Top Ten Strongest League of Legends Champions


This is a list of most overpowered champions in League of Legends. Because of new Champions constant output its big chance that will appear a new strong champions so add them to the list. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Darius is, by far, the most OP champion. Today it's easy to counter him, but he is one of the easiest champion, great ratios, natural damage and tankyness, an amazing ultimate.
Darius is Op.
His ulti... And his passive is very good.
My favorite champion in laugh out loud.
His utli has just been nerfed, so he can have it in like 18 sec. I will not say he is over powered any more. But jax, is tanky brusier, lot of damage and have I sick escape, stun and aoe damage. I am just saying that it's sick that he has been nerfed for like 4 month ago and he is still OP.
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2Lee Sin
He is blind be nice to him
Lee Sin is hard to get used to but once you practice and get good with him, he will prove to be the best champion of them all. Not to mention he has 7 totally badass abilities.

Q: He sends a sonic wave that hits and reveals any champion. Once that is placed, he can press Q again to instantly dash to that enemy, making it easier to finish off if he is running away. Also it can travel through walls, which is awesome

W: He shields himself and/or another ally by dashing instantly to that ally. He gains a small shield that does only a portion of his health, however it is useful for the enemy to waste ignite and escape a turret without any health loss and can help escape by dashing to an ally, or even a ward. He can press W again to gain additional lifesteal, which is pretty good.

E: When Lee Sin casts E, his hits the ground and deals magic damage to enemies around him. It's a very small range but it's still pretty good. Also, once that's done, he can cast E again to slow the enemy's attack speed and movement speed. So in other words, he can slow the enemy without any way the enemy can escape (except Ghost)

R: Lee Sin does a powerful kick that deals damage and sends the enemy backward, but cannot go through walls. If the knocked enemy hits another enemy champion, that champion becomes airborne for a second, which is extremely useful and can also send him straight towards a turret, gaining a kill easily.

Simple use Q, hit, E, hit, R, double Q, double E, and your enemy is instantly dead.

Enemies rarely get away from Lee Sin. With his (Q) attack, you can catch up to the enemy and finish them off when their trying to get away.
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Poison, poisons, poisoned. Dead!
He has a global taunt. A GLOBAL TAUNT. Everyone wants to kill his guts. If that's not op, I don't know what is.
Great third skill and just build and focus on his attack speed and ability power and you'll simply own the game..
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Q: When his enemy is running low on health, you can use this to quickly kill that person and get one point for kills
W: Adds magic damage in the next attack. Extremely useful when destroying turrets
E: First acts like a barrier, allowing Jax to "dodge" incoming attacks and then he spins his lamp thing and stuns the enemies in front of him
R: Your armor is dramatically increased, allowing you to take in a lot of damage.
If Jax is not the best, I don't which champion will. JAX IS THE MAN!
It has the advantage, attack or flee its the best champion,
It's easy to handle
He does tons of damage in a short amount of time. Ult buffs your armor so he can take a lot of damage as well. And he also has a stun and a great retreat.
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He will spin your to the win!
I've started playing laugh out loud about 1 month ago and Garen is the one that fits my gameplay the best. :) Spin to win! :D
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6Master Yi
Q: With this, he can catch up to enemies when they are running away and kill like 10 minions in 2 seconds
W: Whenever you are running low on health, Meditate can help you recover and bring you good condition to fight again
E: This is helpful in fighting against enemies with high health and destroys turrets faster
R: Master Yi gains bonus movement speed, attack speed and attack damage. He is also immune to slowing movements (which can be good for escapes)
He is very good because if you build life steal you gain more health in battle than you lose. He also has meditate witch can be like a recall. In 1 minute I could go from 1 health to full.
He is great with his ultimate because even when they try to run away he has his alpha strike and when he's low on health he can meditate. A=don't forget he gets a huge damage boost early game with wuju style.
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Kassadin he can escape all the time
Best champ ever you can't escape kass but cass can escape all
His ult has a lot of damage and the range is pretty far adc the cooldown is extremely low
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Zed is so good if you know how to use him. You just need patients!
Zed is best he got a lot AD I love him and he have nice abiilites
Zed is a beast, he is able to burst the enemies down very quickly and harass safety, dealing a lot of damage to the enemies.
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Good tanker, I've tanked most of the enemy team with a maxed volibear at 4.6k hp
Noob destroyer just q, e, w
Volibear's "q" is just so good when nubs try to run away from you. "w" is good to take a whole lot of damage of someone when they are low on health. "e" just a nice roar to scare minions and slow champions. "R" just friking op
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His ult, his E's cooldown. One of the best tanks I would say. And, the most important part, he's cute!
Hey, he has no friends, be nice
Because amumu is very cute.
When someone tries to hug him they die... If they run from his hugs they still die
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The Contenders

Great skills and combos at clash and battles. Good in lane controlling
Her passive is the best, it gives her more control during team fights.
Um I think Katarina should be in the top ten because she is Garens rival and it kind of means that she could beat Garen by herself with the right items and I got 3 pentakills with her and one of them was by myself the other one was with like two other people and one died and I killed them but one person then the other person hit him then I threw my dagger and killed him and won laugh out loud the last one I got quadra kill then ignited the last person standing and died but my team mates got him low and my ignite did the rest. Sorry for bragging a lil but I'm not lying it was that epic any way I got so many Quadra kills and I forgot how many I got and again srry for bragging my point is she should be in the top ten laugh out loud


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Great champion overall, his Q does HUGE damage to isolated targets and has a low cooldown. His W is good for poking and when you evolve the ability it is great in a teamfight. And his E makes you leap across the screen in one click, making him SO fun to play. When you kill/assist with this ability the cooldown is refeshed. Just dive under the turret to get that kill and dive out to avoid the turret damage. He's my favourite champ and I recommend everyone to try him out. He can be used in Jungle, Mid and top.
Because he's a badass
You can easily take first blood if you're helping your jungler for a pull. You arrive on your lane near to your level 2 then Jump on the ennemie and finish him with Q... And it's a really snowball champ, if fed, it's finished or nearly
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Fizz is a basraed killer when feed
It's Fizz. Enough said
Guys fizz is one of the most op champions he's better then 19... But this is a pretty good place
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14Jarvan IV
This guy is amazing, his passive, his ultimate, everything. At the first time, you find he's hard to play, but when you get used to, J4 probably the best choice.
Jarvan IV is one of the best champions because he can play defensive and offensive at the same time and also can cause devastating damage in team fights. Furtheremore, can buff the whole team with attack speed boost. At last he can trap the whole enemy team in a death hole (R).
Almost no one can bring so much utility to a team fight other than Jarvan. His Q shreds armor. His W is an AoE slow. His E gives an attack speed aura buff. He has an AoE knock-up. His infamous ultimate can easily lock down the enemy team.

He is very item-independent. He can build pretty much anything given the situation he might be. Are you ahead? Build a bruiser build and carry the game. Are you behind? No problem. Build tanky and your utility will win team fights. One of his only weakness is he don't have natural sustain.

Even though he is most well known for top and jungle, he can also go as any role and do really well (with an exception of ADC). As mid, he can E-Q a squishy mid and melt their face. As support, he can peel and tank for their ADC really well; he's basically a Leona. As a jungler, he has decent clear time, but his ganks are really great. As top, his passive and his q serve as great pokes.

Also, Demacia.
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I think wukong is the best because he is defense is high and skills
Attack speed +ap = win
Wukong is a great ADC. Very fun as a poker too. E, Q, W to poke, then to engage just ult and there's your pentakill.
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& hard champion... High performance with low spells... You must learn to play with SWAIN...
The kiss of life
They should call him sustwain!
He's really a monster if well played. One of the best sustain champions to play mid, with decent damage and higher than average resistance to a mid-lane champion. Not easy to master, but really worth trying.
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You are all noobs.. So why do you think you know what the best champ is? You literally do not know how to play the game or use proper grammar. Many of you explanations just list the champs moves. Sona is the most op champ because she can heal all day and stun an entire team in a team fight.. Wow Sona is so good and I love to play her. In reality, there are many good champs some of which excel in different aspects of the game. So if you look at the game from team fight perspective ONLY then you will have to look at champs that provide wombo combos.

Sona is a healer/support that falls into the wombo combo aspect. Nobody voted for her even though she play a more important role than many of the other votes cast. However, remember that there is more strategy than just team fighting. If you can understand all the strats and champion strengths you will improve your gameplay.
Easy to use? Yes. Rocks at support? Yes. Boobs? Yes.
I main with her, if you build her right she can take some decent chunks of health out of the enemy as a support! Heals, Stuns, Slows, Buffs, has everything a team could ask for!
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She is the only champion that can shield turret
Her ult is the most op
Q can take out entire column of minions one shot. She can also harrass and finish off enemy champs Q, W. W hits slows them down then Q hits and takes a chunk of damage.

Malphite is just q r e w for the win! There is no stopping the "Rock solid" rock monster. Darius is nothing if he gets pocused and can't do much damage. Malphite goes with health and armor which makes ad champions have a lot of trouble. He also scales well win ap which tends to have magic defense items to build some ap items. That gets him magic defense to make him an even better tank. Then there are his abilities. Q sends out a rock that gives you move speed and slows the targets. W passively gives Malphite a way to attack other things around him without clicking on them, and actively gives him bonus armor and attack. E Malphite slams the ground and slows the target's attack speed. That is great against AD carries. R possibly the best move in the game. Malphite charges at a target location and knocks up the enemies for 1.5 seconds. Great for team fight starters and does a hell lot of damage.
Love this guy. Kinda OP but 'ya know. He's Malphite.
Because is very strong and easy to play
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Best damage, life steal and spell vamp. Invisibility, 3 stacks od ultimate.
Chases enemies so fast
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I've been starting to play him myself now, But he is only as OP as the person who plays him. Meaning if you get a good player who knows Kog, then yes. He is a powerhouse that can bring down the walls and minds of the enemy team. All because of his 'w' and ganking capabilities of his 'e'. And then 'r' to secure kills. Yes, he's very OP when played right.
Kogmaw is without doubt a tank killer with his w he slices off health like butter. No one is safe with his ult either.
A very good assist and also a killer, A hero that has a very nice skill
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Warwick is so good if you need to get up levels quickly just jungle and then head back to lanes and destroy, his ultimate will always make him win 1v1's :D "It's always fun when they run"
Best champion for me, need to back off a little bit in the early game, but once it reaches level 7 or 8, it is the most op champion I have ever seen.
Build Tank plus magic penetration almost immortal.
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Q: bonus as on hit/170% extra damage plus crit (added 200%) with splash damage
W: one of the longest pokes has 1.7 ad scaling reveals and 150+ at level 1
E: After.5 of place a 1.5 second snare that does damage over time
R: Global Gains speed with damage 0.5 ad scaling does 900 with late 2000+ latest
Her passive is great for chasing.
Strong champ, with quick passive, AOE damage and a long slowing showing skillshot

Snowballer #1; get an early Rod of ages and nothing can stop you anymore. OP!
Owns and operates Riot Games, goes well with Dubstep and makes duo top users cry.
How is singed not in the top 5 Good farm, Gets tanky, still does a lot of dmg, hard to catch out of position, great slow, and a peel for your ADC.
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Draven should be in top 20 as he is one of the strongest AD carries
New passive killed him. R.I.P. draven
So op the bleed is like a second ignite
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I don't have this champion. But yeah what is said above. Late game, if played well. He can single handed take on a whole team. Couple of Lifesteal items + his passive + ulti = Pentakill in Penta seconds. He's the one I am going to be next. I know everyone say's Darius. I think Aatrox is stronger. I had Darius, he is so so so annoying to play with vs well played ranged AD Carry because his abilities don't include natural escape mechanism and his E is very short distend. On the other hand, Aatrox got a better range get far/get near mechanism Q, and also a ranged attack E. Champions that does two types of damage: AD and AP are always very successful if played well because they really can force the other team items selections for defense.
He can single handed take on a whole team. Couple of Lifesteal items + his passive + ulti = Pentakill in Penta seconds. He's the one I am going to be next. I know everyone say's Darius. I think Aatrox is stronger. I had Darius, he is so so so annoying to play with vs well played ranged AD Carry because his abilities don't include natural escape mechanism and his E is very short distend. On the other hand, Aatrox got a better range get far/get near mechanism Q, and also a ranged attack E. Champions that does two types of damage: AD and AP are always very successful if played well because they really can force the other team items selections for defense.
I main Aatrox a lot and I kid you not I own almost everyone I see I've done many pentakills and the such. he is almost impossible to kill and can deal so much dmg it makes me cry in happyness. and he can be very easy to play you just have to learn his moves and know the right time to use them. and that is not very hard. he can poke pretty easy too so in my case he does very good against ranged and melee I do believe he should be a lot closer to number 1 maybe not number one but a lot closer than 27.
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I love Pantheon's block ability, makes it convenient for getting around turrets unharmed!
He is so op when you know how to do the SPEAR!
Q-W-E-Q + ignite FIRST BLOOD
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His poke does so much damage to squishy unsuspecting opponents, and when the enemy team groups together, his ultimate can destroy them all!
The best champ in laugh out loud, no doubt! Love him
His stun is really helpful in escapes and chases. With the yellow rod he has a lot of good speed after Q which I really love ^^

Olaf with life steal attack damage and health

Is really good he doesn't need attack speed because of his passive
Olaf is great and easy champion
Why ninth he is stronger than shen and leblanc
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He Is one of the best adc in league of legends if he fed he can win all games
E then Q half health is gone
In order to be the best Ezreal, you have to be the best skilled player. Ezreal is the best!

People don't rate his spirit fire (E) enough, use it rationally and you can hit every minion in a group that's attacking you allowing you approximately 1000 full health minions as you reach the end of a lane. Also early it gets you gold which gets items which gets wins which gets the girls.
Most powerful of all, can kill anyone in late game specially his Q that can kill mostly anyone in 3-5 hits.
If nasus gets enough farm on his Q and build with enough ATT dmg, AS and A LOT OF CRIT, he can do a 2.5k crit instataniously and one shot any squishy champion that has under 2500 health. Not to mention that his passive gives him bonus lifesteal, at level 18, it's 20% bonus lifesteal without any items. His wither slows you for about 45%-70% and his ultimate gives him extra damage, health armor and magic resist, movement speed and ranged. If he reaches full build before anyone else, GG!

P. S his Q works on towers and can kill a tower within 3-5 hits I don't know about you, but he's pretty darned OP
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32Twisted Fate
High push potential, high dammages, and really useful for split-push. A really good champion when well played.
You Never Know Where He Is!
High Potential! Great Cards Shooting!
You Will Lose Him On 1 On 1!
Long Range!
The Chance Is Yours!

Cho is amazing late game. With a full stack on your ult and a low cool down there isn't much that can solo him and skilled usage of his moves can be a life saver in team fights. His passive is also great in team fights when your in a lane because your going to kill minions.
His passive let you restore health when you kill minions, his ultimate is super strong, can also raise you max health. His third ability let you slow enemies and damage them, very useful
His combo of silence and stun is incredible. Not to mention his automatic AOE attack to farm gold from minions. After spamming R on minions he's huge With vast amount of HP and at 18 an entire team cannot kill me. Que the evil laugh please.

Ahri has one of the best poke abilities out there with her Q. Not only does it hit multi target, but it also deals true damage on the way back. I've seen plenty of ahri's Q 2 or 3 times and drop half of the enemies team to less than half health while the fight has yet to initiate. Especially since 40% CD = 4.8second CD on Q. Ult is great for finishing/closing distance, or just running away. And E can initiate the fight and catch their squishy if done right, overall ahri is quite a powerhouse.
She is a very strong champion that can easily burst down squishy targets.
Ahri is the best
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Vi is a very hard carry
Vi is verry strong
Vi=op. q to dash/stun, use e 2x, break their armor, and if they try to run, R.
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He can steal Heath from other people
Fiddlesticks is awesome for top lane

At first I didn't like Mordekaiser. But with practice and the right item, he kills. In my experience the easiest to get triple, quad, and penta. His cooldowns are ridiculously low, he doesn't need mana, he uses HP to cast a skills which is negligible if you have HP regen, and his skills, if stacked with ability power items, is so easy to kill other champs. The shield of shards and his other abilities kill. Mordekaiser gives me better results than any other champ I've played, both bots and PvP.
The thing about morde is that he can be glitched and be invincible all you have to do is press alt f4

Long Range!
Fast Cooldown!
KS for everyone!
Probably the best champion for noobs and beginners!
Constant damage withers away toughest tanks
Awesome ult plus awesome w, e combo can burst down most of the champions. Plus she is the most sustain mage in the whole game

Ziggs bomb is great
Its a nice far range attacker. And its awesome
My favorite mig in the whole game
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40Miss Fortune
Her attack speed is perfect and her passives are very strong
With appropriate items she can be the best ever
Shes a rellay good champion love her ult!

Fastest Marksman Kill A Lot!
The Fastest Speed, High Damage, Attack Speed, Never Stop!
You Never Won Him On 1 On 1!
The Newest Champion Are The Greatest!
The best Champion For Me easy to use I got my first penta kill with Lucian Lucian must be Number 1
Yes he is good
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Seeing thresh so far from the top 5 spots shows how much of laugh out loud does people know here.

Lets see: we've got ehre a support that:
A) has a grab like blitz, not as op, but still effective as hell (and with one advantage: if you grab an enemy tank by accident, you don't necesarily pull him into your team) and with lower CD.

B) most op slow in game. Wait what...95% slow? Stay near your adc in teamfights. Use ultimate. Enjoy a free of harm adc (if he is any good at all).

C) the LAMP. Can see through grass/spots. Aoe shield. INSANELLY op team mate safe mechanic when they click it. It allows for very risky ganks/attacks cause you can take team mates away from danger easy

D) dmg. This guy does a LOT for a support. That passive bonus dmg from his e is just insane. Try playing him adc and enjoy the surprise look in the enemies adc.

E) that passive. Go full support or tank masteries. The passive will give you free ap and armour (and a LOT). Ye, why not.

This guy is top of the noch and can win teamfights easy if played properly.
Thresh can AD carry while supporting another AD carry. That plus natural tankiness makes him one very difficult champion to beat.
Thresh puts all champions in the places he want. Good support and op tank
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RIven is the best champion ever in my opinion.
Riven is the best champion
Best move pool ever
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OP Spear, enough said.
That spear is riduculus
I have never played as this champion, but that spear always destroys me when I go against her.


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This is the new champion in laugh out loud
He's really good if you do the combos correctly and you can also do a pen-ta kill if he is used properly.
Nice champ, I like him
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Personally my 3rd best champ she can do first bloods easily
Amazing Combo with Lux and 'R' move able to kill across map
I got 100 killes with her!
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Range and melee forms make him a formidable opponent in lane and in teamfights. He can poke easily, and his W in hammer form regens mana on hits.
I really like jayce
Great Range for poking, you can even get the last hit by W Q from a range and the turret wont event touch you, easy tp play 8 skills, Variety of skills is good
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Talon skill is painless at early game but pro at late game
He's the best Champion when you play pro with he
He has really good combo's and is a champ he uses mana so if you aren;t use to mana don't use him
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He is op. 36th place is so underrated for such a great champ.
Yar, One of my favorite champs, if you buy lot of critical you won.
RUM! One shot one kill, My favorite champion in laugh out loud
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Good champion very good at defending
Shen don't need much Items and you can't bring he down
Shen is best champ! Because after 6 level, he can help other line easily. If shen is one team with twitch or eavlin, Shen can be ennish the fight with E. Also he could stay long time in his line, also his dealing is not low. So shen is most 1 OP. You must ban Shen. I'm always ban Shen in Korea^^
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Great sustain

High damage early game
One of the best champs... Best ulti...
Super puissant et une fois bien stuff on peut carry la game facilement!

His endless mana and torch are incredibly easy to spam. His shield is also very good as well; it grants speed and protection that can get you a nice escape once you go after someone. Finally, his ulti is absurdly strong if used right. Overall, I just consider him to be my favorite character. He's cute, powerful, and deadly.
He gonna burn your ass when you are trying to run

He is definitely not the best but he is a good support and solo

Yorick is good from beginning to end. It might take two or three games to get used to him, but then if you enjoy him, and are at least moderately good with him, you can dominate top. Easily.
an absolute sex bomb. romania'a finest.
Yorick is great! Strong tanky pusher mega OP late game. There is not a lot of champions in game who can face up to him.
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Best all around, can play every position and Mid/Top well.
Probably the best snowballer slow start but the splash damage end game gets crazy
Bronze 5 team comp?
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56Quinn and Valor
Honestly, her Ult is just a switch to mele. But it doesn't matter because her passive is so over powered. You need to understand that when tanks get locked on they even take massive damage. She can carry the team and play in any lane. Sure you wont see her jungle but when you see her in mid its like a slap in the face because ap's go crazy and have to switch to passive with reduces there farm take. Quinn is ICREDIBLE and the perfect champ, she does everything.
Great long range unit
Quinn is the best hero ever. ADRs are supercool. I even got lots of quadra kill with her. Cool right?

Rammus top champion the best tank in laugh out loud. He has the best passive and no one can beat this wonderful tank
Very good Taunt, and very good ultimate
Power ball in, taunt for 3 seconds, team mate blows up the taunted target, its a massively overpowered combination that's extremely difficult to counter aside from burning your 5 minute CD flash.
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Great all around Champion. Low cool downs, great passive and a nice Ult. Whats not to love.
Best champion. She is op. I hate when I must play against her very much.
Her passive is one of the most powerful passives in the game
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Honestly, Lux is a difficult champion to play. Once you learn how to play her though, you'll be feared. Just her E alone can poke very well while inlane, as well as farm. Her passive assures extra damage, especially if you have the Lich Bane. One round of her abilities can destroy one squishy target, that is if you can land your Q. Although escaping can be quite difficult when by yourself, she is an amazing champion that is under-played and underestimated by a lot.
In mid/late game, each of Lux's combos can work to damage an opponent immensely. Stun, shield, and slow, along with a long-ranged ultimate. I'd say Lux has got to be my favorite.
The best champion for me.
I can play her both support and mid.
That ulti range is awesome that's it..
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Rengar is simply the best champion at the moment. His passive and his ulti are perfect to be stealth. He is a good top laner and a jungler too and his attack is epic. This Champ is really Op.
Rengar is stronger than DARIUS laugh out loud... Just build armor penetration and his passive and skill are so OP...
Rengar is OP
The best champion for me
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Irelia is highly item dependent, but once you reach late game Irelia becomes a powerful champion. Her Q is an excellent gap closer which can quickly be followed up with her W for excellent damage and sustain. Then use you E to ensure they can't get away. If the fight turns sour use your E to stun your opponent. Her ult also can land the extra sustain and damage in close fights, and can give you some lane sustain against champions with strong poke. Overall a very strong champion.

He is good so op yayayyayayayayaayyayayayayaspamspam he is op I got 61 kills and 0 deatshs out f him

I would like to say anout vayne that even thought her early game is really bad and she is got almost no dfense if you know how to use her right you can kill anyone in seconds, also with your q you can avoid lots of attacks, her passive is useful for chasing champions with low health, she is one of the best duelists and her r is really useful.
Stuns and w cost a lost of hp on you

Shyvana kicks ass! Her kit does tons of damage, and it can't be built against easily, since she does a healthy amount of physical and magic damage. She's also pretty tanky with her passive, and plus, she's just a dragon!
Amazing dps and durability - can be out-sustained up top, but can always shift to jungle if need be.
Gone 4-1-10 with her! Most under-rated champion. Easy to play, hard to play well. Must play!
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Because she has bigger boobs than jinx
Very op range and her ult is rediculous also have traps which help a lot! And her E helps her escape I. A lot of situations it can save you from a death

Haha. I just use Tryndamere and every game is a sure win. For me this is definitely the Champion everyone would look after for. His crits, finisher blows and lastly his ult which makes him a difficult champion to take down. On early game make sure you should be more safe in order to have the desired number of kills with 0-deaths. With a little practice on AI bots (Intermediate), confidence and strong determination to overcome every champion on your lane. This is definitely the champion you can count on... :D
He can lane with casters and can close in tight to land a finishing blow. Very strong melee.
If fed in early game, Tryndamere can take down most champions in under 4 hits once you build up his attack damage and crit chance. A lot of fun to play and really benefits of a good support.
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67Dr. Mundo
Build hit health and defense=5k health, with ult and passive and visage your running 9k health every 50seconds
Invincible with just warmogs
Even after his nerf... I still have nightmares...
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Ryze in mid is insane a classic, cheap, and sure bet every game, this champ should be a LOT higher than 84 come on people!
After focusing minions in an early game and getting at least 3k mana then your on your way to see Ryze at its best!
Ryze is great hero, just smash the buttons, and voila you can get kills. but it can not stop there. ryze is a mana base hero, meaning his mana provide power to ryze. and there items that contemplate ryze. his tankiness at the mid game and the power to carry teammates on the late game. and also ryze is a fu

To start it off, Karthus is so fun to use. You can spam his Q or anything. And then his passive allows you to set off the most overpowered ult in the game. If you're 1 v 1 a guy then after you die, you've got 7 seconds to finish him off with your ult. Plus, his wall is amazing for chases and I can keep talking about Karthus with a whole essay but I'm just too lazy so this is it.

Best midder.. But hard to use combo..
You don't know how OP he is, buy him please.
You can easily 2v1 without any kills! Op burst if you W and then Q, then you does half of a tanks hp and stung him!
Too good to not become nerved :D

Best mage ever! Good for beginners. And cheap!
Annie is one of the strongest champions if you completed her ap items shes strong enough to combo one enemy. Plus shes a burst mage so 1v1 against a squishy target you will definitely win..


Graves is really underrated, he has a good burst attack, and is really easy to master!
Every game I get the most kills or second best and most minion kills! I love Graves! People hate him, because of his auto attack, which could ks by accident
He is owning all

Very op now that she got buffed. People who originally knew how to use her can now got killstreaks like it is nobody's business.
Incredible when it comes to ability power and almost impossible to escape her ult. Good for taking down squishy champions! She's my main champ and if played ell unstoppible
Difficult To Use But High Damage! Ulti Spend On Timing Get Penta!

EPIC CHAMPION! Did flawless with him also 15 killstreak
Use Bear First then tiger then turtle :)
You'll do well
He is so op early game you can destroy anyone 1 on1 early game
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Amazing Range-!
High Damage
Low Cool down on ulti so very spamable
He's amazing People don't gove him the credit he deserves ult comes back so fast you just got to know how to use him I think people buy him play on e and give up thinking he's bad you can unlock your cam with y use w to increase range spam your ult e and q to secure multible kills and in beginning game you can get minions in a line and use q to devestate lots of them

16s cooldown on heal.60 mna on Q, low damage
Her only decent is free silence

Lissandra is ver good in mid... She does a large amount of damage and is very easy to trap somebody in turret area, she looks awesome fun to play and can kick ass if you build her right!
Lissandra is op when used correctly. like when teamfights go at the middle of the enemy team using thrid skill then use second then ult then your team get's an ace if your team mates are not as

With enough of a bump in his ability increase and his stun lock Kennen has always been one of the best in control, wave kills I've seen yet.
Kennen is OP if you know his build..

I buy Vladimir so trong very easy too master but if you master him 1 game 2 PENTAKILLs or I got it first time so vote Vladimir!
One of the easiest but also the best champion in league. Hard to kill because of q and his r is just godly in team fights.
Vladimir forever! <3 my main forever best tf :P Easy to learn hard to master ^^
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Built her correct and the game is yours... I got a 25 kill streak :P
She is so easy to manage... With her ulti you can blast out enemies... And nice 3rd skill and chaser of 2nd skill wuth slow
9/0/1 and I'm a Bronze player. 'enough said.
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Can pull people towards turrents, really annoying
Most OP Q ever. plus that shield.
Blitzcrank is a good support and can hook enemies for you and has a good combo Q E and R and W can be used to chase down enemies when your hook is on cooldown.
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Easily the best champion as of S3. It's that simple.
The best xhamp ever even if its not in the game gank hacker champ jorrit jarne tjiets

This champion is so underrated
Very strong but in my opinion he is the best in the jungle
Trundle is my favorite champ he was the first I bougth the one I learned ti jungle whith trundle is one of the strigest champs in the game and not many people plays him and they don't know so mitch about him.! Trundle is my main and first pick if I pick a champ.
I'm not heartless I just love beating/ trundle
Love this Champ! I just wish he had some better skin options. The Legondary one is good, but can't buy it anymore..

Blah blah blah I like it
Only here cause he's new.
Laser Ray High Potential, Using Ulti Can Spilt Your Lane And Get Penta! Ulti Is Better Than Lux Because It Can Moved It!

Highest damgage if well played in team fight

Shaco is a hardcore ganker early game, very strong and can carry the team late game, the only way for him to carry is if he gets fed early game, so you have to gank hardcore, he also has to counter jungle to make other jungler useless. Making the game a 4v5.
Skill full but not strong as akali
Get a lamp and farm for the first 20 mins
They wont be able to bother you because of your q and after 20 mins you are able to pretty much 3 shot any hero
And thanks to your q again you can easily kill your opponents ad carry
How is this guy not at top ten

A speeding death pony. Jungle around, then storm out of the bush, wildly swinging and draining away.
Good laner
His Q is strong together with his W
His E is the best when chasing enemies
His ulti is the best when dealing with multiple enemies, you may get multiple kills if you use all of his skills!

This guys will kill you with inane burst damage.
One word A NUKE
He is kinda squishy, but his single target burst is just golden.

Great skills very good hero

Stun, Venom, Spiderling, switch to Spider form, Bite, Speed boost/health regen and then backout if needed. She's just perfect.
Awesome in any lane or jungle and very effective at ganking
Start human form: E, W, Q, R, Q, W if they run E rappel those mofos

Best support in the game BY FAR

Nautilus is the most handsome hulk and moreover, his round body makes him actually looks kind of cute and the most talkative: 'hrr' especially 1~3lv. If late game you don't defense for your little soldiers, he isn't useful.
Amazing tankyness, high crowl control : just what you need to win games.

They never see you coming. Very few understand the power of Morgana.
Extremely powerful if in a good player's hands. My favorite. Champ!
The greatest Champ without doubt!
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Strong with grate heal
Dazzle + Shatter, cue for ADC to pick the kill. Awesome auras plus Shatter and Radiance will give you upper hand in any team fight. "Shatter will reduce tanks and bruisers to squishies, and Assassins into mush" says OTGBionicArm.
Best support in laugh out loud


It all depends I guess with urgot he can be good but then again he can be bad it depends on the player and what the like to play like I like to play AD carry so I play as him or ashe but overall I like him he's god for ranged attacks if someone tries to run away.

Difficult to control; however, amazing passive and ult. All dammage done to poppy exceeding 10% of her current hp is reduced by 50%
Poppy's ult makes her a good turret-diver for a few seconds while you use E to move the target away from their turret follow up with Q.

Orianna is OP champion on mid in late game

Well, I see people call him hard to play or he is not so efficient in game. What I do is, play safe in ealy game. Just don't die and farm. When you have your rockets, disturb the enemey with you ranged skills. If you farmed well until team fight, you will show your "Trinity Force" -how the rocket damages even after they cover themselves behind the minions. Believe me, "that Rocket, that gun strike (e) which ignores tanky champs and that in-build flash (w) and that flash bomb (q) supports you in fights as an additional damage or to reveal bushes for couple seconds" makes him my best champion. If you use him safe, as I said, the rocket with Trinity Force will disturb the enemy.

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