Strongest Legendary Pokemon

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Arceus has the power of all pokemon he has all of the element stones to protect him from anyone so he can use pokemons moves againest the he can also beat dialga, giratina, palkia and others that get in his way
Arceus is the stroger than mewtwo really, to me, he is the king of the legendary pokemon, most powerful one. Anyway, I don't think Mewtwo is that strong, I mean yes he can control people's mind but surely if all the people the pokemon (plus legendary) come together and use their attack, they could defeat it. Really, if Mewtwo can do it then we can do it too, nothing such as he can do it no one can
Arceus should be the the Strongest Legendary Pokémon EVER! Well after all he is the Creator of all Pokémon and the Pokémon world. He also Holds all the Plates so he can change he's type for defend from all kind of attacks.
[Newest]Arceus is stronger than every Pokemon

Before the games diamond, pearl and platinum came out. Mewtwo was the strongest legendary.
It's the meanest Pokemon of all generations it kills a Pokemon like whoosh! 1
Mewtwo Is The Greatest Pokemon Which Needs To DO Many Thing To Get It
[Newest]He is the best

Mew can transform into ANY Pokemon and also can learn every move. Thus it is the most unpredictable and powerful.
He would defeat mewtwo if Ashe didn't show up.
Mew can do everything
[Newest]Mew is the best

Zekrom is Awesome. OP Awesomeness in a deep black awesome demeanor. In retrospect... Zekrom is... AWESOME!
The strongest better then all Pokemon
Iris the mst awesome at poke ever

A lot of strong moves dragon/water/fire etc.
The Pokemon design is one of the best.
Because Rayquaza is the best
[Newest]Any legendary that knows extreme speed is OP!

Dialga is SO awesome. He wrecked Palkia and is the strongest dragon-type (even strong than kyurem I tested it) and his roar of time wrecks everything in London diamond.
I really like dialga, it's design is like the best of all legendary Pokemon! Its stats are also "unbelievable", like when I say "UNBELIEVABLE" I mean it.

This is my favorite designed Pokemon.
Roar of time is palika weakness.
[Newest]Dialga is awesome for me. I wrecked the elite four with this beast!

The best dual fire-type Pokémon. It has a great movepool especially Blue Flare. It can destroy almost Anything with Fusion Flare.
This guy is the best of the tao trio
Reshiram can't be beaten by water moves and ice is very weak for fire.
Add outrage and nobody can't beat you.

Lugia is the king of all! Don't say a word! I'll punch you down! Just kidding. Honestly, lugia for me is the greatest. I have it in my crystal and its wonderful. It smacks oponent at its reatest. And also, teach it attacks and it will be unbeatable!


Lugia is strong because it can be useful in every type of area like in air, water ground, hill regions etc
Lugia is the best Pokemon after ho oh

Arceus is the GOD of pokemon in the pokemon universe and giratina, palkia and dialga are strongest of their worlds. So after them kyrum will come and should be placed above mewtwo because he is the strongest dragon type and has the ability to absorb power from reshiram and zekrom which makes him strongest of earth. Only after kyrum, Mewtwo will come.. So the order will be somewhat like this.
1. Arceus
2. Giratina
3. Dialga
4. Palkia
5. Kyrum
6. Mewtwo
7. Reshiram
8. Zekrom
9. Xeneres (pokemon x)
10. Yuvatal (pokemon y)
Could fuse with zekron and reshriam
I guess it pretty strongest.

10Mega Mewtwo
Mew two is2nd please, mega mew two should be higher up
Mega Mewtwo X or Y even still lose from Arceus use shadow force to Mega Mewtwo X or Y will even easy to faint. hee hee

The Contenders


Entei is by far the strongest Pokemon, between his speed, and him being the strongest fire-type Pokemon.


Bigger and stronger than dialga and palika.
Come on. It's the second strongest legendary Pokemon (the strongest being arceus) ever.


GIRATINA in 16... It deserves no. 2 spot. Surely it is better than dialga or mewtwo

Xerneas is the best Fairy legendary ever. He is even better than yveltal and more cool-looking and beautiful. He should get number 1 spot because Areus is overrated or I am gonna suicide

Palkia can take any damage, Dialga used roar of time on Palkia and he survived in plus its 150 damage and its a dragon type so its super efective on Palkia and his special move can use any time, faster then roar of time, no need to have an extra round to use again. He is faster then Dialga.
I have a Palkia my pokemon white 2 and it is wonderful! It has wonderful attacks and wins every battle I put it into. It's hard to beat a level 100 Palkia with 4 awesome attacks that do significant damage.
As I palika owner I think he should definitely be up higher in the list also not auguring that acures but I have defeated one with a palika

Oblivion wing is just epic. You can deal with unsuspecting fighting types
The strongest Pokemon can battle any Pokemon.
Yveltal is coll and he is epic and he is awbsome

Moltres is a Pokemon I would say to be very handy to Pokemon that
Are weak to fire

It is the invention of getsis


Ditto is the best by far he looks like Pablo sandoval


He is better than Lugia to be honest go ho oh can defeat Lugia unless Lugia has like more energy but that's impossible because ho oh keeps using the powerful fire Pokémon move
Ho-oh is so powerful! I think if it learns some very good moves, then it would beat anyone, even Arceus

Victini is considered the embodiment of victory. It is said that a Trainer with a Victini will win anything no matter what.
Well Apperantly Victini it can give people/Pokemon power (just like in the movie)
It has the power to give any Pokemon increadable power.

Deoxys is a super rare Pokemon


Why Is Latias And Latios Down here? So, you're saying that Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres Stronger than the eon duo? Latios And Latias Should Be At The Top 10.


I think shaymin is strongest Pokemon he/she can kill a Pokemon in just 1 attack.

Come on, people! Vote for Jirachi! It has doom desire and plenty of other moves. It can also grant wishes and all. Jirachi is also cute, look at its X and Y sprite. Please vote for Jirachi
Don't F... K with this little star



It is said it is the strongest dragon-type ever.

33Mega Mew
Arceus is the god of Pokemon and mega mew is so weak
Arceus is the king of legendary Pokemon
Same moves, stronger Pokemon




So powerful he has to be 1 in the list wow!
I beat a dude with 6 arceuses with magikarp, magikarp more like magic karp laugh out loud

It is very very powerful.

Darkrai in my opinion is the strongest Pokemon (stronger than arceus) because in the movie "The Rise Of Darkrai" he could've easily wrecked dialga and palkia but he didn't do it because dialga and palkia could collide. Besides he protected a city full of people that are mean to him. That's just plain strong.
He is not that strong arceus can kill him in any minute but he is great
Because darkrai is so stronger than 12 of them
[Newest]Darkrai is the coolest and the strongest

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