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41Mega Charizard

This is the strongest Pokemon because when the fire of its tail is higher so charizard can not give up when charizard not defeat its opponent

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Keldeo is very strong and... It is my favorite Pokemon. I don't really know anything good about it that much. It is fast but not good at battling.

This Pokemon is AWEFUL! This thing could hardly beat a Magikarp! Anyway it's only interesting when it's in its resolute form. Get keldeo out of every strong Pokemon list, thus is not in any way powerful.

I like this Pokemon becuse I don't think it can beat mew but its close

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Raikou is the strongest beast Pokemon there is.

Legendary Pokemon of all times

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Articuno has some attacks like roost, hurricane, freeze-dry, tailwind, sheer cold, gust, powder snow, mist, ice shard, mind reader, ancient power, agility, ice beam, reflect, hail, blizzard and that's all Articuno moves

A very swift and beautiful Pokemon. Gives me the chills and makes me freeze!

Love Articuno! How much time do you think he/she (I feel bad calling pokèmon "it") spends cleaning her tail feathers each day!?!

I love articuno it's awesome.

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Deoxys's moves and forms make it an awesome and powerful Pokemon.

Deoxys may look weak but it can defeeat Raykuaza with attacks such as hyper beam and psycho boost

It lives in it's planet and is very rare in his planet also

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Magikarp is better then rayquaza!

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Cresselia has beaten darkrai in diamond and pearl so she must be strong.

48DragoniteV1 Comment
49DonphanV1 Comment

It is said it is the strongest dragon-type ever.

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This Pokemon is messed up, it needs a new design.

It's a very powerful fighting Pokemon

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53GreninjaV5 Comments

In a time called Red and Blue, Missingno. Could be encountered via come glitches. However, that's not all. Did you know when you encountered it, the level could go PAST 100? That's right! PAST 100! That means 155 levels over ARCEUS is you are lucky!

I suppose it helps you get Mew, but technically speaking its not a legend.

Not a legendary nor a real pokemon

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56WeedleV4 Comments

He can make a ball of thunder and blast it.


Massive rock monster that could frighten the day lights out of Mewtwo

60AlakazamV5 Comments
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