda would totally crush them.
Black bears have all around meaning that even though their not as strong a gorilla but their a little faster and have more dexterity giving them an advantage. Also although they are not the faster than puma or lions they are a lot stronger.

15African Tarantula

Jaguar the real king of the jungle with the bite force of 2000 psi and the tigers bite force is only 1000 psi
Jaguars are part of the cat family, of course they are strong for their size
Jaguars are the 3rd most strongest big cat on earth. Beleve it or not jaguars are stronger than leopards, and people just say that leopards are stronger because they are mare well known and the name.

It can beat all animals
Humans have guns, guns kill animals. We eat animals. It's THE WAY ITS SUPPOSED TO GO. So people are at the top. But I don't know if people should be classified as animals... unless your talking about politicians.
Why aren't humans 1 we have nukes
[Newest]Yet, we have the most vulnerable offspring.


Fastest land mammal. They are heavier than a human and are classified as one of the smaller big cats. They are also part of the cat family so I am going to say they are extremely strong for their weight, size, speed and flexibility, as all cats are.
Fastest animal
if make a group can even kill a lion
A cheetah can run faster than any animal on land. It can reach 70 mph. That's insanely fast.

Even bear cannot escape from its charging. But cheetahs and tigers can.


It is strong than a lion
Than you ever know it

They may be well known for their big bum but they are really strong have you seen there teeth their about 2 inhes long that's like 6 cenimetres


Anaconda if given a chance they can crush humans


24Leafcutter Ant


They are very cunning and adaptive. They are also ambush predators and can learn signs from humans that particular one is dangerous.
Think about it peaple! I know a wolf wouldn't be no1, but its higher on this list then a turkey, and thinking about it, HOW ON EARTH CAN A SHARK EVEN BE ON THIS LIST?! HUH, HUH?!
I think Wolf is a strong because they have grops and they are together and group is the power they can kill animals together.Thank you for giving me to say anything and also HUH, HUH?!

27Komodo Dragon
Komodo dragon because it has a powerful bite just I bite and there it's dead gets a powerful bite at any animal than runs away really fast and few more days later it dies and more Komodo dragons will come and eat that dead animal
This is the best animal/name for my lil because's special aid football team
It should be high on the charts because its poisons and can kill a human and different types of strong animals

East or West Leopard is the best

It sometimes beat up its predator with its powerful big feet

A orangatang is as strong as five man


They are not the biggest cat, but they are big enough to be too strong to domesticate. Any cat bigger than a domestic cat is too strong for a human.
Idiot a puma is a cougar. I swear that nobody thinks anymore.
Strong and fast animal with a great brand


There stripes are powerful...



This isn't a land animal its an air animal who put this in this list
It is the strongest bird.
Eagle all the way

This can carry weights much larger.

37Dung Beetle
It can pull 1,147 times its own weight while rhinoceros beetle can lift only 850 times its own weight making it the strongest
I think it's the most strongest animal in the world and people don't know it!

If it can take down a bear with one bite then it should be number1!
The most awesome superhero was named after it so it should be number 1.
I read this in a book: if the wolverine were to be the size of a bear, they'd be the strongest animals on earth.

Have extremely powerful jaws and claws


They can kill an tiger, lion, bear, horse, and any big cat or animal that gets in its way. Bulls have awesome power.
A really strong animal. It can kill a bear, lion, tiger, and any other big cat or bear that in its way.
A really strong animal. It can kill all big cats, and bears that get in its way.


They are very lean and very strong



46Golden Eagle
It is the golden eagle
It has big claws
It could kill a peregrine falcon


I love bulldogs. They aren't the strongest I just wanted to put them on this list to remind you how awesome they are.


Largest land mammal that ever lived


They are so strong! They are not the strongest animals on earth, but that's cause they are tiny. If a stoat were the size of a tiger, and they were evil and had the intent to ruin the world, we'd be facing an apacalspse.
Plus they are adoorrrabbble

They r indestructible and can live 10 days without a head and can survive a nuke



They are very strong to buck people off of them and powerful kicking and also rearing and falling off when their rearing really high up on their hind legs
Draft horses are in fact the second strongest land animals on earth this CURRENT day. Their sheer force is much more powerful than a tiger's, and they can and will kill a tiger easily in one kick if well aimed.

They are the closest animal to a Dinosaur


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