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I have to personally say that I am a hulk fan. But that's not the only reason I'm voting for him. If you think about it in wwh he defeated all the heroes on earth and even blackbolt. He can adapt to any environment. World breaker hulk can tear a planet in half. And hulk doesn't really have any weaknesses. If you think that Bruce Banner is his weakness then you are wrong. Because I'd Bruce were to die, then the hulk would just take over the body completely. J Say This Because When The hulk is out then Bruce would be fighting to get the body back. That would then make hulk have an idea on what he was doing. But when Bruce has it, the hulk is fighting to get it. There is even one comic book where hulk wants to be the strongest one there is. And he finally gets what he wants. He is stuck on that planet completely alone. He ends up not liking it. And hulk wouldn't be able to die. That is the hulk curse. That he would. Not be able to die unless all the cells in his body were distorted ...more

Iron man is my favorite, but hulk is indisputably the strongest hero in the marvel universe; I think he could beat down anyone, because his strength increases depending on how angry he is. If you get him mad enough, he can not be beaten. He defeated the entire marvel universe in WWHulk. He could even get strong enough to defeat the massively OP superman, because he defeated sentry, who is essentially marvels version of superman, He can also survive in space, under water, and even on the surface of the sun, mainly because he can regenerate himself, even when he loose his skin, and getting his arms torn off. Bottom line, hulk is the strongest there is.

I'm glad you've read the comics unlike some people. But hulk isn't as powerful as Thanos (which is coming in the movies in 3 years) but he is still so OP and I can't wait till they make the Planet Hulk Movie

I am a hulk fan. He is very awesome and hot guy!

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Thor can lift his hammer and hulk can't because hulk isn't worthy enough, not because he is stronger

I think he is stronger than hulk. Because he is the inly one who can raise the hammer.

Although Thor can die, he is by far one if the strongest heroes their is.

Because only thor can pick up his hammer

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He should be number if he can stop hulk

He is an immortal one

He can stop the hulk and is a fantastic, the thing should be number 2 (after galactus of caurs) - SuperOP


Wolverine is just awesome his claws is the sharpness and hardest thing ever plus he has super regenerating

He also has prolonged life thanks to his super healing, superhuman senses, agile and enhances reflexes

Wolverine is immortal and ca kill pretty much anyone. However, this list is bad because Spider-Man shouldn't even be in the top 50, neither should Iron-Man or The Thing, or Colossus

Should be number 1

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5Captain America

He is not a stupid hero he is shield is not just he did not have power like others but he is strong how can he be among the top 10 and you called his power a waste what about spider man what will you call his power so I am try to say that captain america is not a stupid superhero

Captain America is strong and all but honestly! The "ONE ABOVE ALL" is #25!

A stupid superhero. He just uses his shield as his superpowers. What a waste.

Captain america on 1st in would

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Spiderman and hulk have stood toe to toe an several occasions and there's never been a definitive winner, joint no. 1

Spidey should be on the top three. He can beat CAP and Iron man people

7Iron Man

Iron is stronger than spider man but he pretty weak

What! Iron man would be first in the list...

What Iron Man shouldn't be on this list.

Well he's strong because of his armor

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How is HULK one when Galactus can eat earth just like that

An Honorable Mention goes to Silver Surfer - MasyMenos

Is Galactus even a superhero - Ashirogi

He is not the most powerful marvel superheroe but the ones who are more powerful than him are not very iconic and are not on this list so yeah give it up for galactus

How is this not first He literally EATS planets - MasyMenos

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Thanos isn't a superhero and neither is Galactus.

We were talking about super heroes, here. - AnonymousChick

Thanos has the cosmic rings so he's even more powerful than hulk

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11Hulk Buster Iron Man

Hulk buster beat hulk so how is he stronger and I now the person who made this list is wrong the strongest is one above all he's a god and can beat every marvel character hulk not the strongest even if hulk lift a 150billion ton mountain and lift thor hammer

Definitely not stronger than hulk...

12Red Hulk

Just the 2nd awesome guy

13Silver Surfer

Silver surfer is awesome. I'm a hulk fan but who cares. He's just awesome

He killed Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer - Ashirogi


Beast threw wolverine who is the same toughness as beast so beast is stronger captai aerica

17Luke Cage

He is very cool. once in a cartoon he lift earth with 1 finger


Really? a guy with a bow? he should be -1000000000 not 19

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