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He is new with very good skins! he does very damage

Very good damage and is very mobile

Op, extremely fast hard to kill when they are in a group.

I thought she's a girl haha. But why #73?

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I played as level 5 Vladimir vs an Intermediate Vladimir and it tortured me late game, I played on summoner's rift just me against a bot, at first I was winning I destroyed two towers on bot even though I died once in doing so, I told myself I'm not going to end this before I get a kill then it happened Vladimir killed me in my all-out attack, I even used my ult, after that I died once more, and I found myself running from Vladimir always escaping only by a hair until I was too terrified to go anywhere near him.

Sustain, dodge, raw power,. What more can you ask for?

Vladimir is by far the most greatest champion in the league. If you know his combo who you are fighting is irrelevant. Simply put your r on an enemy that engages then go very quickly E Q then pool to survive, from the pool ignite them. By the time you come out of your invincibility there is only a corpse sitting above you. Enemies don't really have a chance to fight back against Vladimir although he takes time to learn he pays off very well

Wow Annie is stronger than you you power is thin

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83Twisted Fate

You Never Know Where He Is!
High Potential! Great Cards Shooting!
You Will Lose Him On 1 On 1!
Long Range!
The Chance Is Yours!

High push potential, high dammages, and really useful for split-push. A really good champion when well played.

The range he has comes in really handy when other team starts running. Can get some easy kills

He can kill every body

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Best mage ever! Good for beginners. And cheap!

Annie is one of the strongest champions if you completed her ap items shes strong enough to combo one enemy. Plus shes a burst mage so 1v1 against a squishy target you will definitely win..

Annie's good, I used to main her.. But she's kinda squishy.

Annie is one of my FAVORITE character

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I main brand mid and not many ways to beat him in lane. you could be 0 and 5 and still solo most champs

He must be the first place in this champion vote. He is strong

He is my main mid because his combo and he is so easy to use

The burst dog he has is insane

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Lux is amazing and she fits my play style well, so in quite perturbed to find her this low. Her stun is great, and her other abilities- mainly her ultimate- have low cool downs, so fighting is easier I find with her.

In mid/late game, each of Lux's combos can work to damage an opponent immensely. Stun, shield, and slow, along with a long-ranged ultimate. I'd say Lux has got to be my favorite.

She is very op when you know how to use her. Her ultimate long ranged is very useful when the enemy that has low health that need to escape..

One of the most OP champs in the game

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Very op now that she got buffed. People who originally knew how to use her can now got killstreaks like it is nobody's business.

She has a great combo and can attack while moving. overall a great champion

Incredible when it comes to ability power and almost impossible to escape her ult. Good for taking down squishy champions! She's my main champ and if played ell unstoppible

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Very cool tank and support. I like it. I doesn't got it but its awesome and can be very useful

She has great combos and she can beat all the other champions

Best champion in the league with his passive then ultimate and the second skill she can dominate other champions. Also with her first skill she can gain hp to survive a little longer while clashing.

Too op. She needs nerf

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89Auralion Sol

Requires a certain level of skill but increasingly rewarding as you learn to play him. In addition to this, he is so cool, like so cool.

Requires some getting used to but when mastered he's op. E can be useful when it comes to saving turrets.

If you know how to play him, so rewarding.

OP in team fights

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He is pretty strong but you can't master him from 2 or 3 games so don't be afraid and try him out

I love him because he can spawn some of his army.

Start very hard but then you'll love him

Very good mid player

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Titi is definitely the most powerful champion in League of Legends. Especially at his full build, he becomes very op. As well as a lot of attack power, he also very mobile, which allows quick escapes. You should try him sometime. He is often underestimated but can dominate the arena if you play him.

This should be in the Top 10s. This champion is very easy for beginners if you build right. Very strong late game.

This is not a champion please take this off.

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One of the best assassins. He is very hard to kill especially during the late games.

Ekko is a good champ because he got a lot of combo if you know how the use him and the best at escaping

He's the most op banter in this game

One of the funniest assassins to play

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A speeding death pony. Jungle around, then storm out of the bush, wildly swinging and draining away.

If used properly, he can dealt high damage and is a great champion in team fights.

He is very good why he stand on the 99place?!

Hecarim is just pear awesome

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Yorick is good from beginning to end. It might take two or three games to get used to him, but then if you enjoy him, and are at least moderately good with him, you can dominate top. Easily.

Yorick is great! Strong tanky pusher mega OP late game. There is not a lot of champions in game who can face up to him.

He is a awesome Pokemon trainer, and the more Pokemons he sends out the more op he gets

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Personally my 3rd best champ she can do first bloods easily

Her ultimate can go across the map and her set up is very powerful if used correctly

Good Spells and a great starting champion for beginners

I love ashe, cause of her passive. Its OP

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Are you kidding me he will deck everything you love

Use Phosphorus bomb as a ward, Valkyrie as a runaway move, Gatling Gun as a gank kind of move and use your ultimate missiles at the Turret!

Well, I see people call him hard to play or he is not so efficient in game. What I do is, play safe in ealy game. Just don't die and farm. When you have your rockets, disturb the enemey with you ranged skills. If you farmed well until team fight, you will show your "Trinity Force" -how the rocket damages even after they cover themselves behind the minions. Believe me, "that Rocket, that gun strike (e) which ignores tanky champs and that in-build flash (w) and that flash bomb (q) supports you in fights as an additional damage or to reveal bushes for couple seconds" makes him my best champion. If you use him safe, as I said, the rocket with Trinity Force will disturb the enemy.

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97Tahm Kench

Best support and tank, the best 1 on 1 fighter

He's a large Katfish that eats everything. That's it. He's the best there ever was.

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Ryze in mid is insane a classic, cheap, and sure bet every game, this champ should be a LOT higher than 84 come on people!

After focusing minions in an early game and getting at least 3k mana then your on your way to see Ryze at its best!

His combos make my mind hurt in the best of ways!

Faker on ryze in amazing

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Super fun champ. When played right is unstoppable.

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To start it off, Karthus is so fun to use. You can spam his Q or anything. And then his passive allows you to set off the most overpowered ult in the game. If you're 1 v 1 a guy then after you die, you've got 7 seconds to finish him off with your ult. Plus, his wall is amazing for chases and I can keep talking about Karthus with a whole essay but I'm just too lazy so this is it.

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