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Hulk has limitless strength, as said by some other commentators. While there are series in which Hulk is shows s still needing oxygen, others shows the Hulk perfectly capable of surviving in other atmospheres. The amount of gama radiation that created the Hulk created a being of unlimited potential. Hulk is basically able to fly with his mighty leaps, and superman's heat vision would barley phase him. Superman also has a regard for his surroundings and puts limitations upon himself, where if he faced The Hulk, The Hulk has a single objective.
The one above all can kill hulk with out lifting a finger mainly because he CREATED THE HULK and because HE'S A GOD OF MARVEL COMICS


Yes, finally someone makes some sense, ok time to explain!

Superman Vs Hulk

Ok Supermans heat vision, wont help. Heat gives off gamma rays, increasing hulks strength, and he is invulnerable to fire, and extremely high temperatures. Superman can't to anything with hulks mind because hulk cannot be mentally attacked in any way. All the things that Supes pulls off on hulk makes him madder. When hulk is calm he can lift 100 tons with ease, that's a lot of blue whales. Hulk can jump into space, and breath under water. He can survive through the coldest temperatures. Better yet, his body can heal it self incredibly quickly. He has survived having all of his flesh burnt off of him, and he can regenerate it back in a few minutes. Superman has one problem witch I think gives the hulk the edge. Superman weakens over time in battle. Hulk just gets more and more pissed, and has limitless strength. This has been bothering me for ages! Hulk has the edge, FACE IT!
Hulks strength is augmented by his anger! To a degree that in world war hulk
He beat every superhero in the marvel universe at the same time!
[Newest]Hulk smashes Superman like he's a piece of trash!
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Haha I'm gonna go ahead and take that guy's comment on The Hulk and turn it on him.

Let's talk about Superman's heat vision.
Sure, it gives off gamma rays, yup. Now, the real question is, can The Hulk stand in the core of the sun without burning up? I don't think so. It is plausible that Superman's heat vision can go to as hot as he would want (most likely hotter than the core of the sun itself) it to get until the solar energy was drained inside him.
Next! Hulk can lift 100 tons. Amazing. That's an amazing base strength level. Superman's base is 200 quintillion tons. Now, you might say, that's All-Star Superman and "it doesn't count". Then, let's take the Gray Hulk out of the equation as well, hence 0 Hulk intelligence put up against Superman's brain which processes... Thousands of times faster than a normal human. So, stripped down to basics, Superman can move planets, while the Hulk can lift 100 tons. Damn, that's a lot of blue whales.
The next point of surviving "coldest temperatures". That's great, but Superman can also fly in the deepest reaches of space. Plus he basically lives in the Arctic. What's the point? They can both survive in really cold temperatures. But, I'm pretty sure Superman wouldn't kill off the Hulk so easily.
Aand combining those last few points, about Hulk's regeneration and the strength. The speed of light is 186282.4 miles per second. Superman can fly x6 that speed, if not faster (which is highly probable), making Superman virtually invisible, much less untouchable. The official write up on says that the Hulk could ALMOST jump into orbit, so the statement that he "can jump into orbit" is false. Now, The Hulk CAN jump 3 miles in 6 seconds, which is, once again, incredible. Roughly that's 1800 miles per second. Let's give the Hulk and say he can move at 2000 miles an second. NOW 186282 x 6 is equal to 1117692 miles an second. That is the speed as to what Superman moves at his basic speed. If the Hulk can track something moving at over a million miles a second, it would be game over for Superman. Sadly, The Hulk can't.
How does this tie into Hulk's regeneration speed? If it takes a few MINUTES to regenerate the flesh on the Hulk, a punch from a fist that can lift 200 quintillion tonnes moving at 1.1 million miles a second is incomprehensible and incomparable to how fast The Hulk can regenerate.
Finally, strength. Please see above :) Also, going along with how Superman weakens after time and The Hulk having infinite strength. Superman sunbathes to restore power. "What is there are clouds in the way? " A single one of Superman's claps can dismantle an f5 tornado like a fleck of dust, a few clouds wouldn't be a problem. Continuing with that, Superman could easily fly through the sun in about 2 seconds to regenerate his lost power. However, this would contradict what I would have said in the first place.
The fight would be over with pure speed and strength in less than half a second. Even with the addition of Kryptonite, The Hulk would be too stupid to use it in a fight anyway. Even if he was smart enough, throwing the kryptonite shard wouldn't affect Superman who could start halfway across the planet and tear through the Hulk before he could cock his arm back to throw it.
So... To conclude, This has been bothering me for ages! Superman has the edge, FACE IT!
Ah Superman...
You see, I still find it funny how there are so many people out there who are just so ignorant. You see, to put it simply: Superman is as strong as he needs to be. He truly possesses, (a quote from Palpatine) "UNLIMITED POWER".

Now the only edge I would say anyone would have over Superman is the use of Kryptonite HOWEVER: For starters all Marvel characters already lost the fight, even Green-Angry-Stupid thing - YOU don't HAVE ANY KRYPTONITE! Well just for the sake of fanboys, lets say that Green-Angry-Stupid thing somehow even managed to "find" so called "non-existent matter in Marvel universe"... He'd probably destroy it. Alternatively, he'd not know what to do with it, SO, no advantage, which is actually Superman's ONLY weakness, hence no win. A DC character could have a chance HOWEVER its again the case of finding said matter which last time I checked only Batman and Lex Luthor and trying to get some off them, well that's a different story. Good luck with that! :)

So, Kryptonite is out of the question, so what is a man with NO weaknesses and UNLIMITED power? A "Super" man, and that's why ladies and gentlemen he is called THE SUPERMAN!

Now, if you still somehow manage to make up some sort of fault in his powers, firstly well done for such nonsense, secondly, EVERYONE, even some Superman fans, fail to realise that what you see as "Superman" isn't his full potential. Let me explain:
As you may have seen, a lot of the comics/movies/T.V. series you see him in, he is usually with other people, and what I mean is he either has a "partner" or a villain (as all do) but you see, the writers can never truly write superman's true capabilities as well, it'd be boring... It'd be one page long or one minute long with superman just simply killing the whole universe. Now that would be not right and just not fun to read/watch now would it? But you see, it has been proven, in previous comics how superman actually does have ridiculous amount of power. And honestly, I'm glad that his powers are never truly shown as it gives people this illusion that someone can defeat him, and I like to see them squabble when it is futile.

Anyways, its annoying how after all this, people will still be as ignorant as they were when they first started to read this... But oh well, I guess "let the voting continue" ay?
Comon you guys... lets get real. The compounded abilities of Superman far outweigh and outclass the Hulk, Thor, Martian Manhunter, Sentry, The Sentinal, Captain Atom, and any others that want to try for the title of "Main Man". Let me break it down for you once and for all...

Superman vs. Hulk: In the first 0.000001 seconds of the fight, Superman smashes his fist into Hulks head, pulls out his brain and spine, tosses them into the sun, and punts Hulk's immediately lifeless body onto a black hole.

Superman vs. Thor: The Thunder God wants to end this fast, so he hurls his fabled Hammer at Superman, going for the one-hit-knockout. Unfortunantely, Superman is just a bit faster than Thor, moving at about 10 times the speed of light. He catches his Hammer, which we all know he can use, flies 25 feet into the air, which is now out of powerless Thor's reach, waits 1 minute, gains all the powers of Thor, flies back down, taps the now powerless Thor on the forhead with his pinkie finger, and turns him into a pink mist and a red smear.

Superman vs. Martian Manhunter: Hypervelocity Nuclear Heat Beams... game over...

Superman vs. Sentry: A powerhouse fight, to be sure, but as the fight wears on, Superman keeps constantly absorbing light from the sun, healing at hypervelocity speeds, smashing Sentry with nuclear bomb-force punches at a hyperterminal rate, spitting out beams that rival the sun in heat and radiation, and using Kryptonian Technology to finally wear out and turn the Sentry into liquified goo.

As I don't think there is anyone, really, who can withstand an angry Superman, I think this thread is pretty much over...
[Newest]Superman in the sun?
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Thor is at LEAST as powerful as Superman, and carries one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, Mjolnir, just for giggles. He has thousands of years of experience fighting God level beings, and doesn't know the meaning of "quit". No one has been in more epic battles than Thor, and no one loves it more than him either. He is born of superior stock, Odin the Skyfather, and Gaea the Earth goddess. To sum it all up, Thor is the number one whup ass machine in the universe, Earth's nuclear option.
Has the power to control weather, transmutation, all forms of energy, can create dimensions or black holes and strength that can surpass the hulk or superman, anyone that doesn't say Thor or at least silver surfer doesn't really know comics and only says (ex. superman) is due to popularity
The angrier hulk gets he gets stronger... But keep in mind that's if he has time to catch his breath! Thor and superman won't give him that chance to do so... Hulk is STRONG but the THOR is the mightiest, Combat skills Stamina STRENGTH and Power ETC.. Thor Holds back because no matter what Hulk is still human and THOR wont pass that point of killing him.. If he really wanted to GOD BLAST say no more. Superman yes would give him one great fight... But THOR still has Magic and wits and years of hand to hand experience
[Newest]If he doesn't have his hammer well he wouldn't make it that far
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This is about pure physical strength.
Scarlet Witch is at average human strength.
Wolverine is about as strong as a human can get, lifting maybe a cow.
She Hulk can lift about 91 tons. She could lift up maybe a jet plane.
Hulk, at an enraged state, not base, could lift up maybe the world's tallest building, Burj Dubai.
Apocalypse has no limit to his strength, but at base, maybe the same as Hulk.
Thor could probably lift up one of the smaller asteroids in the asteroid belt.
Doomsday could probably lift up Mount Everest, the tallest mountain.
Which Juggernaut? I'm assuming Cain Marko at near full power. He could definitely lift up one of the larger asteroids.
Red Hulk could probably lift the entire island of Manhattan at enraged state.
Darkseid at full power could lift the moon like you lift a bowling ball.
Sentry could lift up this entire planet.
The current Silver Surfer could lift up our sun, but would struggle a lot.
Which Thanos? Which Superman?
Current full-power Thanos could lift the solar system.
Original full power Superman could lift the solar system as well.
I named 14 characters that fit the top 15 in order of strength. Who did I miss? Galactus, the world eater. Even on his deathbed, he could lift up our solar system with nothing. At full power, he throws our galaxy across the Universe & bring it back like Cap. Now, who do you think is the strongest?
Here's the thing, this list specifies physical strength only. But is it earthly strength or cosmic strength? If both, beings like Galactus, Tyrant, Beyonder, Living Tribunal, Spectre, and the Surfer have an unfair advantage. Galactus may have gotten physically beaten by Thor and Jean Grey, but Galactus' strength is incalculable. Also, Wolverine can defeat Darkseid, Ghost Rider, and Thanos?! Apocalypse is stronger than an enraged Hulk, anyway. Where is the Living tribunal?!
Also, Galactus is never truly shown in the comics. He is actually a cosmic being who takes the form of a giant man in armor. Thor, Ghost Rider, and Lobo all have the potential to destroy the Galactus armor, but the moment before he dies, he will release a blast that will literally wipe all matter from existence within a minimum of 42 light years according to Silver Surfer. So you can physically destroy Galactus, but the moment before he dies, before he is considered defeated, the being fighting him will be wiped from existence. I can only imagine ten beings on this list even destroying Galactus!
Well, is this based on how strong physically the character is? Well then, in all honestly, the characters on this list pale in comparison to Galactus. I don't think many on here know of Galactus's power levels. He has the abilities beyond Superman: Super Strength via his connection with the Cosmic Power, the ability to project blasts strong enough to decimate a galaxy at his most powerful state, and other abilities beyond. Even only based on strength, Galactus can take on Hulk, Superman, or any other on this list with no problem. There ya go.
[Newest]Make this number 1

Thanos merged with the Heart of the Universe, this made him a god. He could even kill a Celestial with but a glance! Thanos decided that the true sign of his ultimate power would be to destroy the universe and become the one true supreme being.
He later chose to remove the Heart of the Universe from existance. This removed his power. But the merges Thanos could and did destroy everything and everyone. There is no other character could even get near.
Let's just say that in the comic books he rips off hulk's head, the number one person on this list. In the comic books they describe him as God.


He has rings and can summon undead and has the powerful infinity gauntlet and nobody except thanos can unleash its full power


[Newest]I wonder who would win: galactus or thanos

6One Above All
The One Above All not to be confused with the Celestial of the same name is THE supreme being of Marvel and the Living Tribunal s master. He is the only being in the entire Marvel multiverse with true omnipotence.

When you think of God as the creator of all in the real world if you are that way inclined , the One Above All is essentially Marvel s version of that supreme being. He is the reason everything in the Marvel multiverse exists including every other character in this list and, as such, he possesses every possible power you can imagine and he possesses it on a truly multiversal scale, allowing him to, quite literally, do anything he wants to do.

He has actually interacted with some lesser characters on occasion, such as when the Fantastic Four travelled to the edge of existence and ended up in his realm. He took the form of the late Marvel artist, writer and editor Jack Kirby another reason that leads some people to believe that he and the Fulcrum are one and the same and he healed Reed Richards horribly disfigured face.

He also took the form of a homeless man and spoke to Spider Man, telling him that he should be with his Aunt May as she was dying, trying to console him in the process by saying that death was natural. Peter did not listen to him.
The One Above All also known as T.O.A.A. is the creator of the entire Marvel Multiverse. He controls it All, he can do it All. He is All. He could kick the Hulk's butt even before the Hulk's notices it. He is the Creator of Galactus, Infinity, Eternity, Death and Oblivion. Even the Celestials don't stand a chance against him.
The Living Tribunal (the one who always stops Multiverse disasters) is for Him like Jarvis is to Iron-Man or Alfred to Batman.
The power of the Infinity Gems together in the Infinity Gauntlet are none compared to Him.
He is simply The One Above All.
The One Above All not to be confused with the Celestial of the same name is THE supreme being of Marvel and the Living Tribunal s master. He is the only being in the entire Marvel multiverse with true omnipotence.

When you think of God as the creator of all in the real world if you are that way inclined , the One Above All is essentially Marvel s version of that supreme being. He is the reason everything in the Marvel multiverse exists including every other character in this list and, as such, he possesses every possible power you can imagine and he possesses it on a truly multiversal scale, allowing him to, quite literally, do anything he wants to do.

He has actually interacted with some lesser characters on occasion, such as when the Fantastic Four travelled to the edge of existence and ended up in his realm. He took the form of the late Marvel artist, writer and editor Jack Kirby another reason that leads some people to believe that he and the Fulcrum are one and the same and he healed Reed Richards horribly disfigured face.

He also took the form of a homeless man and spoke to Spider Man, telling him that he should be with his Aunt May as she was dying, trying to console him in the process by saying that death was natural. Peter did not listen to him.


[Newest]He is the strongest, the creator, the strongest fictional character in existence...
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Doomsday does not need the yellow sun photonucleic effects that superman needs. His thousands of deaths made him evolve to a reactive adaption of invulnerability to everything that kills him or even hurts him. The bone protrusions he has on his body can cut through kryptonian skin and he can survive the full effect of Darkseids "Omega Effect" only too beat darkseid to near death which no other has accomplished this feat. He IS power, death and destruction and has undefined and unclear limits if he even has any. His innate hatred for all life increases his need to kill. He doesn't need to breath, eat, sleep and can maintain himself for centuries already being alive for thousands of years before Supermans race. He has no internal organs so there is nothing to damage. Doomsday has leveled planets and anyone who's stood in his way or come back a second time and finished the job.
When doomsday dies he comes back immune to the way he just died... So even when superman killed him once, he came back immune to how superman killed him.. Pretty much invincible
You can't underestimate all of the characters, but this guys is only stopaable via entropy. The only way you can make him, not return, is to send him into a time where energy doesn't exist. This guy will possibly get killed in a fight with other strong hero's, but he will return even stronger until he cannot be killed and he will continue this cycle until nothing in the universe has physical strength that could counter him. That makes him the most powerful in terms of brute strength.
[Newest]Superman shattered a universe with a single punch. Doomsday killed him.

Apocalypse is thousands of years old, he's existed before all this mutants.
He can absorb physical powers he is invincible. He is definitely the strongest character. He can steel powers from other charters.
Number 1 by far!
[Newest]He's the best and the strongest

He also has a magical forcefield surounding him that makes him invincible.

He has beaten the Hulk unconcious, not even Thor can do that.
The only time he was ever stopped was by an Apocalypse augmented "War" Hulk.
Everybody knows that the juggernaut is the strongest out of all the strong guys in marvel like hulk, rhino, colossus, abomination, etc. He has beaten hulk and he'll do it again.
no one is stronger... Marvel doesn't cut him a break. Wants to hype up the heros but they can't keep up with Juggernaut and dread when he comes around.

Guy who regularly beats JL single-hand should be above the likes of Thing and Colossus. ALL HAIL LORD DARKSEID!
Omega force is what guy uses to kill his enemy's

The Contenders

11Silver Surfer
In my opinion Silver Surfer is the ultimate superhero. HOW THE HELL DO YOU KILL SOMEONE WHO CAN CONTROL COSMIC ENERGY! Superman has no chance unless it's the superman who sat in the damn sun for 15,000 years and even at that point the original surfer could still violently molest superman. He can separate his atoms to the point that superman never existed at all. Stan Lee powered him down because he realized he pretty much created God. The surfer is only rivaled by people like The Beyonder other than that there aren't many heroes or villains who can even compare to the Silver Surfer. He is GOD pretty much no matter what argument you have about dc or marvel about who is the best the Silver Surfer should always be brought up.
He is unique in any way, power cosmic style. Unlike the legion of super heroes who have the same power of flight and strength.


Noren Radd can change the molecules of superman's body; he beat up Galactus, the planet eater!

Ummm Let's see Wolverine can almost go on the same fighting level as health, he was once ripped by Hulk in half then just regenerated in like 3 days, Wolverine killed the strongest mutant ( Jean Grey ). Basically Immortal and if you want to know why Wolverine is stronger than Thor, Have you seen the Avengers movie, you could see Thor getting punched by Hulk numerous times while Wolverine can just dodge them.
He's the best in the world he can virtually destroy anyone. His claws are also so sharp and I bet you it would be really hard to withstand his attack.
He is also the best X man in the whole universe.
Wolverine is the best ever because he all alone defeated victor and a very powerful marvel jean.he can be rated much stronger than captain america and the great professior and also the commander of x men said that wolverine is immortal
[Newest]I want to put wolverine vs superman even though superman would die.

13Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel is capable of defeating Superman, which should automatically put him around #2 or #3. However, the popularity of the previous characters definitely makes voters neglect characters like Captain Marvel. He has a power overload, and has the attributes of many different gods and heroes. The New 52 comic on Captain Marvel, describes him as having many powers that he has not discovered. His only flaw (that I can think of) is that he is mortal and that he has a "childish" nature. Sure, certain comics have other heroes defeating him (e. G Superman, or Thor in the Marvel-DC crossover), but that is mainly based off reasons of popularity. It is natural for DC to neglect Billy's potential in order to idolize the more "well-known" characters. After all, Batman has defeated Superman multiple times, which is solely based off of the bias against Superman. From this, it can be concluded that a character's popularity definitely affects how he or she is portrayed in the comics. Overall, you may not like the Captain, but his undeniably at least ONE of the most powerful characters among Marvel or DC. I would place him at Number 4, behind Thanos, Darkseid, and Apocalypse, but definitely above Supes, Hulk, or Thor
Captain marvel beats superman in many comics when captain marvel was owned by another publisher. Superman is impervious to magic and cosmic attacks. Captain marvel is basically a magical superman. In later comics, due to mad fans, superman fights marvel again and wins by throwing marvel under one of his magical lightning bolts and "unshazaming" him. In my opinion, that's a load of crap because nobody knew (except readers and writers) that a lightning bolt would turn him back to normal. And superman's ability to take on magical attacks at that rate makes me feel like writers from the DC world just want superman to be at the top of the mountain. Now it all depends because superheros and villains are stronger depending on the time period and comic.
Human, not an alien! Superman competes with him only because the writers want to write it that way. DC wants SM to be their flagship hero. Sorry DC, Captain Marvel is the greatest superhero of all time! Instead of holding him down for SM you should be taking advantage of the copyrights you purchased and give CM a big marketing push; then you will see just how much he can make for you at the box office!
[Newest]Captain marvel is only as strong as hercules, wonder woman beat hercules. Superman is proven stronger than wonder woman

14The Beyonder
He got the entire Marvel Comic characters to take it out against him. Only the accidental creator of his, Owen, AKA the molecule man, finally put him to sleep while the Beyonder was rebirthing himself.
Beyond. Everyone knows this? Pointless top ten, if you read.
Should be higher on the list.

Deadpool is one of my favorite marvel villains! He can never die! For example you cut his head off and every other limb on his body stick to a bomb and make it explode. Deadpool will still be alive! Well it would take ages to regenerate back his limbs. But still! Who is the merc with the mouth? Deadpool! Seriously guys he should be around 15 or up!
Come on people Deadpool is MADD crazy of course he is the strongest one
Deadpool is good. He has probably the best healing factor. If he faces superman, superman would curse this anti-hero because he will just keep coming back and because he would be annoying.
[Newest]Dead pool is not only a good fighter he is really funny to

16Black Adam
He is the most powerful villian of all comics
He can kill superman that alone should make him top 5. The fact that he can fight superman and captain marvel at the same time should make him top 3.

17Dr. Manhattan
He is a god, last time we heard of him he went off to create an entire Galaxy. Even if you destroy every particle in his body, he can reassemble himself in moments, which means he is immortal. He sees the past, present and future simultaneously, so he knows what you are going to do before you know it yourself.

He can is able to phase any part of his body through solid objects without damaging them, produce multiple copies of himself which function independently of each other, project destructive energy, disintegrate people (possibly by removing their intrinsic fields), create force fields, transmute and create matter, move objects without physically touching them (telekinesis), reverse entropy, and, create life and walk on the surface of the sun.

He could kill hulk with a wave of his hand.
He can create his own Universe /Reality and manipulate others, he is immortal and can control matter, space, time, just everything! His powers are limitless and goes beyond understanding. I think he is the most powerful being that can exist!
He's a god he can control all matter on atomic scale. come on how is anyone suppose to beat that, the hulk superman there all made of matter he controls all of that stuff, one above them all and DR manhattan are the most powerful.
[Newest]His can simply disintegrate Superman or The Hulk with a wave of his hand. Since it's at the atomic level, there is no way they could ever regenerate from this utter destruction.

18Red Hulk
He's a beast but has weaknesses like gets to hot and faints he does not get all of the other hulks powers as fast as the hulk
A more aggressive, military minded, version of the Green Hulk. And known to be tougher! If that's even possible!
How come I have never heard of red hulk, and why haven't they made comics or T.V. shows about this

The Flash is just ridiculous. I mean, this guy can't even be touched by any one that is currently in the Top Ten. And if he is about to die he can always just OUTRUN DEATH. (He's done it before. )
Realistically there's no way anyone could catch/see the Flash. He's just nerfed in shows so that us viewers could see him. If Flash were to use his powers fully, he would defeat so many of his enemies in literally a blink of an eye. The guy could literally run around the world in less than a second and punch you. BOOM goes your noggin'. And if people want to argue about characters who can fly... It would end up in a stalemate at worst... Since no one could really catch the speedster. He should definitely be higher on this list. Not number 1 of course, but for sure higher.
I think people underestimate the flash all the time. The third flash, Wally west, can time travel, stop time, travel to different dimensions, do the whole infinite mass punch thing and a crap load of other stuff. And let's not forget that he can OUTRUN DEATH
[Newest]He has a new series and he will never die and the reverse flash is hot on his tail

Hercules is the god of strength I think that about says it all, none of the other heroes or villains are, end of story.
Hulk is a man made monster of strength, superman is an alien etc. Thor is a storm god but not the god of strength. Only DC's Captain Marvel (Shazam) equals Hercules strength because he is bestowed with Hercules, strength.
Hulk is stronger than hercules. Superman has demonstrated lifting more than the hulk could lift even when hulk is mad
No one can fight against hercules.he's the son of zeus.he's the most strongest

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